Kobalt Welding Helmet Reviews

Welding helmets are a sort of headgear used while doing welding to safeguard you from damaging radiations emitted throughout the procedure; welding helmets protect your face, neck from the fire and flashes generated during the welding procedure

Kobalt Auto Darkening Gray Welding Helmet
  • Lens auto-darkens in 1/20,000th of a second
Kobalt Auto Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

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The ideal welding helmet is essential for the security of your eyes, as the harmful experience to radiations emitted can inflame your attention, which consequently causes arc eye.

The emissions emitted can also burn your face, which may result in loss of your eyesight. Welding may also result in skin burns because emissions emitted can also influence your skin.

It removes the requirement for a face guard whenever you need to lower steel, wire wheel any slag, or grind some other steel. In addition, I use this helmet at the grind manner for when I am cutting steel with a flashlight.

Additionally, when you are going to attack an arc, and you overlook your hood remains in grind mode, there's a red LED light which flashes when you are in grind style.

Therefore, if you glance before you hit an arc and see that light go off you only saved your eyes away from being flashed. It is merely a gorgeous feature. The controllers for the alteration are mechanical knobs that are nice in contrast to some of these digital push button helmets.


  • Auto-Darkening Variable Shade Hydrographic Welding Helmet Lightweight Structure 3.94-in x 2.36
  • Time Sensitivity Delay
  • Hard Hat Adaptor Capable

How to choose the best welding helmet?

Deciding on the ideal welding helmet may be a challenging task, but we are here to help. Prices range from under $100 to $500+ hence the quality and feature change from every helmet.

Typically, the more expensive hoods provide more features in a higher quality, but several the sub $100 helmets give the excellent price. Below you will find all you want to learn and what factors to remember while selecting a helmet.

Auto Darking

  • Powered by battery powered or a combination of solar and battery
  • Once the lens Isn't busy it's resting color is generally #3 or #4 so you can quickly view
  • Makes beginning the arc simpler since you can see the position of the rod or gun
  • when the detectors see the arc that the lens darkens to a color !
     • Eyes are constantly shielded
     • Forget about snapping your mind to Reduce the hood

Standard Glass

  • Lens is a set color You've to manually protect your eyes by nodding forwards therefore that the hood shuts down
  • Much more economical
  • Can Be Hard for novices to get used to
  • Due to the need to reverse the helmet welding is limited distances can be difficult
  • Will work 100 percent of the Moment

Why you need the best welding helmet?

The above points suggest that welding helmets are still an essential item of security apparatus that welder uses. Welding helmets introduced in 1937, using a window covered with a filter to allow the welder to utilize.

The lens used from the window is usually manufactured from polarized lenses using varying density.

However, the constraints of the lenses are that they have been not able to offer enough filter for the UV radiations, not able to present enough darkening or occasionally it gets so dim that it blinds the consumer. Thus, to be able to overcome these problems, auto-darkening helmets had been released in 1981.

The window at the welding helmets was replaced with the digital LCD shutter in the auto-darkening helmets. The LCD camera includes sensors that sense the high level of light and supply car darkening on the grounds of the intensity.

Along with this many different attributes were presented as compared to the usual helmets, which is clarified below.

Let me help to you

Confused yet? Do not be! Here are a Couple of tips for Assisting You to decide which helmet to select:

Brand Things- When it comes to your health and security why have a chance with a few off-brand inferior hoods? We review the maximum quality manufacturers, so you know that you are receiving the very best welding helmet to the wealth.

Follow a budget - Helmets fluctuate tremendously in price. Therefore, it is vital you understand how much you can invest. It's easy to drop $500 to the very best welding helmet with the most recent technology, but if you are beginning, it is probably not required. Find out your needs, determine your budget and do not be tempted with of the whistles and bells.

Buy Online- I know understand, a site telling you to purchase online. But I am serious, many welding shops have prices with 1 or two brands and will attempt to sell you on these brands no matter if it's in your very best interest or not.

Purchasing online is much better in every single way: it is cheaper because it is going right from the maker, you have more choices because every new brand can be obtained, and it arrives directly at your doorstep.

Search for extras- Some helmets have bonuses such as a carrying tote or substitute lens covers. Even though this should not be a deal breaker, be watching for hoods which include extra accessories. Who does not like free stuff?

Lowe's Kobalt Welding Helmet Unboxing

Final Thoughts

Welding helmets are essential to stop arc eye, a debilitating condition in which the cornea is very inflamed. The Welding helmets may also stop retina burns, which may result in a loss of eyesight.

Both states are brought on by unprotected exposure to the highly concentrated infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted from the welding arc. Ultraviolet emissions in the welding arc may also damage discovered skin, resulting in a sunburn-like requirement in a comparatively brief period of welding.

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