How to Use Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

A motorcycle helmet is an essential component of the bike as the other parts of the bike are. Besides, you cannot ride your motorcycle without the helmet, and you shouldn’t try to.

But carrying the helmet wherever you go can be very tiring, thank goodness for the inventions of helmet locks.

Helmet locks make it easy to pin your helmet to your motorcycle for safekeeping from theft.

But the problem most riders face is how to use the motorcycle helmet lock.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem because, in this article, we will be sharing how to use your motorcycle helmet lock properly. And how you can store your helmet securely and conveniently while you visit friends.

As a motorcycle rider, you need to have a helmet lock, except you are a fan of carrying your helmet alongside.

But If you need something to help keep your helmet as you head-on with friends, then a bike lock is a great option.

Aside from that, having a helmet saves you from the risk of having it stolen.

To your advantage, bike helmet locks are quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about digging a hole in your pocket to secure your helmet.

What is the Most Suitable Helmet Lock For My Motorcycle?

To know the type of lock to buy, you have to decide which of them you prefer. Some helmet locks have a point of attachment to the motorcycle, while others have builds that make it easy to carry around.

On a broad scale, there are two types of helmet: cable-based and solid locks.

The cables style is suitable for you if you like a helmet lock you can attach to your bike frame while meeting with friends.

Its construction is quite simple. It has a central locking system that connects to a flexible cable. And the cable, which is often made of steel, and has an extra coating that makes it resistant to corrosion or rusting. The cable-style helmet is also easy to use and long-lasting, and can also be quite heavy.

The solid based lock is not quite as flexible from the cable style helmet. It is suitable for you if you like carrying your helmet around as it is usually portable and small. It often comes in a metal ring or D-shaped construction with lockable openings. However, it isn’t easy to attach the lock to the helmet since they are not flexible.

How to Use a Motorcycle Helmet?

The helmet lock is made to fasten your helmet to your motorcycle. And the most suitable way to secure your helmet is to mount it to the part of the bike that is not removable.

Locking your helmet with a motorcycle helmet lock is simple. Pass the rubber-coated cable through the bottom of your helmet, and out through the visor. Then fix it to your bike frame or any other part of your bike you find suitable.

After doing that, lock the helmet with the combination code or any other security pattern it comes with.

Ensure that the locking mechanism is thoroughly engaged before walking away from your bike.

What Other Ways Can I Lock My Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are looking for another alternative way to lock your motorcycle helmet apart from using a motorcycle helmet, then you have come to the right place.

You can always get creative while trying to secure your motorcycle helmet. Here are some of the few ways you can use are:

Using the Built-in Motorcycle Lock

Most bike riders, especially the new ones, are unaware that some motorcycle comes with built-in locks. But they do.

Although they carry as they occur based on the motorcycle model you have, some have separate keyed locks, while others have hooks situated on the right, under a lockable seat.

The downside with this helmet is that it doesn’t work on a helmet with a D-ring fastener. But it is great for helmets with a ratchet lock chin strap.

However, using the helmet is easy; you simply run your helmet buckle through the lock and then lock it.

By Using a Pistol Lock

A piston lock is an affordable method of locking your motorcycle helmet to your bike. They are available at any shop, or you can still ask a friend who works at a police station to hand you one.

To lock your helmet using the pistol lock, thread it around your helmet chin area and attach the lock to the frame of your motorcycle or other preferred parts.

That is it. You are now safe to hang out with your friends without worrying about losing your helmet.

Using Padlock

This is a convenient way of locking your helmet mostly in situations where your helmet lacks the factory helmet lock system. All you have to do is look for a place that is suitable and fastening the helmet. Places like the handlebar, footpeg, or a part of the frame is a good spot.

To fasten it, simply pass the helmet buckle through the lock and pin it to your bike. It is as safe and secure as using your motorcycle built-in lock, and before thieves can steal it, they have to break it, which is quite impossible.

Bicycle Chain Lock

A bicycle chain lock is another valid form of lock you can use to protect your helmet from theft. Bicycle chain locks are usually long, so it’s more comfortable because you can lock your helmet and keep it in a clean place. It also makes it easy to pass the sleeve of your motorcycle jacket and secure it alongside your helmet.

Using the bicycle chain lock is pretty similar to using the helmet lock. You can start by running the lock cable through the bottom of your helmet and out via the visor opening and pinning it to your helmet frame.

What is the Best Way to Lock Your Motorcycle Helmet?

One of the best ways of locking your motorcycle helmet to your bike is by engaging the gun lock or cable lock.

This is the best way because threading your helmet through the helmet’s visor and the passenger pegs offers reliable and strong protection from thieves other than using a D-ring attachment ring.

Using the cable lock prevents the tendency of someone to cut through the D-string strap to steal the helmet.


We have not just provided you with information on how to use a motorcycle helmet. You have also learned how to use other valuable methods you can use to keep your helmet safe and away from thieves.

Also, helmets with ratchets are difficult to secure your helmet rather than those with D-rings, which make using a lock on them difficult.

Like we said earlier, you can secure it by placing the ratchet end of your helmet under the seat, and locking the seat in place.

So, you can attend dates and meetings and hang out with friends knowing that your helmet is secure and safe.


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