LS2 Helmet Review: Should You Buy or Not To Buy

A helmet is essential if you are a bike lover or rider as it protects you from any head damage or crash. However, if you seldomly ride on the two-wheel automobile, then you may be thinking of getting a less expensive and lower quality helmet. It is, on the contrary, as it is rather unwise to compromise one's safety and convenience for the lack of trying to save cost.

Thankfully, there is a way to mix both comfort, quality, and affordability, and this is what LS2 motorcycle helmets bring into the market.

The company is recognized and well vast in the production of quality motorcycle helmets. They have years of experience and have a unique touch of comfort and functionality for their customers.

The LS2 helmet has some amazing stand-out features which we will be discussing in this guide. And in the LS2 helmet review, you will get top information about the product and how to get the best purchase.

LS2 Helmet Review

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LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet (Matte Black - Large)

If you are a motorcycle lover or biker that loves a blend of quality, functionality, and value, then you should consider buying this helmet.

The LS2 motorcycle helmet offers the standard features expected from a top-quality helmet with its high-performance HPTT polycarbonate alloy shell. The shell provides maximum safety and protects you from substantial impacts. The headgear is also aerodynamically designed to withstand high speed and keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your riding journey.

Its lightweight build makes it compatible for long rides, thus preventing you from neck strain. Also, the LS2 stream helmet is built-in with high technical comfort inner paddings and cheek pads to provide stability and perfect fit. without compromising any form of hotspots. Beyond that, the inner liners are also detachable and washable for a fresh and convenient ride.

The LS2 modular helmet has a comfortable release chin strap for more swift and fast helmet removal and an easy push-button, which makes swapping the shields a breeze.

It also has a dark built-in visor to protect your eyes from the sun, thus granting you maximum sight. Inclusively, the face shield provides extra ventilation through its channeled EP lining and rear exhaust vents for expelling hot air. The helmet is also DOT, and FMVSS approved for more safety assurance.

Pros & Cons of LS2 Helmet


  • Very comfortable- The lightweight shell of the LS2 helmet and channeled EPS lining will increase your comfort and prevent any form of head strain.
  • Strong and durable- It's HPTT polycarbonate alloy shell built will protect your head from substantial road impacts.
  • Easy to use- The easy flip visor swapping button enhances its usage. Also, the quick release chin strap makes it easy to wear and remove the headshield.
  • Multiple functions- The helmet has a drop-down sun visor to protect you from UV rays. It makes the mask an excellent fit for riding on sunny days.


  • The cheek pads may cause the helmet to become tighter on the side. However, with frequent use, it will feel just right, especially if you bought the right size.

Features of LS2 helmet

Twin Shield System

The dual shield and face shield visors are available only in high-quality helmets like the LS2 Valliant motorcycle helmet. So, instead of manually changing your visor, the LS2 stream built will enable you to drop down the sun shield by merely pressing a button. However, it takes as short as 10 seconds to swap shields.

Additionally, the shields are optically correct and come with a pin lock system.


The LS2 helmet comes with a well-ventilated system that will make you not feel stuffy even on a hot day.

It has both top and chin vents that provide you with adequate air supply with its well-channeled EPS system. Most LS2 helmets also have a rear exhaust vent, which helps to push away hot air to give you a refreshing and comforting feel. The headgear is perfect to wear in sunny conditions.

Comfortable Inner Linings

All LS2 helmets come with some comfortable linings that make wearing it for a longer time possible.

They have cheek pads that enhance natural ventilation even when riding at high speed. The cheek pads position is in such a way that it fits right to the contours of your face.

The ventilated hypoallergenic inner liner also helps you avoid any stinky helmet sweat smell. The inner liner is also washable with the hand. The inner fabric also has a breath deflector and magma technology that helps to reduce wind noise as you ride.

Fog and Scratch-Resistant Shield

While other helmets have only UV rays resistant shields, LS2 helmet enhances your entire riding experience by providing anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV-resistant shields.

Quick Release Strap

The helmet comes with a quick-release chin strap technology, which makes it fit the head and offers adequate protection. Thus, making it easy to put on and remove helmets.


All LS2 helmets are made with multi-density EPS material to enhance safety and absorb shock during crashes. Also, they have neck roll supporters to protect your neck when riding at high speed.

DOT and ECE Approval

All LS2 helmets have DOT and ECE approval, which makes them an ideal choice for every type of rider.

Quality of LS2 helmet

LS2 helmets are one of the helmet companies in the world that offer a combination of both class, confidence, and comfort. Their variety in choices and ability to meet every need and request of their customers have made them outstanding. However, with decades of operations, the company has become one of the most reviewed products with millions of satisfied and five-star customer reviews.

LS2 Helmet Review - Video

LS2 Helmet (FAQs)

Who made the LS2 helmet?


LS2 is made by LS2 company, which was founded by Arthur Liao in the 1990s.


Where is the best place to buy this helmet?


You can find the original LS2 stream helmet at our recommended Amazon store. There are lots of counterfeit products in the market.


Is a helmet that has undergone an accident safe?


LS2 helmets are made to withstand high impact. However, the little impact may affect the integrity and ability to ensure maximum protection of the rider. These damages can be minute to the user, except an expert observes it.


So, it is advised to replace helmets that have undergone any form of a minor accident as they are considered unsafe.


How should a helmet fit?


Wearing the right helmet is essential. It is not advised to purchase one that is too tight, which may lead to head strains or headaches. Or one that is bogus as it will not offer full protection during impacts and may slide off or to one side of the head when driving.


However, the right helmet fits somewhere between as it will snug close to your face but without any head strain.


How should I clean my helmet?


Cleaning the helmet is quite easy, and you can start by cleaning the inner lining. However, some helmets come with detachable inner linings that can be hand washed with a mild soap. Meanwhile, some other helmet inner lining is machine washable. Whichever way, after washing, sundry.


For helmets with a fixed interior, watch it using a moist sponge and warm soapy water. Then clean out the soap using a damp sponge. Allow it to dry by sun-drying it upside down where the remaining water will drain out through the vents.

Do not place the inner linings close to a stove or other direct heating appliances as it may damage the material.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, the LS2 company offers more features than other modular helmet competitors as they provide more lightweight, safe and noiseless helmets.

The LS2 helmet review has revealed more of the fantastic features of the product. It is not just for its high performance; the reliability and affordable price is an added advantage.

So, if you require a high-valued helmet on a budget, then you should consider this helmet because it's worth it.