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Kask Mojito vs Proton – What’s The Difference Between Kask Mojito And Proton

Kask helmet is specially designed in Italy. It comes with lots of safety features.

The helmet is innovative and packed with lots of security features to ensure safe riding experience for the cyclists. It is hundred percent made in Italy.

Kask is a world-famous helmet for making Vertigo, Mojito and Protone helmet models.

Road cyclists use this helmet for going up and down in the country such as Tour winning Team Sky. Kask is famous for offering TT and track helmets named as the Bambino Pro.

All the helmets are stunning in design and found in various colors so that the users can chose their preferred cycle kit and bike.


The weight of the Mojito helmet is only 220 grams. It has 22 vents which keep my head cool same as Rapido. It remains low on the head.

Therefore you will feel that your head desires to over balance on 1 side. The similar pivot system is added with the Rapido on the Mojito. It pulls the helmet down onto the head for usual and comfortable fit.

Moreover, it comes with good padding. You can control it by an easy dial at the back of the helmet though this dial is designed with Italian colors.

Kask Mojito vs Proton Mojito

The straps strictly follow the rules of the industry where 2 different straps thread by an adjustable clip.

KASK moves ahead nicely by adding the spongy leather strap. It surely connects a comfortable element over the standard Nylon strap.

There is well padding inside the helmet. At first, this helmet was made for use on the road. Now people are using it for mountain biking. The helmet is comfortable more.

The design of the helmet fits well than the other helmets. I am much disappointed as I have a desire to get more elegance. It doesn’t affect the performance at all.

But I got this helmet is the bit less comfortable than the Proton that is shown below.

This model is well fit for the serious riders. It compromises with the budget of the riders. The helmet serves two purposes both on MTB and on the road.


I have seen many helmets. Amongst the last three, I have got that Protone is the best to me. This is for the appearance of the helmet.

Kask Mojito vs Proton Protone

It seems very gorgeous to me. I was waiting for such type of helmet for a long time on my head and out of the road.

The medium size, Protone is only 230 grams. When I wear it on my head it seems to me that there is nothing on my head. I found it is still there on some odd occasions.

The cage adjusted to the back is small. It has a manageable dial to tighten the adjustable pads on the right and left.

It the pulls the skull beneath to ensure protection. The configuration system of the helmet is well fitted and I feel more comfortable.

The padding system of the helmet is soft and sufficient. It also has much absorption to resist sweat streaming in your eyes.

This option is comparatively better than other helmets in the market. It is a professional helmet with lots of protection and safety features. It never compromises with the Italian design.

Riding experience is very wonderful. There is no noise around the vents. You will feel more aerodynamic if you get low on the drops.

What remains for me is the design of the chin strap around the ears. More than 90% helmets come with the dual Nylon strap.

The strap feedsthe  with an adjustor and constantly beneath the chin. It sometimes gets twisted and adjusts them finishing in rubbing beneath the ear.

There is a single strap of the Proton which runs front to the back around the bottom of the ear. It sits comfortably. The chin strap is the soft leather strap that develops the total comfort level.

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