How To Make a Custom Motorcycle Helmet

If we think of the custom design, there comes lots of thing in the mind. It is normal to forget that there are many normal items as well as products that people care about. Take something customizer and look for something else.

For the normal designers it may like a lot of works, but for the dedicated, it is a pure passion project.

A helmet is a type of protective headgear applied by the motorcycle riders. The main goal of using a helmet is to ensure safety for the users. It saves the hair of the riders during impact.

Thus, saves the heads from the injuries and wounds to save riders life. Some helmets give more conveniences like face shields, ventilation, intercom and ear protection, etc.

A made-to-order motorcycle helmet keeps the preliminary target of protection and safety of the riders who wear it. Therefore by definition, manufacturing or producing helmets is quantity eliminates the prospect of correctly describing them as custom.

Some manufacturers like to market and try to offer brands as a custom that is different. Any different thing is good no doubt. Original and different is sometimes even better for the bike world.

1: Get Your Helmet Custom Painted

If you have knowledge of painting, you can paint your helmet yourself. As you have no idea to do it. Besides, it would be better to hire an expert and get it done. Do not try to paint yourself as it may end up with an ugly crudely painted helmet.

Below there are some suggestions you have to follow it before like to do the job:

  • Take away all the parts which you do not like to paint ( such as Shield, Visor & inner Form/pads )
  • Clean well the outer part of the helmet. Remove all the dust from the helmet to make it clean otherwise would not come out well.
  • Apply Sandpaper to sand the outside shell. It makes the outer shell dull and helmet the innovative paint stick on the surface.
  • Apply tape to envelop any part you would not like to paint. See the video above.

You can take guidance from the professionals if you can do it by yourself or you feel uncomforted.

2: Buy Custom Helmets for Sale

Yep, you have the way to buy helmets made by the other people. Try to get the right helmet- this is pretty Cool Smiley Helmet.

Buy Custom Helmets for Sale

It is better for some people to purchase a Custom helmet instead of making it custom themselves. You need not know the total process of painting or amending. The system is a mess though hard enough.

There are some great and wonderful helmets which you may check out just now.

3: Get a Helmet Skin or Cover to get your helmet Customized

Instead of having a helmet painted or putting decals, you may use a skin to create it truly cool. The other benefit of getting a skin is that it saves your helmet from chips and scratches.

4: Have an overwhelming mask to wear instead of Helmet

You may get some wonderful nice face masks, but they would not give you much protection. It can give a bit of face protection but would not give for the whole skull.

This is the only drawback of obtaining a face mask, but they are very cool to look at.

You will get some wonderful badass face masks here. This is not advisable to use a face mask in the place as a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle.

5: Pinstripe a Motorcycle helmet

A Pinstriping is the use of a thin line of paint or some other materials named a pin stripe. It is applied for decoration.

Pinstripe a Motorcycle helmet

Pin striping may be done by anything that includes trucks, cars, helmets- anything you desire to get pinstriped.

The procedure is not very simple. It requires a heavy amount of cautiousness and delicacy to get it done well. Greatly preferred by pros.

There are some kinds of pin striping

  • Mechanical Pinstriping –As the name indicates, this kind of pinstriping is done with the aid of a machine. It is used for mainly big surfaces like loaders and trucks.
  • Freehand Striping –It takes painting the band by hand manually. It is very excellent level work. You have to know the way to do it and possibly exercise a bit prior trying it out.

Watch How To Make a Custom Motorcycle Helmet

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