Kobalt Welding Helmet Reviews in 2022! Advanced Safety Features

When welding, a safety helmet is essential. You need a welding helmet to protect your eyes from UV rays that are emitted when welding. If you don’t wear a helmet, the UV rays can cause problems or your eyes. 

Welding helmets are auto-darkening. Hence, you don’t have to fix extra shade on the lens when using it. The helmets have sensors that increase or lower automatically depending on the type of welding process per time.


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Kobalt welding helmet has a way of combining quality with comfort. It is one of the best in the market of welding helmets. The following review will avail you of the opportunity to see the features of kobalt welding helmet and how to choose the best for you. 

Kobalt auto-darkening welding helmet

Last update on 2023-05-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

kobalt produces the best welding tools, and their helmet is not an exception. Kobalt welding helmet is the perfect welding helmet to protect your eyes during any welding job. Too much exposure of the eyes to radiations can cause arc eye and even more damage to the eyes. 

Welding can cause skin burns because emissions from the radiations can damage your skin. These and many more are reasons you need to use a welding helmet during welding. The auto-darkening feature of the kobalt helmet allows you to use the helmet alone without the need for shade. 

The auto-darkening helps to control the shade of light in the helmet. This is to shield the eyes from light emissions that are dangerous to the eyes. With the auto-darkening feature, welders can see through the helmet clearly, even when the shield is down. 

If you need to lower the steel or wire wheel any slag, you do not need to pull off the front screen of the helmet. The helmet comes with a LED light that gives you warming when your eyes are in danger of the radiations from welding.

The helmet also comes with mechanical knobs that allow for controlling and alteration. Kobalt helmets allow for continuous work, without the need to always adjust the helmet per time. The helmet is comfortable on the head. 


  • It comes with an auto-darkening feature that helps to change to dark mode settings during use.
  • The helmet is comfortable and of good quality.
  • It comes with time sensitivity delay


  • They do not have batteries. This makes them work faster, but when they break down, you have to replace them. 

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How to choose the right welding helmet?

It is essential to know the present and future needs when selecting a welding helmet. One feature any helmet must satisfy is safety and compliance. Any helmet you’re choosing needs to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard (for the USA), and other bodies according to the countries.

1. Type of lens 

This is one of the features to look out for in a welding helmet. There are two types of lenses; the passive one and the auto-darkening lens. The latter is more preferred due to their improved productivity and functionality. The auto-darkening lens allows the welder to see his working area clearly while working. 

It is not only the arc and gun that are important to see when welding, but the surrounding environment also has to be clear too. 

2. Real Color

Helmets with auto-darkening lenses allow a wide range of light to pass through them. This feature is known as a real color or true color. You should find out the state at which the true color of a welding helmet occurs before you purchase it. The inactive state of the true color is when the sensors cannot detect an arc, and this alters the use of the welding helmet. 

True color helps to reduce strain on the eyes. Staring for long at any blurry thing can cause headaches and eye strain. The true color effect shows the colors clearly, and this helps to solve the issue of eye strain and other health issues. 

3. Helmet shade 

This is another feature you have to look out for when choosing a welding helmet. You need to know the shade range you need. The helmet shade number shows the intensity of light that is allowed to pass through the helmet lens to the eyes. They range from 4-13. Shades 4-8 are for grinding and cutting, while 9-13 are for welding. 

The environment in which welding takes place also affects the shade range. If most of your weldings are carried out in areas of sunlight, you need to choose a welding helmet that supports the optical view. 

4. Ergonomics

The welding helmet has to be comfortable on the head. It shouldn’t be too heavy, so you don’t have to feel the strain on your neck. The helmet is to be designed in a way that distributes the weight across the surface, making it comfortable for the welder. Some helmets are lightweight and compact and still has impressive features. 

The shell of the helmet should be made of lightweight material and still be capable of protecting the welder. Grey helmets provide more comfort and productivity, as they have a way of reflecting heat from the welding process. 

