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A Very Useful Guide on How to Install a Bluetooth Headset on a Motorcycle Helmet

Listen to songs, making communication with other riders, accessing GPS, getting instructions via Bluetooth are desired thing for the long distant riders.

Every helmet is not set with such mechanism or can support the device. It does not make you helpless as you may install Bluetooth in your helmet and save some money.

There are 2 DIY systems to install Bluetooth with a helmet. The first way is to cut your helmet and the second needs some modifications of the helmets.

Whether you like the later or the former one installing methods depends on the design of the helmet.

You need a helmet designed with communication capabilities, after that, you must not have to cut the helmet to fit the Bluetooth.

If you are the owner of a simple helmet or would not like to design for communication, you require to cut it to fit the Bluetooth.

How to Install a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Step 1: Inspect Inner Area of Helmet

How to Install a Bluetooth Headset on a Motorcycle Helmet

Before installing the helmet’s microphone, you need to see the inside of the helmet well. The speakers must be set near to the ear.

See the padding well to see the inside of the helmet, or there is enough space inside it. Some helmets have no more space inside it; you have to peel back it’s lining.

Step 2: Cut Foam for Speakers

When you get the position to keep the speaker, you have to cut out the foam liner round your ears. It is a must to fit the helmet to the similar way that it does before installing the speakers.

Cut out the foam around speakers. It is better to make the outline area tracing speakers to the foam.

Step 3: Clean Ear Pocket

Along with the foam removal, clean out the pocket area with a clean cloth and rub with alcohol. This may prepare the space for mounting speakers.

Step 4: Mount Speaker

Peel back the paper out of the Velcro backing of the speaker then press it to the place. Be sure, it adheres and moves to the microphone.

Step 5: Position Microphone and Amplifier

By the side of the helmet’s position, the amplifier pack and the boom microphone to preserve the Bluetooth headset.

It must keep in a position where microphone may line up to the wearer’s mouth. Indicate the area by the help of a pencil.

Step 6: Drill Hole for Retaining Clamp

To fit Bluetooth helmet microphone well with the helmet, you should make drill some holes to add retaining screws. To make drill, you can use a cordless drill and make an appropriate sized drill.

Step 7: Install Microphone

Make drill to the side of the helmet to keep microphone amplifier to the side. Enter the screws and apply the nuts to tighten the little bolts.

Step 8: Press Wires into Liner

At first, install the microphone amplifier well. The following thing you need to do is to be sure that the wires are secured and hidden.

Most of the children come with a wooden tool to do this job. Select the tool and then the wires to the seams of its lining.

Step 9: Position Boom and Test

Add the boom mic with the helmet and do a test with the other devices. You need to make a pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Best Types of Headsets to Use

Here you will get some Bluetooth headsets for using in helmet getting from Amazon.com:

Avantree Motorcycle Bluetooth

This is waterproof helmet Bluetooth which is comparable to motorcycle helmets. The helmet has intercom feature by which you can communicate with the passengers clearly.

The helmet has multipoint technology that can support two Bluetooth at the same time. So you can use GPS device and phone simultaneously.

It supports both GPS and music. For this, you can hear music if you are do not like to listen GPS. As it is waterproof, it means that you can save the audio from heavy rain or any rain damage.

The system helps you to make communication between riders remaining long distance up to 900 meters. It is added to a Bluetooth enabled phone.

You can make hands-free phone calls or other interactions with the phone. You can install Bluetooth 3.0 for sharing music or listening music.

By speed dialing, you may make phone calls or may take part to communicate with the intercom conversation.

It holds noise controlling technology which can cut down the background noise. With one or single charge you can talk up to 12 hours without any break.

  • Buyee® 2x BT Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle helmet intercom Headset 800M rider to pillion

It is a wireless Bluetooth headset; the installation of it is easier than the wired Bluetooth headsets.

You will get the chance to listen to music by connecting GPS or by the phone’s music by A2DP through this heads.

It has DSP echo cancellation so that you can hear a clear voice. The button panels are waterproof and sunproof. Therefore you can use it wherever in any weather condition.

