More than 80% of crashes leave injury or death for the riders or users of motorcyclists for not wearing a helmet. The death of a motorcyclist is sixteen times greater than the death of an automobile driver.

Wearing a helmet reduces the possibility of happening accidents one-third about 20%. Wearing a helmet is a must for the passengers or used to prevent head injuries or lessening head of the passengers or for the drivers.

Half of the accident occurs when a car poll before a bike in the traffic. The accident happens though the speed is very low, having special impact velocity, above all skidding or barking, below the speed 40 kmph.

True crash motions are slow, may not damage it. It is serious and fatal crashes. Most of the crashes occur near to home. The then biggest crashes occur at night, maybe on a week or at higher speed.

They have a close association with alcohol, may take place if a rider goes off the terrain alone. These two groups of crash account for 75% of severe crashes.

The accidents are most afraid; we like to buy the helmet for crashing with using high speeds. There are some hurt reports of the helmet. Outsports riding is very uncommon.

A serious injury happens when a rider falls off from his bike or hits his head on the flat road surface.

The energy is equal to the height he falls from or for his forward speed ahead. Though you go faster, your helmet would not break by the harder hit.

90% of the head impact is same or less than the force in a 2.2 m drop. 99 percent of the impacts are at or under the energy of a 3.3 m drop.


This type of hot plastic can be molded if you have the shell of a true helmet. Polycarbonate shell or a type of soft plastic is used to make the thermoplastic shell of the helmet.

This does not mean that the helmet is safer. You need to add more padding to make it comfortable as well as safer.


One thing is for fiberglass is that it is difficult to make. Fibers have to undergo a process for several times before you give the molded shape that is to use.

The helmet will be light in weight if it reaches to the desired shape and they are very sensitive. If it drops from your head, it will break down.

Fiberglass Shells

You need to put fiber cloth within a mold, add resin and then heat it all to a billion levels.

In the conclusion of this, you have a shell which is more difficult and more lightweight compared to vinyl. Additionally, it has a fantastic effect versatility, which spreads the power across a broader field of EPS foam. Fiberglass is very brittle and susceptible to breaking. Therefore, you are going to need to be careful not to fall one of those helmets. But a crackling helmet is perfect at a crash since the casing will absorb much of the drive before the foam coating even comes in to play. So fiberglass helmets do not need as much foam cushioning, which makes them lighter and smaller than pliers.

Advanced Fiberglass Shells

These are much like fiberglass shells. But they are created from advanced fibers which have been mixed with a resin another substance. So, there is often no requirement for multiple layering measures. The production procedure is consequently simplified, which ends in a perfect material equilibrium. The outcome is a helmet with all the same security features as routine fiberglass, at roughly 80 percent the weigh.

Kevlar and Carbon Composite Shells 

Even if you don’t intend on getting shot in mind, then a Kevlar shell has a few different advantages. The practice is the same as fiberglass, however, rather than using fiber fabric or Aramid, producers utilize Kevlar. And because Kevlar is hella powerful, you do not have to employ because many fibers to attain the same outcome.

See the term composite? It is there since Kevlar that has fantastic tensile strength type of blows concerning compression power. So, helmets consistently combine Kevlar with another stuff to compensate for its shortcomings. Most often, you will see carbon fiber filling this job. Carbon fiber is super lightweight and strong. Additionally, it is incredibly costly, but because Kevlar is not cheap to start with, who cares? The outcome is a top-notch shell, which averts the security criteria of fiberglass and plastic helmets with not as many dimensions and weight.

The critical issue to consider is that advanced stuff doesn’t imply advanced security; a plastic lid may be equally as secure as a few space-aged helmets. The distinction is the synthetic version utilizes more weight and volume to reach precisely the very same outcomes. If you are going down, then there will not be much difference between both.

Interior Lining

Interior Lining

In the meantime, you have gathered much information about the shells of the helmet. The next things you have to consider is the interior lining which you are going to use. Below, there are some best types of linings that you can use inside the helmet.

EPS (Polystyrene Foam)

It is a kind of foam that is firm and stiff. Moreover, it is very comfortable. You need to stop the effect of an impact; this may do well. It can absorb the strong force and attempt to make energy so that the head would not feel it.

Multiple EPS

Some motorcycle helmets use one layer of polystyrene foam, a supertype of helmet use more layers of polystyrene foam to build safer helmet to use it especially as the helmet is being used.

We need to remember that the polystyrene foam needs to be replaced in different places for the helmet as it would not be much effective to make sure that it would save you at the time of using it.

Materials in a Motorcycle Helmet

Some people don’t like to use the helmet at all. They think that it is very hard for them to use a helmet. These people are also not aware of the safety of the helmets.

So they don’t use the helmet. But it is true that this is the only safety gear for your head at the time of riding a bike.

Keep in mind that motorcycle helmets are very important things at the time of driving a bike. There are various parts of a helmet to keep you protected as much as it can.

According to the reports, there are many causes for which people face death.

The main cause of death of motorcycle accident is the riders fail to protect the heads with the use of the helmet.

Usually, there are many undesired obstructions on the road. You may face any accident unexpectedly. Only hitting the pavement may bring serious injuries.

Sometimes this may lead death. If you don’t like to face this situation, it would be better for you to use a right helmet for your safety.

If you know about the helmet well, you can choose the right helmet for your need. Lots of materials are using to make a helmet. You must have genuine knowledge of materials of the helmet.

Here you will get some of the possible materials for making a right helmet. You can go through them to know more about a right helmet.

What Motorcycle Helmets are Made Of

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