5. Grind mode

If you know you won’t only be using the helmet for welding alone, you should go for ones that support grinding as well. Some welding helmets are made for that purpose alone – welding, while others can combine welding, grinding, and cutting. 

Auto Darking

  • Powered by battery powered or a combination of solar and battery
  • Once the lens Isn’t busy it’s resting color is generally #3 or #4 so you can quickly view
  • Makes beginning the arc simpler since you can see the position of the rod or gun
  • when the detectors see the arc that the lens darkens to a color ! • Eyes are constantly shielded • Forget about snapping your mind to Reduce the hood

Standard Glass

  • Lens is a set color You’ve to manually protect your eyes by nodding forwards therefore that the hood shuts down
  • Much more economical
  • Can Be Hard for novices to get used to
  • Due to the need to reverse the helmet welding is limited distances can be difficult
  • Will work 100 percent of the Moment

Why you need the welding helmet?

The above points suggest that welding helmets are still an essential item of security apparatus that welder uses. Welding helmets introduced in 1937, using a window covered with a filter to allow the welder to utilize.

The lens used from the window is usually manufactured from polarized lenses using varying density.

However, the constraints of the lenses are that they have been not able to offer enough filter for the UV radiations, not able to present enough darkening or occasionally it gets so dim that it blinds the consumer. Thus, to be able to overcome these problems, auto-darkening helmets had been released in 1981.

The window at the welding helmets was replaced with the digital LCD shutter in the auto-darkening helmets. The LCD camera includes sensors that sense the high level of light and supply car darkening on the grounds of the intensity.

Along with this many different attributes were presented as compared to the usual helmets, which is clarified below.  

Let me help to you

Confused yet? Do not be! Here are a Couple of tips for Assisting You to decide which helmet to select:

Brand Things- When it comes to your health and security why have a chance with a few off-brand inferior hoods? We review the maximum quality manufacturers, so you know that you are receiving the very best welding helmet to the wealth.

Follow a budget – Helmets fluctuate tremendously in price. Therefore, it is vital you understand how much you can invest. It’s easy to drop $500 to the very best welding helmet with the most recent technology, but if you are beginning, it is probably not required. Find out your needs, determine your budget and do not be tempted with of the whistles and bells.

Buy Online- I know understand, a site telling you to purchase online. But I am serious, many welding shops have prices with 1 or two brands and will attempt to sell you on these brands no matter if it’s in your very best interest or not.

Purchasing online is much better in every single way: it is cheaper because it is going right from the maker, you have more choices because every new brand can be obtained, and it arrives directly at your doorstep.

Search for extras- Some helmets have bonuses such as a carrying tote or substitute lens covers. Even though this should not be a deal breaker, be watching for hoods which include extra accessories. Who does not like free stuff?

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Kobalt Welding Helmet FAQs

1. Why is my auto-darkening helmet not working? 

If your auto-darkening filter is not working or shaky, it means you have to change the batteries. But if your helmet does not use a battery, then you have to replace the welding helmet. 

2. How do I know when my welding helmet is bad? 

When you begin to have a strain in your eyes while using the helmet, it is an indication that the helmet is bad. Your eyes start to have direct contact with intense light and cause headaches or blurry vision. You have to change your helmet at this point. 

3. Are auto-darkening helmets safe? 

Auto-darkening helmets are safe for the eyes. They help to prevent direct contact of the eyes to radiations emitted from welding. 

4. How often should I change my welding lens? 

Ideally, you should change your welding lens once a month. But the lens should be replaced when its visibility begins to decrease or when it is damaged. 

5. Do welding helmets expire? 

Welding helmets can rust, bend or break as you use it. But it depends on where you keep it or how old it is. 

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Final Thoughts

Welding helmets vary in different ways, but the Kobalt welding helmets are one of the best you can get in the market. 

The auto-darkening feature of the helmet makes it stand out from others. It helps to shield the eyes from intense radiations of light while welding. You do not have to use another shade with this feature.

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