Kask Protone Review: A Quality Bike Helmet

Helmets are essential tools to ensure safety in riding or any activity that might lead to head injury. Cycling can be fun, but when you have to deal with accidents, it’s not always so fun anymore. You must always have your helmet while cycling. 


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kask is known for the production and design of helmets. The company has several experienced engineers and team members that have made them grow into the best in the market. They are known for excellence, safety, functionality, and unusual designs.

The following is an overview of the Kask protone helmet. It gives a full description of the product, the features, and its benefits. 

Kask Protone Review

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Kask was founded in 2004 and has since then improved to be one of the best in the market of helmet. They have a way of combining simple with perfect. The helmet is a combination of technical excellence and great design. 

Kask protone helmet comes in a lightweight material, and it is highly ventilated. It comes in a low-profile design that makes it fit your head perfectly. It remains on your head all through your cycling, no matter how much you turn it around. 

The helmet helps to maintain ventilation, and this makes it consistent throughout cycling. This helmet has a 3D padding that makes it comfortable on the head. The padding is removable and washable; this makes it clean and prevents odors. 

Kask helmet also comes with an octofit retention system that allows you to adjust the headband to any size you desire. You can as well adjust the height of the helmet with the help of the occipital pads that come with it. The headband has a rotary dial that makes adjusting easy and straightforward. 

The shell of the helmet allows for ventilation due to the wind tunnel aerodynamics technology. The helmet helps to produce good air outflow at all times and positions. The helmet also comes with a chinstrap that is washable and prevents skin irritation.

The helmet offers you a quiet and smooth ride even during windy days. 

Pros & Cons of Kask protone review


  • It comes in different beautiful colors that give you options to choose from 
  • The helmet provides enough ventilation on the head during cycling 
  • Doesn’t filter sweat and drips on sunglasses as most helmets do. 
  • Has a low drag coefficient that makes it comfortable on the head and not too heavy.


  • It is expensive, but it is worth the price



The helmet is carefully crafted and handmade in Italy with lightweight materials. The shell is so light that you do not feel any weight on your head. This makes it very comfortable. The low drag coefficient of the material used also allows the weight of the helmet to be evenly distributed on the head for optimum comfortability. 

Aero control

The shell has aerodynamics technology that is tested in the wind tunnel. It allows for inflow and outflow of air in any position. 

Dry padding

The helmet has a 3D dry padding that ensures comfortability. It makes the inside of the helmet smooth and soft on the head. The padding is also removable and washable. 

Chin pad and chin strap

Kask helmet comes with an adjustable and removable chinstrap that allows for comfort. You get to adjust the strap to your convenience. It also helps to prevent skin irritation. 

Solid frame

The shell is strong and solid. It remains stable even during a crash. This helps to ensure the safety of the head in case of an accident. 

Antibacterial treatment

The inner padding of the helmet is treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitizer. 

MIT technology

The helmet is combined with a polycarbonate shell on the outside and polyester pad on the inside. The polycarbonate frame protects the helmet from breaking into pieces during a crash. It also helps the helmet to be able to withstand a great shock. 

Kask Helmet

Why kask protone is different from the others

Kask protone helmet is one out of the many brands of helmets we have in the market today. However, it is quite different when compared to others. It possesses some features that make it unique as a brand. 

The padding

The helmet’s padding is of excellent quality, soft and very comfortable. The padding even comes in 3D, and this means it covers the entire helmet. 


The helmet provides adequate ventilation to the head during riding. The aerodynamics technology of the helmet is one of a kind. The helmet was tested in a wind tunnel and is proven to provide the right amount of hair needed for the head per time. 


Kask helmet has a way of fitting perfectly on various heads comfortably. The round shape makes it perfect for any form of the head the rider may have. 

The shell

The shell is much bigger than other brands. But this doesn’t make it heavier. The helmet is lightweight and provides both comfort and safety to the rider. 

How to choose the right helmet size

Choosing the right helmet might be tasking, considering the variety of helmets in the market. You want to go for comfortability, high quality, and excellent design, all in one package. The kask protone helmet is one that achieves that. To choose the right helmet size,

  • Put on the helmet for some minutes to know if it seats well on you. Check if it is too tight or falling off when you shake your head.
  • Be sure the helmet is not too heavy on your head. You don’t want something that will make you feel uncomfortable during riding. Some helmets come with lightweight material and still provide you the safety you need.
  • It is best to go for helmets with adjustable chin strap. This helps you to be able to adjust the headband even if it doesn’t fit well. The chin strap should not be too tight, though.
  • When you fasten the strap around your neck, it shouldn’t prevent movement of the neck. You should be able to turn your head and neck with ease. You shouldn’t go for helmets that would have tightened your neck to just one position.
  • You can use a tape rule to check the circumference of your head, so you know the perfect size to choose from. The size you’re choosing has to align with the circumference of your head.

Kask Protone Video Review

Kask protone(FAQs)

Is it compulsory to buy an aero helmet? 

An aero helmet makes you faster when cycling. It is best for all rides, but especially for long trips. 

Are there helmets size for children? 

Helmets come in different sizes, and there is quite a number available for children also. It is always good to make sure children are on a helmet while riding, even if it is a tricycle. 

Are some helmets safer than others? 

It is known that some helmets are safer and provides more protection than others. Some helmets protect against concussion.

How much do helmets protect the head during a.crash? 

Studies show that helmets reduce head injury during a crash. The number of people who suffer a head injury during a collision is more when they’re not putting on a helmet. 

Do helmets expire?

Helmets do not expire per se. But once the padding is destroyed, or the shell gets rust due to prolonged use, you can say the helmet has expired. And will, therefore, need to be changed. 

Do I have to wear anything under my helmet? 

It is recommended that you wear a scarf under your helmet. This is to allow for sweat absorption and also prevent the lines from the helmet from leaving a mark on your head. 

Does helmet cause baldness? 

Helmets help to protect your head. They can cause hair loss due to the constant pressing down of the hair. It is known that continuous wearing of a helmet can lead to the root strand losing their anchor to the scalp, making the hair fall off.

Final Thoughts

Kask protone helmet is proven and tested to be the best. Although they are new in the market, they have grown over the years and have improved the quality and aesthetics of their product. 

The helmet combines design, stability, and comfortability all in one. The 3D padding is top-notch and of good quality. It is soft and makes the helmet comfortable om the head. The aerodynamics provides adequate ventilation to the head during cycling.

The helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap and headband knob control. That makes it possible to adjust the helmet to your taste. It can also be adjusted vertically and horizontally due to octofit technology.