How To Measure Head Size For Motorcycle Helmet Awesome Guide

The goal of a helmet is to keep your head safe from any accident. It ensures the safety of your head. To lessen injury or ensure better protection you need to select a helmet which is a comfortable fit. A bad fitting helmet cannot ensure the safety if the chin strap is done up.

Getting the right fit

Before you desire to buy a helmet, you must know the accurate size of your head. If you know the exact size, you are then able to buy the best fitting helmet for you. Here is a great way to get the actual size of the helmet for a comfortable fit:

Your head size plus your head shape equal to comfortable fit

The best motorcycle fit is to find the definite motorcycle helmet

Head Shape

Around here, we do not want to use the expression “fat head” On the contrary, it is a matter of round, rectangular, and everything in between.

Your mind contour is best detected by looking downwards on very top of your head. This is not a view that some people are accustomed to. With a handheld mirror along with a hanging mirror, then you can find a fantastic look all on your own. Following a tremendous part of mocking and laughter, they ought to be able to let you know exactly what form your noggin is.

Oval heads are skinny and long from front to rear. Typical heads continue to be oval shaped however to a lesser level. In the end, you will find around heads, which can be approximately as broad as they’re long.

Most major businesses have graphs, which reveal where their helmet versions lie on the oblong to round spectrum. If you currently have a design in your mind, googling it will immediately let you know that the mind shape it was constructed for.

Head Size 

For every helmet on the site, you will get a graph that matches helmet dimensions to go circumference. Measuring this is not difficult to accomplish, and therefore don’t just assume!

If you do not own one, ask some of the girls in your own life they tend to have these sorts of things. If this fails, then wrap a string around your head, then mark the point at which it covers all the ways round, then lay the series flat to quantify it.

You would like to measure your head circumference at the most significant point. That is generally around eyebrow degree. As soon as you’ve got a number, consult the sizing chart and determine where your lineup. For metrics such as us, you might need to convert to inches.

In such scenarios, our amazing customers are kind enough to inform us. Verify the comments and merchandise description for your helmet in question to find out whether this is how it is.

How to take exact measurement of your head size

You have to take a small metal tape or cloth tape to be confirmed by the measurement. If you can, take the accurate measurement of someone who helps you.

  • Measure the fullest part of your head above the ears; take the measurement of the forehead.
  • The area of the head must be measured at a point about one inch above the eyebrows or to the largest possible measurement.
  • See the size chart well
  • An example of the motorcycle helmet size chart

Important Tips

Various brands make various types of helmets which have a various sizing chart for two brands have the similar L helmet. Sizing fit can be different for shell size and cheek pad and thickness of interior padding. The superb motorcycle helmet fit is to attempt the real helmet product.

The measurement of helmet size may correspond to a certain size in the model range you have the interest. It is a good point if you like to buy a helmet of best brand and model.

Know Your Head Shape

How To Measure Head Size For Motorcycle Helmet

Though there are lots of sizes and shapes of human heads, most of all fall into the two basic categories:

  • very narrow, ‘long oval’ head appearances
  • very wide ’round’ earth head shapes

Some people have the combination of these two categories. The combination of these two shapes has an infinite number of variations.

Luckily many helmets are manufactured with interior shapes which roughly match these round and oval shaped head categories.

Different Head Shapes

Here you will get the exaggerated shape of human heads that is viewed from different angles of the head.


It is understood as long oval which is the general shape of heads


The round shape is wider in the middle nearly about the temples


Wide to the top and narrow at the bottom.

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