How to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet?

A helmet camera, also known as a micro video camera or action camera, is a camera attached to a helmet, to offer the rider the opportunity of making image recording while keeping his hands busy on the bike and focused on his ride, same time.

These are portable, strong, and water-resistant by design. GoPro cameras have an in-built CMOS image sensor used for web cameras, a burst mode, that enables quick succession photo capturing, time-lapse mode, high-definition video recording, and slow-motion recording.

Gopro helmet cameras are one of the world’s most versatile GoPro cameras. Knowing how to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet ensures safety, more convenience, and allows for shooting from a better angle.

How to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet?

Gopro motorcycle helmet cameras have lots of advantages. Many riders use GoPro products and, most times, mount more than one of these cameras on their helmet.

People who take on to fast and high paces sports use this camera, which helps sports lovers share in their experiences.

How to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet

More so, people that engage in sports use these cameras to watch the hard kinds of stuff they did during the game and make improvements where necessary.

Mounting these cameras can be a hard task to engage in. Knowing where and how to install them can make the task way more manageable. These methods can offer a reliable solution oh how to mount the cameras on the helmet.


GoPro Front Mount

One way to mount gopro cameras on the motorcycle helmet is to place it in the front part of the helmet, like a headlamp. Here, the camera is attached to the flat surface of the helmet.

To achieve this, first purchase a GoPro flat or curved mount with adhesive. The flat or curved mount will make it easy for you to attach your GoPro camera to flat or curved surfaces of the helmet, while the adhesives are durable and waterproof.

The next step is to attach the base of your flat or curved camera mount to the front part of your helmet using the adhesive. A strong adhesive will withstand the impact of rain and wind. However, mounting your camera on the helmet with this flat or curved surface mounts with adhesive will make the mount stick permanently to your helmet.

Also, the gopro camera mount will make the camera adjustment easy. It will also make shots from different angles possible and enable the viewers to see from the riders’ point of view.

If you mount a gopro camera in front of the helmet, it will help reduce the effects of noise and vibrations from the motorcycle.

Despite these beautiful angles and viewing provisions, positioning a GoPro camera on your helmet might make a funny sight. It might also make your head face down because it heavy feeling it might create.

Besides that, your GoPro camera might damage if it bangs on anything slightly above your head.

GoPro Side Mount

This method of GoPro camera mounting on a helmet is prevalent and is mostly in use by cyclists that don’t have full-face helmets. The camera can be positioned either on the left or right side of the helmet. Setting the GoPro camera on the side of the helmet can give a slightly out of line point of view.

Gopro camera side mount offers close coverage, just like the front mount. It also makes the camera more resistant to wind and a lower chance of hitting any object slightly above the head that will cause damage.

To be able to mount your gopro camera to the side of the helmet, you will need a curved mounting gear and an adhesive. Use the adhesive to glue the mounting equipment to the side of the helmet you prefer, and then firmly fix your gopro camera to the mounting gear. It is crucial to ensure that the camera is securely attached to prevent it from falling off at high speed.

What’s more, the adhesive will permanently glue the mounting gear to the helmet. Meanwhile, the side positioning of the camera will always show the side of the helmet in the shot, and attaching a camera to vented helmets might not be possible because of the open spaces on the helmet.

GoPro Chin Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Chin mount is also one of the most preferred gopro mounting styles. Firstly, it always gives viewers the best sight. It also makes the shot appear recorded from the level of the eyes.

If you choose this method to mount your GoPro camera to the chin of your helmet, you will need a plastic mount with adjustable joints, adhesives, and sticky pads. Then, attach the plastic mount to the chin of your helmet and fasten your GoPro camera to it. However, it is not the most durable.

One benefit this mounting method gives is that it resists wind impact on the camera, and is best suited for full-face helmets. Because of the centralized positioning of the camera, the helmet will be kept in place effectively.

Additionally, the gopro chin helmet mount reduces to the minimum the noise and vibrations from the motorcycle. It makes attaching a mic alongside the camera possible, thereby encouraging mono-blogging, and the mount can easily be detached and reused on another helmet.

The GoPro chin helmet mount also gives the rider the privilege of seeing the back of the camera and knowing if it is well positioned or not.

GoPro Vented Strap Mount 

GoPro helmet strap has the same function as the front mount. It is mounted at the top-front of the helmet. However, it does not require the use of a flat or curved mount.

Because of the already existing straps, it is best suitable for use on vented helmets, which does not give enough room or space for mounts with adhesive pads.

This strap will make mounting and dismounting your gopro camera very easy. Using the vented strap is very simple- just affix the strap in and out of your vented helmet openings, and fasten it. Removing it is even simpler- all you need do is to press the quick clip button to release the strap and enable you to check your shots to ensure they are just perfect quickly.

Moreover, the strap is adjustable, and so is the best fit for all sizes of helmets. It is made with durable materials that are weightless and slim enough not to take up too much space on the helmet’s surface.

Other Places to Mount Your GoPro

Apart from mounting your GoPro camera on your helmet, one other excellent and convenient way to mount your GoPro is to wear them to the chest using a chest strap. The strap is flexible, padded, and made from breathable, lightweight materials that are adjustable to fit almost all body sizes.

The camera is affixed on the chest to the chest harness. It offers video footage taken from a position lower than the helmet.

Using this mount will make your arms, legs, and handlebars visible when riding a motorcycle.

They are recommended for use when skiing, mountain biking, and paddle sports.

Why GoPro?

Here are the reasons why motorcycle owners should use the GoPro camera:

Battery life

Taking memorable long rides requires a camera with excellent battery life to keep the dream alive. Gopro cameras last for as long as two and a half hours on a continuous video shooting.


Gopro cameras are durable. They can stand the test of wind and rain, and will not easily break off if dropped on the floor.

Frame rate

Gopro cameras feature a max frame rate. This frame rate enables the camera to capture smooth and slow-motion footage.

Imaging capabilities

GoPro has a powerful lens that is exceptionally extensive. The lens of the camera increases the range of scenery capturing.

Standalone cameras

They perform great alone. However, using a gopro camera with android and iOS devices gives it a function on a versatile scale.

Benefits of Mounting on the Helmet

Using a helmet camera can be fun, especially when you are watching your stunts.

  • Easy watch – Attaching your gopro to your helmet makes it easy to watch your stunts after a game, measure your performance, make improvements, and familiarize yourself with a particular area. This system is widespread in cycling games.
  • Vlog – Cycling can be a private act. Helmet camera also offers you the privilege of having copies of your stunts and rides and showing them off for people to see.
  • Educational – This mounting location allows for cycling skill recording to educate others on what skills to acquire in becoming the best cyclist.
  • Proof keeping – Using the same road same time with other bikers and motorists can sometimes be risky, and accidents and road rage may occur. Footages from the camera can help settle issues. They are great ways of successfully capturing an accident and offering hard evidence that can acquit you from punishments in cases where you are charged with an offense or court proceedings arise.
  • Create memories – One of the importance of a helmet camera is that it allows you to create fun and beautiful memories of a game, stunt, or ride. It even brings to mind the landscapes you have threaded on previously.
  • Be insured – Most insurance companies offer cyclists insurance at a reduced premium should a cyclist provide evidence through the footage in case of accidents. Your insurance provider can also give this evidence to the other party’s insurance provider, thereby granting you compensation for damages.

GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mount – how to make the best


Whatever positioning you prefer among the stated methods and how to achieve them, ensure they are suitable, and offer the best shots. Although there are other ways to mount gopro cameras, the best is to set them up on your Motorcycle helmet. Knowing how to mount GoPro on the motorcycle helmet will make the mounting job quick and stress-free.

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