Bluetooth speakers how it works

Suppose you like to know more about Bluetooth helmets. Go on with your reading this article. This post will help you to know more about the Bluetooth helmet.

When you finish this one, you will most probably be convinced what type of helmet fit for you.

The first and important thing is to know what a Bluetooth technology is. It is a device that works without any wear. This device has brought a revolutionary change in our communication system.

It eliminates the use of wires to connect one device with others. You can pair two mobiles with this device to send a file.

Moreover, you can connect a handset or speaker with it to the source of music.

At present, Bluetooth technology is incorporated with some brands of the helmets.

However, these helmets have limited communication facilities with other of the same brands.

You would be able to talk with other through Bluetooth technology if he/ she wears similar brand. Otherwise, communication will be uncompleted.

The mission of Bluetooth helmet is not to accomplish communication between riders to riders. Through this device, you will be able to communicate with other in a hands-free manner.

You need to make a pair with another mobile to make communication. When someone calls you, you will be alert. You just need to press a button to take the call.

At the time of riding, you can talk with other. It is very helpful to listen to music or to directions for easier navigation.

As it is said earlier, the Bluetooth device works without any wire or cable. So there is no reason to think that the wires may end up getting or tangling on your way.

It applies piconets that help more to establish the connection between 2 compatible devices.

When a connection is possible, the source works as a master and the others work as a slave. A Bluetooth device works as an ad-hoc or short-range network.

Benefits of Having a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The greatest advantage of the Bluetooth technology is freedom it gives. The tiny device works with wireless technology with having rechargeable batteries, can connect with the all modern media.

The communication device aid to make hands-free communication for a busy person from everywhere.

At first, the Bluetooth device started to get its popularity when technology integrated with the cellular phone users, ensure them to enjoy free and save a life, hand free communication methods day by day; the expansion of video technology, computers, MP3 players, and some more.

Now Bluetooth technology is used to transfer or transmit sound, data and more. People started to get more benefits when they buy Bluetooth capable motorcycle helmet.

GPS Handling

The top impressive feature of the Bluetooth technology is that it comes from the GPS navigation control.

The device connects to the biker’s headpiece and gives them an ear, turns by turn navigation. This means that you should no longer pull off the terrain to know a map or know the direction.

As GPS is made to develop the bikes for some time, the most important issue is that traffic, the wind and environmental noises experienced at the time of driving made it difficult to operate and hear if you try to maintain a speed of the motorcycle.

We are grateful to the Bluetooth technology. Bikes can take or receive clear or loud navigational advice from the helmet directly.

Some have bike friendly GPS systems that accept the quick voice from Bluetooth’s microphones system. For having this, the biker can interact with it with having to take off the hand from the bike.


In Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you will get a big advantage like communication dynamic. All modern cell phones may be added to the Bluetooth receiver.

Most of the smartphones like iPhone need a dongle to communicate with the Bluetooth headset. It permits the bikers to conclude, answer or bring on phone conversations, normally hands-free by the Bluetooth headset.

Along with keeping the phone, some Bluetooth motorcycle helmets featured with 2 or multi-lined communication function, give chances the bikers to make wireless communication with the nearby family and friends, or by speaking to her or his helmet mic.

However, every helmet has not been made with this feature and some need matching set to be bought to exist for functionality.

Moreover, there are some restrictions on how far they may be from one another for two ways communication to occur.

Integrated Enjoyment of Music

You may connect MP3 players with the Bluetooth device just like the iPod Touch. This aids the users to hear the digital or clear music though he is driving at high speed on the highway.

It has less interference than the handlebar radio. The music the rider is listening, it is his private matter, and only he will enjoy it.


You can reduce the price of the helmet if you install the Embedding Bluetooth with your helmet. The total process is beneficial and less costly; you have to consider some things.

You can lessen the const if you have preinstalled Bluetooth system instead of installing it with the helmet. You want to follow the steps carefully to avoid the risk of destroying the helmet completely.

Before you like to alter anything, you must consider which materials and tools you must have. Safety is the prior thing to consider for any helmet.

Alteration of anything is not extensive and should not compromise with the safety standard of the helmet.

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