How To Measure For Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet is a crucial piece of equipment for a rider. The law also supports to use a helmet. Another important thing is that it may help you to give full protection from some serious brain injuries.

It is important to be sure that the helmet you are wearing would be fit well. If the helmet is very small, it is uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when the helmet is very big it would not give you protection or may come off at the time of the accident.

The guide will provide some information by which you can know the measure as well as fit for the motorcycle helmet.

We suggest going to the Holsworthy showroom and uses various brands that may suit the head shape better than the others.

Helmet sizes vary among manufacturers and model types

Helmet size

The Best Way to Try on Your Helmet

  • Use your chin straps to hold it. The bottom of the helmet must face you by keeping front point down.
  • Keep your thumbs on the interior of the straps then balance the helmet with your fingertips.
  • Expand the sides of the helmet little bit and slip it down on your head by applying the chin straps.

The helmet should be well adjusted on your head. It must be somewhat tight otherwise it wouldn’t remain to a fixed place.

The helmet must be tilted on the back of your head like a hat. If your helmet is very loose you will face many difficulties.

Many things can happen for this. The helmet may move up and down on your head.

It may be noisy on the road as wind enters into it. Lastly, you may face a crash for using such helmet.

  • When you use a helmet on your head, you need to check some few fits before fastening the straps.
  • The task of the cheek pad is to touch your cheeks except pressing uncomfortably.
  • There remains no gap between the brow pads and your temples.
  • The neck roll of the helmet may push the helmet far from the back of your neck.
  • You may press on the chin piece of the full helmet. The face shield may not touch your chin or nose. If it touches, you must do it at speed from the pressure of the wind.

The helmet is with you and its straps are steadily fastened. Stir it from up and down to side to side by your hands.

If the helmet adjusts well, your skin will move with the helmet. You will feel that pressure is exerted on your head equally.

If the helmet loosens up, the comfort liner compresses by use. Some helmets are very tight but some can comfortably wear it.

When the chin strap is securely fastened, keep your head straight. Then try rolling the helmet forward off your head.

You wouldn’t be able to pull it off. If you get your helmet is very big, take it off. Are you feeling sore anywhere? Is any read spot on your forehead?

Pressure point causes a headache after a long time and may be uncomfortable. Therefore be sure, your helmet doesn’t cause the same effect. Still, you see the same problem.

You have to change the helmet or you have to choose another brand. Human heads are of various sizes so the same thing happens for the helmet.

Measuring your Head’s Circumference

Be sure about the shape of the helmet. You need to be sure of the shape of the helmet size. This is an important thing for you to buy a new motorcycle helmet.

There are three main kinds of shapes that are intermediate oval, long oval, and the round oval.

The size is a matter for most the helmet types, although it is important for riding helmets and motorcycle.

  • Long oval meaning which shape of helmets heads is bigger front back than from side to side. A round shape is equal from front to back as it is side by side
  • Medium oval means the size of the helmet may slightly longer front to back instead of side to side. This is the normal shape.

Use measuring tape around your head. You need to set it above your eyebrows. Be sure the measuring tape would lay flat against the head, but it may not pinch. It must be level all through the way.

  • Do it according to your choice. You may take help from family members or friends; use a mirror to see the level.
  • If you like to measure your head oneself, cross the ends of tape before your head to take the measurement in an easy way.

Different Head Shapes

Below you will see the illustration of human head shapes viewed from a different part of the head from back to head

  • Oval – It is known as long oval, the normal head shape
  • Round – Round shape head is wider in the middle, about near the temples
  • Egg – Narrow at the bottom and wide at the top

How can I adjust the fit?

How can I adjust the fit

 Some helmets have liners and replaceable cheek pads which give adjustment of the inner shape as well as fit the helmet.

Arai makes helmet having 5mm layer on the headliner or cheek pads which may bite more rooms.

Scorpion keeps air pump system permit custom inflation for the cheek pads. Except switching out the system applying the features or any alteration of the process may damage the warranty and have risk compromising its integrity of helmets.

Helmet must be fit for the head and would be tight to the cheeks. Normally a new helmet from new box fit snugly as it may be loose after using some months.

Headliners break about 5%, and cheek pads compress 15% to 20% over time. The snug fit is perfect unless you are making an area or pain or a point.

The manufacturer is ready to give you a new one helmet if you return it with having new conditions. Just call Gear Geek and us will confirm you, you have chosen the best fit helmet.

Helmet fit – how to measure for motorcycle helmet

Helmet fit – how to measure for motorcycle helmet

If the helmet is slightly worn, it may seem a little bit tight; the interior comes in contact with most of the heads.

But it may not cause pain. It has no hot spots. Put the helmet’s interior and use pressure on the fixed points of the face or skull.

It may not move freely. A helmet will adjust with the head of the riders and loosens up a little and goes to a break in. It would never be loose enough and turn from one side to another.

Put the helmet on – The helmet needs to be tight over the head

The helmet must set on the head evenly with having the eye port’s upper edge sitting on over the eyebrows and has the wonderful vision to see side by side.

Use finger between the head and the interior of the helmet. If it fits easily, try a smaller one.

Some helmets permit to cheek pads, need to change for a better fit. Consider this factor if you like to choose a helmet to buy.

The shape, size, and fit should be accurate before you like to buy a helmet. Select the right one which has all the necessary features. It is up to you what type of helmet you would like to use.

Color Shield and patterns are your choices. The easier and brighter one is more likely to be seen.

The shield is not famous for the rider’s vision, and tinted visor needs to use for the sunny days.

Sharp UK helmet fitting video


A good type of helmet will ensure comfort and safety for the riders. If the helmet does not fit well, it may cause pain, lead to the dangerous distraction.

The other thing is that it would not save the rider’s head in a crash. So, select the best fitting helmet for the riders is an important thing.

Two things are important one safety, and the other is fitting. Try to get the best helmet. Search more to have a good one.

There are many helmets by finding the desired one is a difficult task. Be smart to choose the accurate helmet for your safety. If you buy the right helmet, you will remain safe for the near future.

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