How To Avoid Helmet Hair: Pro tips in 2020 [With Image]

Helmet hair is that funny look you get with your hair after removing your helmet. It is one issue that discourages riders from using a helmet when riding. It is sometimes frustrating to get to your destination, and your hair looks all messy and rough.

Riding a motorcycle is a good thing, as you get to enjoy yourself, and it is also a form of exercise. But riding without a helmet can be very dangerous. You can smash your head during a crash and suffer severe head damage. Both half helmet and full helmet can give you that look of helmet hair.

It takes a lot to avoid helmet head, and you can't prevent it once you have a helmet on. But this article is put together to give you tips on how to avoid helmet head when you ride.

How to prevent helmet hair

Consider your hair cut

You may have to modify your hair cut as your seat time increases. Most times, riding affects the length of your hair. Helmet haircuts would make your hair secure it in place and short section. Men are more likely to worry about hairstyles, while women worry about their hairdo. Any hairdo that allows you to express your style easily will be helmet friendly. It is always good to have your hair tuck in place if you have your helmet on. 

Wear a head sock or knit skullcap

Skull cap makes your head comfortable while riding, and it keeps your helmet clean. It makes your head warm in summer and cools in winter. Many of these products are made from polyester microfibre to wick away sweat. Skull caps have many uses, like a helmet liner, scarf, face mask, and bandana. Skull caps ensure that your hair is not flattened after taking a comfortable ride. 

Carry a comb

Hair helmet is that funny look your hair has after you have had a seat time. Taking a comb along with you can use in restoring your flattened hair to normal.  For example, if you have a long flowing blonde hair, all you have to do after you have taken a ride is to flick down the comb through your hair and smoothen it with your hands. 

Invest in good products

When buying hair products used to handle helmet hair, go for ones that will improve the grip, smoothness, and malleability of your hair. These products allow hair flexibility and make your hair withstand hair helmet. Do not use sticky products, and they will worsen the condition of your hair. 

Wear a modular helmet

A modular helmet offers you the protection of a full face mask and the comfort of an open face helmet. It's a 2-in-1. This helmet allows you to pull its two sides apart to enable you to properly fit your head in, hence no tension on your hair. No part of this helmet touches your hair until its last few centimeters.

Fight the wind-blown frizz.

The easiest way to fight the wind-blown frizz is to pull your hair into a ponytail and use bobby to pin stray strands. You can then put on a headband to keep stray out of your face.

Sweep back your bangs

If you have a ponytail, form a bun at the back or on top of your head. Choose any style comfortable for you. Having done this, secure the bun with a pin or elastic. You may also consider parting your hair to a side of the head to keep it safe after you have put the helmet in your head. 

Doing the things mentioned above will keep your hair secure in your helmet and prevent flowing into your eyes while riding. 


Here are other suggestions on how you can address helmet hair.

  • Take a hairbrush and other hair products with you when you are going for a ride. You can put them in a pack at the back of your motorcycle.
  • The liner of your helmet can also be of great help. It keeps your hair in shape and out of your face while riding.
  • Ensure your helmet is always dry after you have taken a ride. Keep your helmet in a place free from moist; this will help to keep your hair in shape next time you take a trip.
  • If you have long hair, cover it with a skull cap to prevent your hair from getting exposed to situations that may harm your hair.
  • If you keep experiencing a hair helmet, you may want to try a modular helmet.
Helmet hair tips

Another different way to prevent Helmet Hair

In lots of ways, riding a bike is an extension of your design options such as a daring outfit, it arouses freedom and a feeling of devil-may-care attitude. Whether you select a complete face mask or a classic beetle-style helmet, you’ve got loads of various alternatives for expressing yourself while remaining secure, but one thing remains consistent: the helmet isn’t hair-friendly. It requires a multi-pronged strategy to stop helmet thoughts, such as texturizing goods and a couple of optional accessories.

Step 1

Design your hair with products that strike a balance between grip, smoothness, and malleability, like root booster, sea salt spray and a leave-in conditioner. Unlike sticky or thick styling products, these products allow for some flexibility, assisting your hair to defy in-helmet helmet and wind mind.

Step 2

In case you’ve got short hair, select a side area for simple touch-ups. For more hair, a very low bun secured with bobby pins retains your locks in place until your trip is finished. Braids and plaits also withstand messing and flattening, particularly when coated with sea salt or texturizing spray. You might even collect your hair up top with hooks and take them out afterward, hand-styling using a spoonful of texturizer upon arrival to get a natural appearance.

Step 3

Give your hair some excess lift before donning your helmet by blow-drying down it. Should you use hairspray, use it in this time select a more lightweight hairspray to cut back on gunk. A small additional boost at the start reduces the effects of sweat and flattening.

Step 4

Wrap your dough into a silk headscarf, which especially helps keep straight styles neat.

Step 5

Stick an insert in your helmet for additional hair protection. Specially made supplements increase airflow to reduce back on perspiration and provide the helmet only a lot of lift, to decrease flattening. Always read and follow any instructions supplied by the producer before installing an insert on your helmet.

Helmet Hair - 5 Ways to Prevent Avoid or Deal With It

How To Avoid Helmet Hair FAQs

Can helmet cause hair loss? 

Wearing a helmet can always cause the hair roots to lower down to the scalp. The hair roots begin to lose, stand in the scalp, and tend to fall.

How do I protect my hair while riding? 

Prevent your hair from getting frizzy and messy by braiding it. Spray your hair with a texturizer and weave it into any style you desire. To prevent your hair from tangling, you can braid it into a low bun.

Does wearing a helmet have any disadvantages? 

The only disadvantage is the mess it causes to your hair. You end up with a messy, helmet hair after you remove the helmet from your head. It also makes wearing sunglasses difficult while riding. 

What can I wear under my helmet? 

You can wear a scarf or a bandana under your helmet. It absorbs the sweat from the head and to prevent your head from having direct contact with the helmet. It also helps to keep your hair neat during a ride.

Where can I keep my helmet? 

Keep your helmet in a place safe from the helmet from the sun and thieves.


Riding a bike can be very exciting. It gives you a sense of freedom. It is not safe to ride without a helmet, especially in the case of a crash. But most helmets are not hair friendly. They give your hair a messy look after you remove it. The extent to which your helmet affects your hair depends on the kind of helmet and how you wear them.

You do not have fuse over the look of your hair after removing the helmet with the tips above. You can prevent messy hair after a ride; this makes riding more fun as you don't have to bother about ending up with rough hair.

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