How to Install a Bluetooth Headset on a Motorcycle Helmet?

It is always difficult to be riding your motorcycle and your phone rings; you have to park your motorcycle to answer the call. Making communications, listening to songs, getting instructions through Bluetooth has always been wanted by motorcycle riders. But it is not all helmets that come with such innovation.

You do not have to spend so much to install Bluetooth on your motorcycle. You can do it on your own by following a few steps. This article has been carefully put together to help with that. You don’t have to be helpless in such a situation. You do not have to cut out your helmet to install Bluetooth in it.

How to Install a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Install a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Step 1: Inspect Inner Area of Helmet

Before installing the helmet’s microphone, you need to see the inside of the helmet well. The speakers must be set near to the ear.

See the padding well to see the inside of the helmet, or there is enough space inside it. Some helmets have no more space inside it; you have to peel back it’s lining.

Step 2: Cut Foam for Speakers

When you get the position to keep the speaker, you have to cut out the foam liner round your ears. It is a must to fit the helmet to the similar way that it does before installing the speakers.

Cut out the foam around speakers. It is better to make the outline area tracing speakers to the foam.

Step 3: Clean Ear Pocket

Along with the foam removal, clean out the pocket area with a clean cloth and rub with alcohol. This may prepare the space for mounting speakers.

Step 4: Mount Speaker

Peel back the paper out of the Velcro backing of the speaker then press it to the place. Be sure, it adheres and moves to the microphone.

Step 5: Position Microphone and Amplifier

By the side of the helmet’s position, the amplifier pack and the boom microphone to preserve the Bluetooth headset.

It must keep in a position where microphone may line up to the wearer’s mouth. Indicate the area by the help of a pencil.

Step 6: Drill Hole for Retaining Clamp

To fit Bluetooth helmet microphone well with the helmet, you should make drill some holes to add retaining screws. To make drill, you can use a cordless drill and make an appropriate sized drill.

Step 7: Install Microphone

Make drill to the side of the helmet to keep microphone amplifier to the side. Enter the screws and apply the nuts to tighten the little bolts.

Step 8: Press Wires into Liner

At first, install the microphone amplifier well. The following thing you need to do is to be sure that the wires are secured and hidden.

Most of the children come with a wooden tool to do this job. Select the tool and then the wires to the seams of its lining.

Step 9: Position Boom and Test

Add the boom mic with the helmet and do a test with the other devices. You need to make a pair with other Bluetooth devices.

What is a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet? 

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a communication service that keeps you connected when riding. You do not have to be cut off communication because you’re riding a motorcycle. You can listen to music and talk with other people while riding.


Why do we need a Bluetooth communication device? 

A Bluetooth communication device is necessary to have on your helmet. You don’t have to stop your motorcycle to answer a call while riding. Once you have a Bluetooth device installed, you can do this without stress. It also helps to prevent accidents, as you can concentrate well while riding.


Installation without exterior changes

There are two major ways you can install Bluetooth to a helmet. Both are great methods, and you just have to choose whichever is suitable for you. The first method is to cut open the helmet, while the other does not require exterior changes. The method you use is dependent on the design of the helmet.

If your helmet comes with communication capacities, you don’t have to open up the helmet. But if the helmet is not designed for communication capacities from the factory, you will have to cut it to fit in the Bluetooth.

Installing Bluetooth without exterior changes does not require you to cut the helmet. It only requires a few changes inside the helmet.

1. Prepare the headset

Remove the padding inside the helmet. This is to make the installation easy.

2. Prepare the helmet for mounting

Check the inside of the helmet and mark the spot where your ear is always positioned when you put on the helmet. Cut the padding on that spot (if you do not want to remove the whole padding). Make the cut large enough so that your helmet still fits well as before anything was fine to it.

Then put your headset into the hole you have made. Pull the wire through the inbuilt communication device. If you removed the padding earlier, you could put it back when all the wires have been installed. Use glue to hold the headset down, so it doesn’t fall off the helmet.


Installation with exterior cuts

1.Unpack your headset 

Remove the headset from the pack and remove the screws. This is to make reassembling it easy.

2. Disassemble the headset 

Dissemble the headset once you have removed the screws. Remove the ear cushions and set them in one place. You will still need them later when you want to put them back.  Remove the wires, and be sure of where each wire is so that it will be easy when you want to reassemble.

3. Prepare the helmet for mounting 

Mark out the position you want to install the headset. Make a cut large enough to allow the wires in. You can also remove the paddings to make the wires pass through easily.

4. Mount the headset

Pass the wire through the hole you have made on the helmet. Then start assembling back every part of the headset. You might need to welder the wire to make sure they’re connected well. After you have connected the wires, test the headset to be sure it’s working well. Then put back the padding and glue the headset to the helmet. This is to ensure it doesn’t fall off and to be firm.


How helmet Bluetooth is set up?

A helmet can either be designed with an inbuilt communication system or has to be installed. Either way, they both function the same way. The headset is located on the left side of the helmet. This is to keep the right hand on the motorcycle always. The headset can pair up with any device that has Bluetooth capacity.


Helmets with retrofitted Bluetooth device

The headset is mounted on the left side of the helmet to free the right hand. In this helmet, the wires pass underneath the helmet, and they’re connected to other wires in the helmet. You can have flat speakers that stick out of the helmet or just earphone piece. Small size microphones are connected near the mouth area to aid speaking while riding.


Helmets with built-in Bluetooth

In this helmet, the wires in the headset do not get wrapped inside the helmet. They run through the exterior shell. The speakers and microphone are located inside the helmet’s padding. But you can easily access them if you have to replace or upgrade them.


1. How does Bluetooth work in a motorcycle helmet? 

Bluetooth technology does not use wires. They use piconets instead. These are what make it possible to connect to other devices.

2. How do I use a Bluetooth helmet? 

Turn on the helmet’s Bluetooth, go to your device, and find the device. Pair with it, and you’re good to go.

3. Can I add Bluetooth to my motorcycle helmet? 

The helmet comes with a dual technology that allows for more than one Bluetooth. You can add extra Bluetooth to your device and use both simultaneously.

4. Can I add Bluetooth to any kind of helmet? 

Not all helmets come with a technology that supports Bluetooth devices. But you can also install it on your own.

5. Can I listen to music with my Bluetooth? 

You can connect your helmet’s Bluetooth to any device and play from music from it. Quite easy.


Final Words

Installing Bluetooth headset on your motorcycle helmet is quite easy. It enables you to be connected even while riding. You get to communicate with other riders, and you can listen to music while you ride. It also prevents accidents in a way, in that you don’t have to lose focus while trying to operate your phone.

It doesn’t require a lot for you to install Bluetooth on your own. You can do it yourself with the few tips that have been highlighted above.


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