Kask Mojito Review: Best Helmet to Stay Safe While Cycling

You may hear about helmet laws, countries like New Zealand, Finland, South Africa, and a few Canadian provinces make it mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

But ever wonder why they gave so much emphasis on the helmet? This is because accidents and injury inside the skull become pretty common. So helmet law is a safety precaution.

I am also a cyclist and used to hate to wear a helmet as most of them were bulky, which makes me feel suffocated. But then I realize as the USA is not the most cycling-friendly country, the helmet is a must for the cyclist to avoid the crash.

“A win-win situation”

Want to know much more about this? Keep reading this kask mojito review to keep you safe while cycling.

After researching and trying dozens of helmet, discover this Kask mojito X, which is a modern helmet, more lightweight and breathable.


The Kask mojito has a clever protection layout wrapped inside with a polycarbon layer. This helmet is going to give the solid guard against head injuries. In a word, Kask mojito X is a combo of enhancing comfort, superior ventilation, great fit- all in under 200$.

Sound’s impressive, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Shell Materials & Aesthetic

Alright, it’s time to take a closer look. Designed from polycarbon layer, the molding construction not only makes it shock resistant and enhances comfort protection at its level best. These kash helmets will definitely give you 100% protection.

What about the size?

You probably may notice, no matter how good the helmet is, if the helmet is not the right fit for you, it turns into a nightmare. Here are the Kask helmets sizing – small, medium, large, and even extra-large.

That’s not all, folks!

There are plenty of colors available for this version. Though there is 15 colors option, Kask mojito blue and Kask mojito red are my favorites.


Like other modern-day bike helmets, this stuff is lightweight. I wound rather say, super lightweight. That’s probably the best shot of this helmet. This coolest cycling gadget is just in 1.5 pounds without compromising the safety issues.

The Interior- Straps and Foam

I used the kask protone white and noticed that the straps are made from 2 different materials.

Sound’s weird?

Indeed but then I realize their intention to give you the utmost comfort. A standard nylon foam has been used around your ears as this part is a bit sensitive and artificial leather on the underneath the chin.

And I have to admit: these are mad comfortable! Though I loved how soft the strap feels, it cause lacks flexibility in some cases.

Fit Adjustment and Paddling

The paddling is relatively slim and really in good shape. At the same time, the rear dial adjustment system allows placing rotated up and down to secure the position.

Here is the best part: 

The internal padding material has to go through antibacterial and antimicrobial Sanitized® process. So don’t worry about skin irritation. Meanwhile, the chin pad feels extremely cozy as it wrapped up with eco-leather chinstrap.

What could be better than this?

Meanwhile, the double pivot design helps to cradles the back of the head so that you can tighten it whenever you want.

The Ventilation

Probably ventilation is the feature that keeps it a step ahead from the rest of the others.

What am I talking about?

26 air vents make it super breathable as well as offer optimal ventilation. This well positioned ventilation does an excellent job of letting cool air to makes it more comfortable.

The coolest part is the non-slip internal gel liner.


From Italy, this helmet has certainly captured the protection gean industry- and even the cycling adventure- by storm.


This is just because they blended the best technology to give full safety along with comfort. No wonder, there is a long list of technology they used to design this helmet. Here is a quick look:

  • In mould: The exclusive “in molding” technology, with the best polystyrene cap, ensures the finest shock absorption.
  • MIT: MIT Technology, the patented feature of KASK helmets, is going to ensure complete protection. In the meantime, the polycarbonate layer wrapped the shell, the base ring, which guarantees a higher safety.
  • HiViz visibility: Even in extremely poor visibility conditions, this technology is gonna give maximum safety.
  • Eco-leather chinstrap: The Chin pad is not only comfortable, fights against irritation and an allergic. Most importantly, you can wash them whenever you feel dirty.

Safety Features Of Kask Cycling Helmets

Besides great technology like MIT, in moulding, Eco-leather chinstrap, there is another great thing for utmost safety.

Guess what?

Well, I am talking about EPS foam. This impact foam will save you from a major crash and hit. I mentioned earlier; the entire external surface area is wrapped up with the polycarbonate layer.

The bottom line?

No worry about safety. Don’t forget that this head shield got certified from CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063, and EN 1078. The overall design is so solid that you are at a safe hand. 


The price range can vary from 150 to 200 bucks. A bit pricey, but worth each and every penny. After all, safety comes first.

Flaws but Not Drawbacks

Lets me say this straight, Mojito X is not an aero helmet. Don’t keep any false hope. Another thing that irritates me, the sticker gets peeled off easily.

Some folks share that this fits really well to the head with round shape Asian.


Kask Mojito X Vs Mojito 16- What’s The Difference?

From the same product line, both come from the Italian helmet maker’s Kash. So it’s pretty obvious we might get confused between them what to choose.

No monder; there are enormous similarities between them like excellent ventilation, breathability, and low-density EVA paddling.

So what’s the difference? 

The core difference between two of them the gravel-oriented Kash mojito X peak designed with flexible removable visor which will prevent glare.

KASK Mojito Road Bike Helmet – Video


Kask Mojito (FAQs)

Does Kask Mojito have MIPS?

Answer: Well, unfortunately, no. You have to go for Kask Protone for this safety tech.

Are Kask helmets good?

Answer: For daily go to use, this mojito X is best. Pretty solid performance is breathable enough to wear for a longer period of time.

Where are Kask helmets made?

Answer: All kash helmets are exclusively from Italy. Kash is the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and fashion.




Safety comes first. So take it seriously. I was also reckless until I got an injury on the skull, luckily that wasn’t serious. But after that, I never go for cycling without a helmet. 

We are at the end of this Kask mojito bike helmet. The Kask mojito medium becomes my best friend on which I can blindly rely on for my safety. Give this a try: Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.

Safe and Happy cycling!

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