How Safe Are Hockey Helmets? Easy Guide [With Image]

Rowson is an ASME member in his research said that research can upgrade the safety of the helmet.

He with his colleagues has standardized laboratory testing situations which are representative of the real-world head impacts.

The researchers have set up instruments at Dartmouth College and Brown University to preserver’s head impact data straight from the players.

Moreover, Rowson and his team borrowed a hockey rink in Roanoke, Virginia. They tried to identify how a rink’s sideboards, ice, and glass create various types of road collisions.

hockey helmets safety

The data of the team inform testing methods of Rowson to reconstruct real-world head collision.

A custom-designed crash pendulum may imitate on-ice collision. It arrests ahead with accelerometers and angular rate sensors.

A helmet passes through various impacts which indicate impact place and its velocity. The sensors calculate linear and rotational head acceleration is serious in determining concussion risk.

The testing method helps the researchers to examine different models. Here the force of impact goes from the helmet to the head.

He expressed that a hockey helmet modulates energy passes to the head in the different configuration. Our testing system helps us to measure head impact given to particular energy levels.

The researchers have shown how often players faced different head impacts and the possibility of injuries given an amount of head acceleration.

The data gives the likelihood of a concussion of various impacts given by helmets. It gives the forecast of the different crashes.

A player may experience any situation during a complete hockey session by wearing a helmet.

How safe is your kid’s hockey helmet?

Dr. Stefan M. Duma said that hockey produces the top rate of the concussion after football.

He attended a conference of scientists and engineers where he stated that manufacturers are trying their best to progress the safety of the hockey helmets.

They institute a rating method which measures a brand and meticulous model effectiveness.

How safe is your kid’s hockey helmet

Dr. Duma, the chief of the university biomedical engineering department and Virginia Tech professor, said that we are trying best to reduce the possibility of the concussion.

The system he suggested is a 5 points rating scale famous for the STAR system. The Virginia Tech Football team started to use in a helmet in 2011.

Virginia Tech biomedical engineering researchers communicate with the manufacturers and scientists of hockey helmet in summer, 2014.

The University arrangement confirms hockey Star safety rating for head safety worn by youth and professional hockey players.

It is hoped that the rate of the helmet is very high. They will use their helmet for hockey that takes place every 4 years intervals in Olympics.

Researchers have analyzed it in the lab. The research is done by Stefan Duman who was a professor and Departmental head.

Steve Rowson who was an assistant professor both on biomedical engineering program in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. He worked with Stefan Duman.

It follows almost ten years safety rating of football helmets for the youth and professional levels. The low helmet can decrease concussions and some other types of head wounds for the players.

Duma with his team developed the rating of the football helmet. They designed it to detect key distinctions between the abilities of personal helmets to decrease the probability of concussion.

They have released 5 adults’ football helmets and got 5-star marks. This is the topmost rating award given by the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating.

Duma and his team are hopeful that all helmet manufacturers will follow it closely.

Duma makes a note that meeting analyses the science at the back Hockey STAR testing. It also permits an effort from hockey helmet constituent.

22 vents are included in Duma’s past research work. This is a presentation on helmet research and sharing the methodology of the Hockey-STAR ratings.

Helmet manufacturers, researchers, and sports regulators work in the area of sports injuries are hoped to attend.

Duma said the examination of hockey helmets incorporate rational and linear acceleration to the evaluation method. This is the first system which adds acceleration and linear profiles.

It is suggested by the organization of Medicine about recent reports of concussions. Virginia Tech has published testing procedures of sports helmets instead of footballs.

The testing protocol is also used in lacrosse helmets, softball, baseball and youth football.

Virginia Tech’s STAR Evaluation System has tested sum total of 25 football helmets by the examination of 2,700 laboratory tests.

They have found that each helmet has accessed at least 120 impact tests. Better helmets are simulated crash energy of a field hit and lower concussion risks.

The researchers said that any player can face concussion in any situation though he or she has enough head protection.

So far you will get no concussion-proof helmet on the market said Duma in previous records.

Most hockey helmets fail new safety evaluation

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