Lincoln Viking 3350 4c Review: Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you are a welder, then you know the importance of having a headgear that offers maximum safety. Often, we give more attention to working accessories like gloves, jackets, boots, and other safety accessories than helmets.

As a welder, it is paramount to go for a helmet that offers maximum protection from the UV rays that emit while working as they can result in severe eye damage.


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However, it is challenging to get a helmet that offers top quality with numerous options in the market. This is why we have made a concise Lincoln Viking 3350 4C review to help you in your search for a quality helmet.

The Lincoln 3350 helmet offers some outstanding features from other helmets and provides a more quality and advanced welding option.

Lincoln Viking 3350 4c Review

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 All American, Auto Darkening welding helmet

There are a lot of auto-darkening welding helmets in the market, but none is close to the outstanding performance characterized by the Viking 3350 helmet.

This auto-darkening welding helmet features an advanced 4c lens technology that gives a clear view of your welding puddle. The crystal view it creates will provide you with a clear sight of your work, thus helping to increase your work quality without compromising any form of eye strain.

The helmet offers a blend of comfort, productivity, and optics with its contours that gives a perfect fit to the head. It is also evenly distributing weight, thus preventing head pressure and ensuring you get an optimum satisfaction.

No need to stress yourself over switching the helmet mode as it features an external grind button that enables you to switch to the grinding mode in a jiffy. Additionally, the helmet comes with an optical clarity of 1/1/1/1, which beats the performance of other conventional lenses by reducing blurriness while ensuring a clear view, brightness, and angle performance.

The helmet will also increase your welding experience by offering a large viewing area of 9.32 inches, which makes it one of the headgears with the largest viewing area in the market.

In addition to the lightweight features, this headgear is simple to adjust to the front or back to ensure optimum fit. Also, the headband has rotational features to ensure maximum positioning.

The Lincoln Viking headgear also has a longer battery life with its CR 2450 battery. The device uses solar cells and batteries. So, your helmet will hardly run out. The headgear is also compatible with a hard hat and cheater lens.

Pros & Cons of Lincoln Viking 3350 4c


  • It is versatile – The helmet is suitable for various types of welding such as TIG and MIG. It is also ideal for grinding.
  • Fast Switch time – The helmet will give you a memorable experience as it switches in microseconds to ensure safety from eye strain. Also, it features for easy switching in times of obstruction.
  • More productive work – The helmet has an easily adjustable button for fast switching between grinding and welding mode. Thus, ensuring you have a more productive and convenient working experience.
  • Better viewing option – The large viewing area of the helmet will help you view your work from any angle. It also has a high optical rating for a more precise and crystal view.


  • The helmet is relatively expensive, but it’s worth every penny considering the advantages and functionality it brings.

Features of Lincoln Helmet

Lincoln Viking 3350 4C has some outstanding qualities to give every welder a memorable welding experience.


 Lincoln Electric helmet

The helmet will give welders a more productive and convenient welding option as it enables them to switch between welding and grinding options in as little as 3 seconds with just a button. Thus, giving the welder more hands to carry out their job effectively.

Large Lens

The helmet offers a more crystal clear optics with its 4C lens technology rated 1/1/1/1. It reduces the green tint that causes blurry vision, which is associated with other welding helmets and gives an exact color of the arc and puddle.

Additionally, it also offers a large viewing area to ensure maximum productivity and favorable view. The Viking 3350 welding helmet also provides a consistent view of your welding job despite your working angle.


The ventilated welding helmet also comes with lightweight features for working long hours. Its improved X6 features that offer any easy to adjust forward and backward to provide maximum comfort. Form-fitting top head support to ensure even weight distribution, thus reducing single point impact.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

The helmet also provides a snug and comfortable fit; conversely, it also has a padded and rotatable headband for additional positioning.

Additional Accessories

All Viking helmets also come with a bandana, sticker sheet, five outside lenses, and five inside lenses for longer lasting usage and comfort.

3-years Warranty

The helmet’s three years warranty will give you more lasting assurance and protect your purchase. However, warranty commences from your date of purchase.

What to consider when buying a welding helmet

There are various factors to look out for before buying a welding helmet as welding helmets have similar looks but function in different ways. However, here are some factors to put into consideration.


When buying a helmet, you do not want to go for heavy ones. The weight of the headgear you are purchasing is a significant factor to consider. In essence, you wouldn’t want to buy a helmet that will affect your neck or cause a painful sensation around your neck region after working for a couple of hours.

Your comfort is worth considering in this case, so buy a lightweight helmet that has a well-padded interior that fits comfortably in your head. A loose helmet will distract you when working as they will keep moving and need to be adjusted.

One of the outstanding features we discussed in the Lincoln Viking 3350 4c reviews is its very comfortable feel when using it for even more extended periods.

Optical Lens

The optical lens of the helmet is what gives clarity and vision. It is evaluated using either three numbers in four sets, with the highest being 1.

Lincoln helmet

However, the best optical rating is 1/1/1/1. This feature is found in the Viking 3350 4c helmet, making it one of the distinct from other welding helmets. With this visual rating, the helmet offers welders with a blur-free work view.

Viewing Area

Another vital factor to check is the viewing area. An excellent helmet should have a large viewing area of about 2 inches or more. Large viewing area makes the work easier for you as it helps you to cover a large working field even when working in a tight space. It also reduces the process of always adjusting your body to get an excellent view.

Arc Sensors

The sensor is also another essential factor to consider when choosing a welding helmet. The helmet’s sensor is what detects light and activates the dark mode when you start working. The best type of helmet sensor to go for is those that trigger in microseconds. Also, it is best to buy helmets with about three to four sensors as they minimize the risk of sensor activation when working with irons that are obstructed by pipes, etc.

Helmet Power Source

Welding helmets are usually powered by either solar, batteries, or a combination of both. However, it is better to buy those that are powered by both to ensure a more lasting power source as one source can affect your work. So, you can recharge it when it’s not in use.

Also, you can choose a helmet with replaceable batteries for easy replacement when damaged. Most helmets like the Lincoln Viking 3350 4c also offer automatic off functions for more battery saving ability.

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Lincoln Viking 3350 4c Review(FAQs)

How do I adjust the helmet?

The helmet has an easy dial button situated on the inside of the hood that helps to make fine adjustments. The device adjustable analog interface is also faster and easier to use than most welding helmets.

How many arc sensors does the Viking welding helmet 3350 have?

The helmet contains four sensors, which makes it one of the best, advanced options to buy.

Can I replace my Viking helmet battery?

Yes. The helmet comes with a CR2450 battery that can be replaced when it’s damaged. 

How fast does the helmet switch light?

The Lincoln welding helmet comes with a switch time of 1/25000 seconds; therefore, it adjusts instantly to guard your eyes against the light.

Does the helmet come with auto on features?

The Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet comes with auto on features as well as auto-off timer settings for maximum comfort and control.

Final Thoughts

Lincoln is one of the top helmet brands when it comes to producing high-quality helmets. The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C review shows some of the top features of the headgear as it offers adjustable, quality, and durability options.

Also, the performance of the helmet cannot be neglected as it provides clear vision, smoothly adjustable functions, and long-lasting battery life.

However, if you are a welder that wants a shift from the regular welding helmet without breaking your pocket, then you should consider the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C auto-darkening welding helmet.

The helmet will help you get your job done comfortably even when working for long hours.