IV2 Full Face Street Bike Helmet Review! [DOT approved]

IV2 is a famous and well-known helmet manufacturing company. The company maintains its principles very strictly though these are very simple. Their mission is to make a quality helmet at an affordable cost. IV2 is a cheap and accessible helmet in the full-faced category. There are lots of graphics schemes and colors of this helmet.


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To ensure quality IV2 is made from lightweight ABS and fiber reinforced composite shell. It has got DOT approval. There you see an EPS impact absorption inner liner which increases safety. The helmet comes with precisely designed streamline body which lessens wind noise from 80% to 85%. Moreover, IV2 has a cushioned interior to ensure comfort for the users.

You get multiple air vents in IV2 helmets that boost the flow of air inside the helmet. There are washable or removable cheek pads and a quick release visor mechanism with the design. You may get the helmet in 4 different sizes: small, large, medium and X-large. For the convenient of the users, the manufacturers provide a cloth helmet bag to carry the helmet easily.

IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet


  • The helmet is made from ABS composite shell, for this reason, weight is light. It has also got DOT certificate.
  • Dual D ring strap is made from stainless steel which fits well
  • Has many features, therefore great thing about the price
  • Anti-scratch and clear flip-up face shield is super quality
  • Smart aerodynamic design lessens the noise of the wind
  • Sweat absorbing inner liner is made well to absorb impact at the time of a mishap

Pros & Cons of IV2 Bike Motorcycle Helmet


  • Very lightweight helmet
  • Check pads are removable and washable
  • It is designed with at least seven ventilation points


  • Chin strap may be a bit fastidious.
  • Challenging to keep thicker glasses inside the helmet by keeping the visor down

IV2 Helmet Use and Maintenance

To ensure proper protection and good riding, there is no alternative to keeping the helmet hygienic and clean. Moreover fitting accurately is a must on the head to work properly. If one desires to use the helmet correctly, he must keep the following things in his mind.

When a helmet doesn’t fit accurately, it comes out of the head during the accident. So there remains no protection. Many people faced death for this reason. Before using the helmet, be sure you have noticed all the things of the helmet strictly. Your vision must be clear and full. Check and recheck the positioning of the helmet enough downward and upward to manage your vehicle correctly. One needs to adjust the helmet consequently.

The inner lining of the helmet is removable and washable. It is a must cleaning the interior and outer shell of the helmet to preserve it. There are lots of things related to the cleaning of the helmet. When you face any lice infection of your helmet, you can solve it by doing one standard procedure. You should better not to use any spray on it. Besides, you have to preserve the helmet in a plastic bag that is air-tight for 48 hours. Take out the helmet and remove the lining after that period. Then clean the surface properly with mild soap solution. The plastic pads and bags must be discarded.

Why You Choose IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

The protector of this helmet is made by Ivolution Sports, Inc (IV2). This company has name and fame as a leader for doing headgear design. This helmet combines well decent price, high performance, and high-end style.

All components are so rigid that these ensure hat’s lightweight and durability. The graphics design is so excellent that most girls desire to get it. The cutting-edge technology is based on top pressure injection molding. The artwork design makes the wearer noticeable though riding along as the passenger. The manufacturer has given an exclusive UV treated coat which saves the graphic from fading or peeling.

Why You Choose IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

On the outside of the design, it has five air intakes with exhaust passages. It is straightforward to open and close all ports instead of wearing gloves. Most of the users are happy with the visor that is clear and crisp. The trendy head protector enjoys inner hypo-allergenic liner and ladies wearing are safe enough. Parts are washable and removable. All features are essential as the helmet would be stuffy to use during the summer season.

User Review of IV2 Serpent Green Full Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Another great buy from online! (And the manufacturer)

I have purchased a helmet for my wife. She is petite. Therefore I like to get a proper fitting. The helmet fits well and has a fresh look. My wife is thrilled to get it. I am very much delighted to get this helmet with reasonable price. She is thrilled also. I am very much pleased with the amount of the helmet. Additionally, I have checked on line. The quality or the cost of the helmet is very reasonable. Moreover, condition is very excellent and best deal. I suggest others to use this helmet. It is vented. Besides, it comes with flip up face shield. Most of the users are happy with this helmet.

This helmet is adorable and sexy combined

A The iv2 helmet is very cute and sexy mixed. The padding inside the helmet is very comfortable. The matte coating finish of the helmet is very excellent. I rode on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle. I like to get a helmet. But I have no desire to more than 100 dollars for usual occasions. I have bought a medium size helmet that fits well. I suggest this to anyone who likes to get a comfortable, affordable and cut helmet.

IV2 Helmet Video Review

IV2 Bike Motorcycle Helmet (FAQs)

Is the helmet fit for using any other activity other than motor cycle riding

Answer: This particular helmet is perfect only for riding on motorcycles on the road but not fit for racing. It isn’t fit for additional sports or adventures. For such occasions, this hair safety is not secured enough. The inappropriate use can make it unsuitable for more use during riding on a motorcycle.

Is there any carrying bag with the shipment?

Answer: Yes, there is a carry bag for the shipment.

What is the procedure to preserve the helmet?

Answer: Only proper care and storage can extend the life of the helmet. If you like to store a mask for a long time, you have to keep it in a bag or box. Keep it in a cool and dry place out of the reach of the children and pet animals. Moreover keep it away from the direct heat of the sunlight. One also shouldn’t keep the helmet inside the trunk of a vehicle or in a car during summer. During this time, temperature rises high. Temperature over 150 degrees can damage the helmet.

What is the way to clean the exterior lining of the helmet?

Answer: Almost all IV2 helmets are made of a hypo-allergy lining. These things are very comfortable and long-lasting. One can remove all the coating to clean it. With mild detergent, it is straightforward to wash by hands and finally air dried only.

Final Thoughts

An IV2 helmet is fantastic for many reasons; the least mentionable is design. The matte finish resists that the structure is becoming very loud. It ensures a fresh and feminine get up. The helmet doesn’t feel flimsy after all and fits well. Moreover, it has got DOT (Department of Transportation) approval.

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