How To Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor: For Clear Visualization

If you take proper care of your helmet, it will last for a long time. The manufacturer said that their products would last years after years. It is true when you take care of it. People aren’t careful about the helmet.

They don’t give more importance to it that may cost them another investment rapidly. When you get a helmet, you must take proper care of it. You must be sure that every bit of the helmet is well maintained.

You have to give importance on all the parts of the helmet. But you must give more attention to the face shield and visor of it.

Protecting your visor

You may expand the life of the helmet if you give more attention to it.

At the time of riding, don’t chase other motorists or rides very closely. It may put you to the firing range of stones and other detritus. You shouldn’t keep the visor up as dust can enter the helmet. It runs the anti-fog coating.

Keep your helmet in a safe place so that it doesn’t scrape the visor or fall. Keeping it on handlebars or mirror or bike seat is not always safe. Sometimes helmet can fall on the ground.

When you take a helmet in a coffee shop, be careful. Riders have no desire to touch your helmet. Some non-riders tend to praise them particularly if they have colored graphics.

They like to mark the visor by their greasy chip eating fingers. Some people tend to shave their grimy hands on the visor of your helmet.

It is very bad if people fasten their fingers within of a visor by an anti-fog coating. If you have no intention to use the helmet, keep it in a soft-felt container, came with it.

Keep your helmet on a shelf. The shelf must be cool and dry. Besides, keep the helmet out of the direct sunlight. Furthermore, you should keep it away from the people may attach their hands.

Why is Helmet Visor Care Important?

The visor is nothing but the face shield of a helmet. You have to keep it clean all time. This is the part of which you notice everything.

Why is Helmet Visor Care Important

You need to ride the bike by keeping the shield in a clean state. If the visor is unclean or has scratches or marks, you may fall in danger anytime.

So you have to clean helmet visor usually. This wouldn’t take much time. It only requires few minutes. If you keep the helmet visor clean, you will view everything very vividly.


You have to clean the visor of a motorcycle helmet usually. You can use warm water to do your job. Don’t try to use cold water as sometimes residues remove well by using warm water or less hot water.

Then you can apply a paper towel to clean the helmet. The paper towel enhances the process with the mild soap water.

It is suitable to use a mild soap in lieu of hard soap as you wouldn’t like to damage the visor by rubbing or hard brushing. You can use plastic polish or microfiber to complete your cleaning procedures.


The total cleaning process of a motorcycle helmet is not rocket science. To do so, you should not depend on many items. You can depend on few items to do the job as we have mentioned earlier.

Take a paper towel. Then dip the towel into warm water and keep it on the visor. Some people like to start rubbing the surface. But this isn’t a good way.

helmet visor cleaning procedure

You have to wait few seconds to start in a better way. Here you are preparing the surface to soak well beneath the towel. This process loosens up the dirt to clean well.

Then remove the paper towel from the visor. Begin to wipe the surface of the visor with great care.

It is natural that the towel used for the first round would be soggy. Therefore change it and use a new one to remove the moisture from the visor.

You may use a mild soap to rinse the visor. Use soap on both sides of the visor to cover with the soap. When you get, the texture is very hard, mix with warm water and do the same process.

You should not run it again and again. A gentle running will fulfill your desire. Wipe the visor well. At last what you should do is to spray over it with super quality polish.

Finally, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the visor. This cloth is made only to do this work. Accordingly, it doesn’t leave any scratches on the visor. Finish all the system in a very smooth and gentle way.

What are the best products for cleaning my visor?

There are lots of cleaning products on the market. You may get them in supermarket stores and hardware. Customers must be careful to choose them.

There are lots of marketing gurus endorse their products above all things. You have to read the instructions well.

Besides, you must use it on the recommended surfaces only. Ammonia and mild acids may damage the visor which is responsible for fogging effect.

What are the best products for cleaning my visor?

It is very wise to follow the helmet manufacturer’s instruction carefully.

The visor of the helmet is made of Perspex or plastic. So manufacturers never advise using glass cleaner to clean it.

There are lots of products on the market to clean the visor of the helmet. The bike string suggests using Plastx, a product manufactured by Meguiar. It is a product only made to maintain or clean the integrity of Perspex and plastic.

Another way, mix mild warm soapy water with the soft cloth to immerse. Then rinse the outer and inner part of the visor. This is the most economical option used by the motorcyclists.

If your helmet gets 100 dried bugs onto your visor after hours of blasting, you should warm up soapy cloth over it. Then allow moisture soak back in.

Soaking from 10 to 15 minutes is enough to soften and remove it with a light wiping motion by the soft cloth.

Road Work Quick Tip: Cleaning Your Visor


Therefore a visor is a very important thing of a helmet. One has to keep it clean and fresh all the time. When the visor is dysfunctional, one should better not to use it. It isn’t completely safe either.

If you want to use a helmet for a long time, take proper care of it. Keep the visor clean. These are only a few things you have to follow to use a helmet every day.

The whole process is very simple. You can do it repeatedly as instructions are given. Finally, the complete system isn’t time-consuming at all.


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