How to Repaint a Motorcycle Helmet – A Useful Guide

The most important reason to make it uncomfortable as we wear a motorcycle helmet for having ugly get up, particularly real motorcycle helmets that have the best quality.

The manufacturer gives more importance on the quality as they like to get reputation instead of the model.

They know it well that customers are looking for high quality than the models. Along with the quality, the cost or price and the appearance are also a factor.

They also attract people’s attention. Most of the low-quality helmets come to the market with an attractive appearance and with a lower price.

We desire to buy the fake motorcycle helmet rather than the real ones. To fix up this point, everything may be changed for the motorcycle’s helmet.

We have another point to consider that is the painting that you like to paint in your way. It may lead you to enhance creative ability as the product is yours.

For this, you would feel confident and exciting when you wear the product. Moreover, it may lead you to stand out and create the impression of a particular appearance.

If you like to paint it well in this article, we are ready to give you some guidelines and some information which you must learn.

As you like but a best looking and wonderful helmet, you must be serious. You may use it for a long time.

Can You Paint A Motorcycle Helmet?

Have you ever wandered about a bicycle shop or searching the web for hours on end just to come up empty handed since you could not locate the ideal helmet layout? I feel your pain for this. I’ve spent countless hours searching for a plan or a color that has been going to stick out from the remainder.

A few of the helmets at the shops around me are so simple and dull, and everybody in my city appears to get the same one. How good is to have your very own unique design on a helmet which nobody else had? So, do you do it and how simple can it be? Let us have a look.

You find all types of folks out on the open street with decals covering every inch of the helmets, so why do you not have the ability to use paint onto them too? Directly speaking, a helmet may be painted. However, it is not as simple as it appears. You cannot just slap a spray paint onto your dome cap and then call it great.

What do You need?

There are few important information’s that you must know it if you like to repair the helmet properly. The things are stated below:

  • Spray Paint
  • Airbrush
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Clear Coat
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Marking Paint

Steps You Need to Take

How to Repaint a Motorcycle Helmet

  1. You must disassemble the helmet. You can consider that you can paint your helmet directly, but this is not the matter. You must disassemble your helmet as you may sand it down to eliminate the paint or make it all even. When the question of disassembling comes, remove the screws, glass or removable plastic that are found on the helmet.
  2. You have to soak the sand paper inside water for five minutes before use it to the sand off your helmet. Be conscious; your motto is to sand your helmet that will remove the real varnish as well as paint of the helmet initially. If you do not do this, the paint may not hold on your helmet.
  3. You need to use sand paper to remove the possible imperfections from the helmet you have got. Keep in mind; you need to do this for a long period as long as you get the perfect helmet. If you desire to have a good painting over your helmet, you need to give more attention in this regard.
  4. Use the tape with the use of masking tape where you fail to paint. You know that you would not be able to keep the size of the areas you would not like to alter. You would like to trim some areas if you like to change something.
  5. You should use primer once when you are confirming that the helmet is fit for prepping. Use some coats of the prime coat as you are sure that, you must use the right paint, you need to use the right paint if you have the desire to avoid paint splatters all over the interior of the house.
  6. If you like to paint some areas, you may use of stencils; you may paint it with solid color which you like to paint. You may color it with the thing you like flattering on your motorcycle. If you do not like to use of stencils, you can design helmet with a paintbrush. At the time of designing the helmet with a paintbrush, you need to let the base coat dry up at. First, you would not like to base paint spread out and mix with the color you are going to do with it.
  7. You are pleased with the design of the helmet you have made. You must make the helmet dry. The reason is that you would not like to face any trouble using it once. You must use a helmet if you like to ride a motorcycle. The habits will take some time may be a day or a week, months or years that is not matter at all.

You need to remember that you can use a picture instead of using paint by hand. It may take more time, but you need to know where you would like to place the helmet, it would not be a problem for you after all. Think how cool your helmet is at the time of making traveling. You must be sure that it will not be a problem at all as it looks great.

Safety Note

How to Repaint a Motorcycle Helmet

You just need to check the manufacturer as well as a supplier to confirm that chemicals you like to use are compatible with the materials of the helmet.

Type 2 – The More Advanced Helmet Painting Option Preparation

  • Acrylic paint
  • A pencil, a marker
  • A paintbrush


Creating color foundation step: At first prepare structure of the surface of the helmet. You will get chance to use your preferred color for doing it.

But keep in mind that you don’t like to paint the surface same as type 1. You can use the paintbrush to paint the area you like to draw.

Step 2

You can use a pencil to mark the skeleton of your thoughts and ideas. This may be bad if it isn’t properly dry. Therefore you have to wait as long as it gets completely dry.

Step 3

Color the skeletons with so many colors to envelop the paint same as step 1. But you mustn’t color the new layer when the old one is completely dry.


You may use the marker to draw the figure once again to make it more vivid.

There are mainly two types of helmets which are very beautiful to look at. We would like to introduce it to you. It is surely a nice gift for your family members, your lovers, friends, and others.

We have no time to spend with you. You will get lots of painting services on online.

Additionally, you may buy lots of decals and stickers from different stores to add it to your helmet.

Though painting services are more professional particularly 3D on motorcycle helmets. We aren’t happy with the painting by ourselves.

We have more exciting and valuable knowledge that we like to preserve for future.

You must be careful as paint can stick on your hands or the surface of motorcycle helmet at the time of painting. This can destroy the painting. We hope you will succeed and best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on how to paint motorcycle helmets

Question: Would You Use Rain X On A Motorcycle Helmet?

Answer: This sounds a little off subject, but I have heard of folks using Rain X in their helmet to attempt and maintain the water from building up in all the wrong areas, so, damaging their paint jobs. Is this something that you may do? I mean it works on automobiles? Why not a bicycle cable or helmet?

You can use Rain X onto your helmet visor or bike windshield; however, it needs to function as particular freshwater X to get plastic. Most bike businesses say in their pamphlets which it is possible to utilize freshwater X or a different kind of merchandise for the helmet, so long as it’s mainly for plastic.

I’ve gone into a couple of bikes indicates that’d demo on the way to plastic wrap one. Although, these men were professionals and could perform it in a couple of minutes. I can’t say for sure how much time it could require a newbie.

Question: Would You Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle Helmet?

Answer: Vinyl wrap is carrying a significant sticker and putting it on your helmet. It requires a whole lot of patience and time to perform for somebody who’s just beginning. Vinyl wrap seems a good deal safer than painting as you are not using harsh chemicals, only some tacky paper.

Yes, it might appear that the simple thing to do, but a buddy of mine did it to his helmet, and his Vinyl wrap began to peel after a time. Like practically anything sticker-like, it’s likely to pare and eliminate effectiveness.

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