Kask Mojito vs Proton – Finding Which is the Best

From Europe, Italy, to be exact, comes this fantastic bike kits manufacturing company, Kask!

Fans of cycling or participants of the fun-filled speed sport, at some point, craved for a Kask product. If you are, you will also be guilty of this feeling.

Their array of beautiful bikers kit is terrific. This article focuses on their bike helmets making arm.

Simply put, you are about to witness a review match, Kask Mojito VS Proton.


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Kask helmet is all Italian. Their first helmets are the Kask helmets protone, vertigo, and mojito. These helmets made Kask, the world-famous brand they are today.

For this review, we will be looking deep into the specificities of the Kask helmet protone and mojito.

What are Kask Protone and Kask Mojito?

These are two helmets born out of the skill of this Italian bikers kits makers. Kask overtime grew a reputation with its amazing products.

Kask helmet protone and mojito are both fantastic products with excellent features.

Kask demonstrates a high level of innovation in the making of these products. The helmets

come with every bit of security make up you need for a safe ride all through.

The construction of these two Kask Helmets parades equipment of safety and style in one piece.

Your security is sure with the product. The products also satisfy your style with the vast array of colors and designs these helmets come in.

You stand to enjoy a lot from these two protective products from Italian leading kits manufacturers, Kask. Little wonder, they are leading helmet brands out there in the market.

Kask Protone vs. Kask Mojito

Now that you know what exactly these two products are. Let us proceed to the crux of this article. Check out the matchup between these two amazing protective products. Kask mojito vs. proton!

Let us have a comparison between these two excellent products based on their features. Features-wise, what does each product have to offer?


We kick it off with the weight feature.

A medium-sized Kask helmet protone weighs 230g. That lightweight effect makes the helmet comfortable to use. The Kask helmet mojito weighs only 220g.

This weight comparison makes the mojito a lighter product and increases its usage ease.

Most users report that they have this helmet on them than the mask is off them.

The weight is a leading factor behind such usage bliss. The product comes with no heavy feeling at all.


We move on to the next part of this products’ features. The comfort each product has to offer.

The Kask helmet protone has an adjustable back cage with a dial. The dial makes it possible for you as a user to adjust the pads on both sides.

The pads themselves cover up all the space available to provide you with the exact soft cushioning you need. They are also easy to remove and easy to replace.

The padding system absorbs a lot. So much that there is no worry about having streams of sweat down your head while riding.

This product comes with a lot of professional protective features, as well as those of comfort.

One more thing is that you never have to worry about noise while riding. The vents of the Kask helmet protone never make noise. That is some jolly smooth ride all day.

The chinstrap of the Kask helmet protone runs around the ears. This design is unlike most helmets that come only with two-ways nylon strap.

The strap is equally adjustable, and it never goes lower than the chin. This soft chinstrap is a product of leather, and it adds to the helmet’s comfort.

The Mojito helmets, on the other hand, stays firm and close-up on your head throughout.

This helmet is firm and fits due to the pivot system it contains. This feature is shared only with the Rapido helmets.

The mojito helmet also comes with an excellent padding system. Its padding system is adjustable as well, using the dial attached to it. The dial has Italian colors on it.

The straps are also similar. They are dual chinstraps with a clip for adjustments when necessary. The chinstraps as well make it comfortable.


We begin with the aesthetic buildup of the Kask helmets protone.

The appearance of the helmet is an endearment. The appearance is a reason most users prefer to have the mask on them for a more extended period than usual.

The product is strict with Italian design. Hence, the build of the chin strap, the array of 17 different colors, and the compact look make it amazing.

The gorgeous look of this helmet and its sight of class makes it aesthetically a better option.

The shape of the helmet is like a beanie. This comparison is because the mask covers up the head entirely at the front and the back.

We move on next to the Kask Mojito helmets. This helmet also offers a wide variety of colors.

And it also fits well with its design. The mojito helmet, however, fits more on riders with more full heads.

Ventilation And Cooling

The Kask helmet protone comes with a very cooling ventilation system.

The helmet parade an aerodynamic ventilation shell. The vent of this helmet passed the Jaguar’s Wind Tunnel test.

The helmet design rids you of heat quickly and gets in it smoothly through its air vents.

The vents are active no matter the way the rider positions his head.

For the Mojito helmets, you enjoy cooling comfort from its 26 air cooling vents.

With the cooling vents spread around the helmet, air comes in through the front and heat, out through the back. Your hot days are over!

Relative Value

The Kask helmet protone comes with several optimum benefits. This helmet is a leading brand truly.

The helmet costs $249 to purchase. But, the quality of the product is worth every penny it costs.

The helm is a handmade Italian product, and it is from the best manufacturing products out there.

The product is tested and offers you comfort in its performance value.

The Kask Mojito is of great value. And it comes for a lesser price. It costs only $169.

The helmet, however, is of great value and quality that beats its price.

Kask Protone vs. Kask Mojito: Which is the Best?

These helmets both offer perfect protective comfort.

The Kask helmet protone offers updated protective technology, but it comes at a higher price. Kask Mojito is $80 less, but the design is a bit archaic.

Depending on your budget, Kask Mojito is an option at a lesser cost.

Yet, Kask helmet protone is the best among these two protective bikers’ kits. It offers you up to date design and protective technologies, which explains the price.

Kask Mojito X Bicycle Helmet
  • Eco-Leather Chinstrap
  • In Moulding Technology
  • Sanitized Treated Fabric

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Kask Protone Helmet, White, Medium
  • Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
  • Wind tunnel tested - the protone boasts the lowest drag co-efficient of any ventilated helmet available
  • All about fit - Kask octofit adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit

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Kask Valegro Vs Utopia Vs Protone Vs Mojito X comparison

Kask Mojito vs Proton FAQs

1. Is The Protone Helmet Leather Chin Strap Washable?

The chinstrap of the Kask helmets protone is not only adjustable. It is also easy to wash.

2. How Do I Escape Purchasing Fake Versions Of The Kask Helmet Protone?

Try out Alta Outfitters. They have verified seller of this product. They have direct links to Kask.

3. How Is Safe The Kask Mojito?

The protection is from topnotch MIT technology. Do not doubt the certainty of this product’s protective quality.

4. Does A Warranty cover any Of These Products?

None of the product has a warranty cover. But the quality is guaranteed. The number of Kask mojito reviews and Kask proton reviews prove this assertion.

5. Which Of This Product Fits My Bianchi Celeste 2018 Model?

Try out Kask Mojito. A user dropped a Kask proton review recently to attest to this fit.

Wrap Up

The Kask helmets are handmade safety products from Italy. They come from the best materials with diligence.

These helmets passed renowned tests. They also fit perfectly on your head with no weighty feel at all. The padding and the chin strap of the masks also add to the comfort they provide.

With a budget, the Kask Mojito is a preferable option. But with optimal, up to date quality, the Kask helmets proton is a top choice.

That is a wrap on this Kask Mojito VS Proton article. Make the best choice from here!




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