How To Avoid Helmet Hair? : Pro tips in 2022 [With Image]

If you are having and hammering for riding a bike as the way of your hair looks after a ride, haw and hem no more. I have found the solution for helmet hair. This is not chopping off your locks.

In various ways, riding a motorcycle is a good way of style choice- such as bold ensemble; it radiates independence, as well as a feeling of the devil, may care attitude.

If you like a full face mask or a vintage beetle style helmet, you have lots of options for exposing yourself at the time of remaining safe, but one thing remains constant: the helmet is not fair friendly.

It will take a prolonged multi approach to resist helmet head, having texturizing products and innovative optional accessories.

Consider Your Haircut

It seems very crazy to modify your haircut as you ride a motorcycle. I have not gone for this. I consider buzzing my head some times, and my hair has gotten shorter since my seat time developed.

A helmet friendly haircut has big sections which are simple to secure in place and short sections. But the medium sections are the place where you like to run into problems.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Any hairdo which compression aids your styles is going to be helmet friendly. They take a lot of gels, or spiked parts are not.

Take a Mohawk? Make a plan as you like to hairdo your lock. Sweep your bang back Mad Men style. It is okay. Be sure your hair is tucked in place if you pull the helmet on.

How To Avoid Helmet Hair


  • Keep comb or hairbrush handy and all small hair product and accessories you can need. Keep them in your rear pack.
  • The liner of the helmet is a good thing. It fits well and aids to put long or medium hair in place. For you, perspiration may be a great problem, but the hair will remain surely out of your face.
  • Keep your locks dry. Take out the helmet when you are sure that the helmet is completely dry before store it. Every time you like to eliminate the headgear from the head and make the hair dry for having some more styles.
  • If there is no hair on your head or very short hair, go for a helmet liner or a cotton scarf attempt to use under the helmet. Be sure the helmet is fit perfectly and does not slip off as of the cloth under it.
  • The great option for small hair is French Braids as you learn how to do it. The procedure keeps the hair flat and sticking to your skull. It may aid hair to retain some volume as you unbraid them next time.
  • For long locks braiding or to make a bun of your locks is a good system
  • There are some people who are bothered by dry or damp hair always lying on the back of the neck. It is the issue of medium length hair. You may hold a cotton scarf round your neck to lessen the irritation.
  • For long hair, braids are the top option and remember always to cover your hair if not braiding. Exposure to the outer element may be harsh for long locks.
  • Some non-occasional rides advice to use an air tube. When you wear it, it makes you somewhat weird. The option is very cheap and preserves your hair with a good condition.
  • Men who like to make a style for the hair always keep the product besides them. Most men have smaller hair though they are wet. You may let them dry and make style as you like. Truly it is time-consuming but wholly worth if you like to make the style of your hair.
  • Move to the modular helmet may sometimes prove very helpful for some people.
  • Airhead is present Australian invention that may be very helpful for you. It is similar as star shaped headgear to put inside the helmet. It keeps the haircut intact to more extent.

Another different way to prevent 

In lots of ways, riding a bike is an extension of your design options such as a daring outfit, it arouses freedom and a feeling of devil-may-care attitude. Whether you select a complete face mask or a classic beetle-style helmet, you’ve got loads of various alternatives for expressing yourself while remaining secure, but one thing remains consistent: the helmet isn’t hair-friendly. It requires a multi-pronged strategy to stop helmet thoughts, such as texturizing goods and a couple of optional accessories.

Step 1

Design your hair with products that strike a balance between grip, smoothness, and malleability, like root booster, sea salt spray and a leave-in conditioner. Unlike sticky or thick styling products, these products allow for some flexibility, assisting your hair to defy in-helmet helmet and wind mind.

Step 2

In case you’ve got short hair, select a side area for simple touch-ups. For more hair, a very low bun secured with bobby pins retains your locks in place until your trip is finished. Braids and plaits also withstand messing and flattening, particularly when coated with sea salt or texturizing spray. You might even collect your hair up top with hooks and take them out afterward, hand-styling using a spoonful of texturizer upon arrival to get a natural appearance.

Step 3

Give your hair some excess lift before donning your helmet by blow-drying down it. Should you use hairspray, use it in this time select a more lightweight hairspray to cut back on gunk. A small additional boost at the start reduces the effects of sweat and flattening.

Step 4

Wrap your dough into a silk headscarf, which especially helps keep straight styles neat.

Step 5

Stick an insert in your helmet for additional hair protection. Specially made supplements increase airflow to reduce back on perspiration and provide the helmet only a lot of lift, to decrease flattening. Always read and follow any instructions supplied by the producer before installing an insert on your helmet.

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