Ilm Helmet Review: One Touch Control

Since it has become mandatory for riders to wear a helmet, several manufacturers have gone ahead to produce quality helmets to serve the various needs of the rider. Motorcycle riders have now imbibed wearing a helmet as a tradition. A helmet serves as protective gear and protects the head from sustaining any significant injury.

These days, helmets do not serve as a protective gear alone. Most helmets now come with other integrated features that will ensure the rider is comfortable. Being aerodynamic, having vents, are some of the features that you can see in modern helmets.

One of the helmet companies that you can trust is Ilm. This company is a leading helmet company, known for setting the pace in the world of helmets. We shall be looking at one of their products in this Ilm Helmet review.

Ilm Helmet Review

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Ilm Full-Face Motorcycle Street bike helmet

When it comes to both performance and features, you can’t disregard the Ilm full-face motorcycle bike helmet. This helmet is one of those low-priced helmets that will impress you upon purchase.

Manufactured by one of the leading brands in the world of the helmet, Ilm has never stopped in building affordable helmets that give fellow competitors reason to worry. You simply can't be wrong with the choice of this helmet.

Ilm full-face motorcycle bike helmet comes packed with excellent features that will guarantee safety and comfort. Being a full-face model, this helmet leaves no inch of your face uncovered. It is incredibly lightweight and constructed with a sturdy ABS shell. The helmet is DOT certified and meets other safety regulatory bodies.

This helmet has a quick-release strap, which makes it so much simpler for you to remove the helmet. It is aerodynamically built, so you won't feel the helmet dragging while riding. The liner and paddings make the helmet comfortable on your head. The paddings can be an issue if you are wearing the protective gear for the first time. However, once it has been broken in, you will enjoy riding with this helmet on your head.

One of the best things about this helmet is that it comes with two visors, the clear and the smoked visors, and a winter scarf. During winter, this scarf will protect your neck and head from extreme cold. Both visors are anti-fog and anti-scratch, so you won't find it difficult to see in humidity. Overall, this Ilm full-face helmet provides adequate protection and comfort that the rider needs. Ilm did well in making this helmet a low-budget one.

Pros & Cons of Ilm Helmet


  • Has an aerodynamic design.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • It has three vents for keeping your head fresh.
  • Quite affordable.
  • The dual visors make it easy to interchange between the lenses for more unobstructed viewing.
  • Comes with a free scarf.


  • Despite having anti-fog visors, they don’t do too well in humid conditions.
  • You may have to deal with so much noise, due to the numerous vents.
ILM Helmet

Features of Ilm Helmet

Ilm full-face motorcycle bike helmet is one of the best dual visor full-face helmets in the market. It comes packed with exciting features that allow you to stay protected and comfortable all through the ride. Let us look at the features of this fascinating helmet.


This model of a helmet is aerodynamically designed, despite being a full-face helmet. Since it's aerodynamic, the helmet will not drag in the air when you are riding at full speed.

The shell is constructed with a durable ABS for maximum protection from impacts. There is also a quick-release strap that holds the helmet in place, which is better than regular straps that can be complicated to tighten.

Ilm helmet comes in seven colors and sizes from small to x-large. You can quickly get the size that would fit into your head perfectly without being too tight or too loose. As regards color, you can choose to buy a white Ilm helmet, blue, red, white, silver, black, matte black, and yellow. Each of these colors will compliment your bike and your style.


Despite being a full-face helmet, this helmet is incredibly lightweight, making it suitable for wear over long periods. When compared to other full-face models, you will find out that the Ilm full-face motorcycle helmet is much lighter. It weighs about 4.85 pounds, which is less than the average weight of most full-face helmets in the market.

Also, a lightweight helmet won’t cause your head and neck strain, which can easily lead to fatigue. This is one of the reasons why you should consider buying this helmet.

Face Shields

Unlike most helmets that come with a single visor or face shield, this Ilm helmet comes equipped with two visors. You can switch from the clear visor to the smoky visor. While riding at night, you can engage the clear visor for better visibility.

If you are riding under the sun, you can switch to the smoky visor to protect your face from dirt, dust, and the bright sun rays. These two visor options make it possible for you to ride during the day and night.

Another essential feature of these visors is they are anti-scratch and anti-fog. While they don’t do much in preventing the buildup of fogs, they still offer some protection. You can always upgrade the visors for better visibility on the road.


For proper airflow, this helmet comes equipped with vents throughout the model. These vents will keep your head fresh at all times and are particularly useful during summer, where the weather is somewhat hot. The vents will make sure that you don't sweat unnecessarily, which can hinder your performance. 


Ilm full-face motorcycle liner is easily removable and washable. This means that after a long ride, you can remove the liner and toss it for a wash. This prevents odors from oozing from the helmet, as well as prevents the growth of mold.

The padding is thick and secured, which offers additional protection. The paddings can make it difficult to wear at first because it's stiff. But once there is a breaking-in, that is, once you wear the helmet for long hours, the paddings will assume the shape of your head. Wearing the helmet subsequently will become more comfortable.

Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Additional Features

Not many helmets come with a winter scarf, but the Ilm full-face helmet does. This extra feature was well thought of by the company because you will love the scarf once winter approaches.

Ilm Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Vs. Scorpion EXO - R710

Scorpion EXO - R710 helmet is another great protective gear that offers full-face protection. Like the Ilm full-face helmet, this helmet is packed with exciting features that merit the price tag.

The slight difference between the two helmets lies in the construction. While the shell of the Ilm helmet is ABS, the Scorpion is a mixture of fiberglass and aramid. However, it's no surprise since the Scorpion costs more than the Ilm. Overall, these helmets are worth their price tags.

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Ilm Helmet (FAQs)

Are Ilm helmets good?

Ilm helmet is an affordable helmet that every rider should consider having. It's easy to use, and the fact that it offers full-face protection is a plus. It can withstand impacts due to its durable shell.

Are Ilm helmets safe?

Ilm helmets are DOT certified, which makes it secured. Apart from that, the helmet is made with durable ABS materials that offer increased head protection. So you are safe while riding with this helmet.

What is the best full-face motorcycle helmet?

There are many full-face motorcycle helmets in the market, but the Ilm is a standout. Apart from its high-end features, the helmet is quite affordable. Compared to other full-face helmets, you will find the Ilm helmet quite fascinating.

What happens if your helmet is too big?

A helmet aims to protect the head. If the helmet is too large, it will bob, thus not offering the protection that you need. A helmet is meant to fit comfortably, and if it's not, your safety will be compromised.

What is the best way to clean the visors?

You can use a damp cloth to clean the fogs from the screen.

Final Thoughts

Ilm remains one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in the world. The full-face helmet comes with features that will leave the customer in awe. Features aside, the helmet is reasonably priced and comes in several colors that the user would find enjoying. You don’t have to spend much looking for a quality helmet when the Ilm full-face helmet is available.

This Ilm Helmet review has proved the Ilm full-face helmet to be the ideal helmet for users. It is comfortable, aerodynamically built, and comes with proper airflow to keep the head fresh. There are not so many helmets that can offer these incredible features at an affordable price. This why you should consider this Ilm helmet.