How to Clean A Football Helmet?

Football is a game that involves lots of runs and smashes. No wonder the players often sweat, whether during practice or in the main game. Aside from sweating, they also get in contact with dirt and dust.

This is why the football helmet has a high tendency of becoming dirt, which makes it a place for bacterias to breed.

So, how do you ensure your helmet is always clean and free from bacteria?

This and other relevant information is what we will be sharing in this guide. Also, knowing how to clean a football helmet will make it easy for you to maintain proper hygiene, whether as a player or a sports supporter.

There are countless reasons you should get your football helmet clean. Aside from maintaining proper hygiene, wearing a dirty helmet gives an awkward look from people.

Gets Rid of Bacteria

When your football helmet gets filled with sweat and is kept without washing, it becomes a home for bacteria to stay, resulting in itching when you wear it. This occurs mainly in the pad lines, chins strap, and even chin paddings.


There is nothing as beautiful as wearing a helmet that is free of bacteria and smell. The smell of a sweaty football helmet is horrible, so washing it increases your comfort and gets you to function better when playing.

Makes it Easy to Detect Scratches and Cuts

Often, cuts and scratches result from playing games. And you may not realize how severe is the cut to your helmet if it does not undergo washing and maintenance.

General Football Helmet Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning your football helmet is an easy game, mostly if you go by the methods given by the manufacturer. But you need to carry out the process in your home, here is how to clean your football helmet.

Take Out the Inner Paddings

This is the first thing you should do before getting washing. You would not want to get the other parts wet when you are not washing them yet.

So, you should remove the chin strap, ear pads, and other features of the helmet before cleaning. If possible, keep them safe so that you don’t end up searching for them.

Make A Soap Solution

Get warm water and add about two drops of a mild liquid into it.

Washing It

Using a soft cloth wet in the soap mixture, clean off dirt, grass, and other debris from the helmet surface. Then, switch to the inside, and do a more thorough washing to remove massive deposits of dirt and debris. Also, concentrate on areas where sweat can accumulate, which consequently results in odor.

When removing stubborn stains or grass, add some pressure, but be careful not to avoid damaging the stickers and warning labels on the helmet.

Rinse It

After thoroughly washing the helmet, rinse it with water. If possible, clean the helmet’s surface using water from a hose, the pressure from the water will further help remove stubborn stains and debris that may still adhere to it.

But for the inside of the helmet, rinse it by dipping a rag in water.

How to Clean the Inside of a Football Helmet

The inside of the helmet is where all the sweats accumulate and, if not handled properly, could cause small and even bacteria. However, it is possible to put your football helmet into the washer.

So, here is how to clean the inside of your helmet:

First, use a soft fabric cloth to clean the form pads and plastic covering the inside. This is because using a foam pad for the inside may ruin the finish and even affect the protective coating of the paddings. You can also use a microfiber towel to clean the inside.

Then, since the main issue with the interior of the helmet is sweat, a mild washing liquid will do. So, making a soapy mixture with a mild dishwashing liquid or oxygen bleach solution will suffice.

Dip the rag into the soapy water and rub it all over the pad. Ensure to apply it on the interior as much as possible and then use a cloth dipped in clean water to rinse it.

Lastly, apply a disinfectant spray. Although this is the part a lot of people seem to neglect, you have to know that bacteria from your body cells can get into the helmet pad. And it is vital to remove them.

So, spray disinfectant on the helmet and allow it to sit on it until it dries completely. It is better to enable the mask to air dry because subjecting it to high heat can degrade the pads.

Football helmet extras such as cheek pads and straps are also liable to get dirty.

Cleaning the Chin Strap

During the process of cleaning the chin strap, the first thing you need to do is to remove the buckle from it, and the chin shield, if any.

Then, carefully and thoroughly wipe the chin strap with a mild soapy solution and remove every dirt. You can also clean the chin strap by submerging it in soapy water for a while before rinsing it with clean water afterward. When you are down, you can move over to the buckle.

The best way of killing the buckle is to use a cotton swab. It will help remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated during the game.

How to Clean a Football Helmet Visor

To clean your football helmet visor, use a visor cleaner, plain water, or a window cleaner. Do not wipe your visor with oily spray to avoid leaving a smear, or film on it.

When Is the Right Time to Clean a Football Helmet?

According to experts, the best time to clean a football helmet is immediately after a game. But if you wear your headgear for only a short time, keep it in an airy place where it can air out.

Also, if you wear your football helmet for supporting your team, for hygienic purposes, wash your mask after wearing it to wash two games maximum. It shouldn’t get more prolonged than that.

General Football Helmet Maintaining Tips

  • When washing the inside of the helmet, avoid using harsh chemicals such as turpentine, bleach, or ammonia.
  • Please do not use a kitchen cleaner with scrub on your helmet as they contain abrasive particles.
  • In the absence of a safe cleaner, you can clean the inside of your football helmet using a dampened rag with warm water.
  • Do not use alcohol or any of its like on your face mask to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Never scourge the surface of your football helmet with scouring pads. And avoid using abrasive materials on your helmet.
  • Apply some pressure while cleaning tough stains.

How to Clean a Football Helmet?


Using your football helmet on the field is not enough, now you also know how to clean a football helmet. However, you have to pay total attention to observe all the rules and guidelines if you intend to get the best result.

Although most football players get their helmet cleaned and maintained by professionals, all helmets are taken care of to ensure both safety and comfort.

We will love to get feedback from you, and also if you require any further importation as related to the topic.

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