How to Lock Your Helmet to Your Motorcycle! Things You Should Know to Protect Your Helmet

After two weeks of buying our new motorcycle and helmet, the day comes when you are carrying the helmet into the grocery shop or flopping it down on the restaurant table, declaring the world that this is my bike and I am the real deal.

Nobody will see you, and I am a real deal. Nobody sees you, and the helmet is not turning your heads.


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The thrill of the helmet has gone, and you would like to know what do you like to get with the helmet if you keep your bike unattended the grocery store, at the cinema and the swap meet.

The first solution is to take expensive, new and shiny helmet for you if you do like take the bike.

After lugging the helmet for a couple of hours, you would like to have a more practical solution.

You have seen many bikes parked in different places with the helmet may be sitting on the seat or hanging it from the handlebars.

Good, the problem is solved. Keep your helmet on the bike and keep faith in human nature it may be there if you return.

We know well that no one would like to steal a used helmet as savvy riders do not have faith in the skull to a helmet with unconscious history.

It may be the lining has cracked inside or been dropped, ensures dangerous if you need it most.

So, no savvy riders, as well as others, have no idea about cracked liner theory. It is expensive and shiny, looks cool and has no street sale value; it would look good hanging on the wall. Therefore it is at risk.

If you fail to part with the helmet, buy a backpack which would hold your helmet, keep the hands free to enjoy the swap meet.

You will get three ways to secure helmet on your head: install the lock of the helmet or utilize the security cable, back part or carry it with you. See the backpacks.

LOCKING Helmet to bike WITHOUT helmet lock

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