How To Make a Custom Motorcycle Helmet According to Your Preference

Having a motorcycle helmet is one aspect of fulfilling your riding experience, and customizing it is another. One way or another, everyone desires to have their art, painting, sticker, and writing on their helmet. Besides, who wouldn’t love their name or sports number boldly inscribed on their helmet.

However, getting this customized helmet done to our taste can be quite challenging, plus the overwhelming cost it takes to get it done. With all this strength draining challenge, we have decided to put this writing together to teach you how to make a custom motorcycle helmet.

So, no need to throw away that old helmet of yours as there are several ways you can add some beauty and redefine its look. You don’t have to be professional to do helmet customizing, all you need is some dedication and a passion for change.

Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycle Helmet

There are various ways to tweak the look of your helmet like using an airbrush, custom paint, or just adding decals to them. Here are some of the ways to get your helmet customizing destination.

Option 1: Get your helmet custom painted.

Applying new paint to your helmet is one of the ways of redefining its look without actually compromising the integrity of the shell. Thankfully, there are a couple of styles you can choose from to transform and get your custom made helmet from the comfort.

Adding a new paint job is one of the best ways to personalize your helmet or breathe new life into an old headgear with an outdated look. Fortunately, there are many different types of paints to choose from these days that will allow you to do it yourself and all without harming the integrity of the shell.

However, before you start painting, take out some of the helmet parts you are not painting.

Clean the surface thoroughly to take out dust and other diets that can hinder the perfection of your painting job.

Then take out the previous paint using sandpaper and apply the new paint on the surface.

After applying, you can design your helmet using any of these methods.


Stenciling is a way of adding designs to any surface by spraying, dabbing or brushing paint through a cut-out material laid on the surface of the design.

So, once you have cut our design, attach it to your helmet using a tape. Ensure it is well fixed and straight, then apply your paint on it. What you will find is a beautiful look that will transform the look of your helmet.


This method is mostly useful to give your old helmet a glossy new look. So if you have been craving shiny helmet armor, then this is your time.

After painting your helmet, apply about three to five layers of urethane to your helmet. Urethane helps to protect and add shine to it. However, to ensure your helmet looks shiny after the urethane dries up, buff it. You can buff it using a buffing compound.

After that, you can fix your helmet parts, and you are good to go.

Option 2: Apply a sticker or custom motorcycle helmet decals.

This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for you to custom design motorcycle helmets. Applying decals to your helmet will make a significant difference; all you have to do is choose from the various styles and designs.

However, clean your helmet to remove dirt that can stop your decals from sticking. Then before applying, mark the areas you want to place your sticker using a pencil. After that, place the center of the decal before the other parts to avoid wrinkles and bubbles from locking on your sticker.

Then, start pressing the sticker from the center to the edges to ensure it blends completely to the helmets. It should also correctly go through contours.

If it is appropriately done, you will have a wrinkle and bubble-free decal. But if there are bubbles or wrinkles, smoothen them out by gently pressing the sticker from the center out.

However, if pressing, it doesn’t take out the wrinkles or bubbles, take out the decal, straighten and put back using the same method. In the end, you are sure to have a beautiful looking helmet.

Option 3: Get a helmet skin or cover to get your helmet customized

Pinstripe a Motorcycle helmet

This is another way of making your custom motorcycle helmet aside from using paint or stickers on them.

Skins vary from decals and can also be quite affordable to get. Skins, unlike stickers, can cover the entire helmet or your previous paint job.

Also, with skin, you can decide to change your helmet frequently. It also prevents your helmet from scratches and chips.

How to Make a Custom Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Making your iron man motorcycle can be on a tough side. However, it is possible with just a little creativity and determination.

All you have to get is glue, paint, an old helmet and the picture of an iron man helmet you want to make.

Get some parts of the old helmet and begin to fix them on your motorcycle helmet using the glue. Then, paint the parts to give it the right look.

Viola! You have yourself your own custom iron man motorcycle helmet.

 Buy Custom Helmets for Sale

There are some kinds of pin striping

  • Mechanical Pinstriping –As the name indicates, this kind of pinstriping is done with the aid of a machine. It is used for mainly big surfaces like loaders and trucks.
  • Freehand Striping –It takes painting the band by hand manually. It is very excellent level work. You have to know the way to do it and possibly exercise a bit prior trying it out.

How To: Make a Custom Motorcycle Helmet

How To Make a Custom Motorcycle Helmet FAQs

1. How do I know the Right Paint for my helmet?

It is essential to discover the right type of paint to use for your helmet before painting. Otherwise, using the wrong paint can cause irreversible damage to your helmet shell. However, the safest way is to contact the manufacturer to know safe paints and those that are not.

2. If I customize my helmet, will it still protect my head?

Customizing your helmet doesn’t cause it to have less of its protective ability. However, your safety can be compromised if you take out some of its safety features like a liner. Overgrazing, the helmet shell with sandpaper, can also reduce its safety ability.

3. What is a helmet decal?

Helmet decals are also known as stickers. They come in various sizes and styles and can be used to customize helmets.

4. How much does it cost to customize my helmet?

Customizing your helmet may cost as much as 300-500 dollars to get a professional custom design. However, with about thirty dollars, you can choose to customize your helmet using paint, decals, or skins.

5. What are the benefits of using the skin on a helmet?

Customizing your helmet with skin, aside from beautifying it, will also help protect it from chips or scratch.

Final Thoughts

Having an idea of how to make a custom motorcycle helmet for your use is an excellent way of spicing your riding experience and distinguishing yourself from the crowd. Although customized helmets production is not in a massive amount due to variance in choice, you can always get a professional to do a good job.

Otherwise, with some determination, you can choose to do a custom motorcycle helmet in your home, but be careful not to damage or reduce the safety of your helmet. Happy Riding!

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