How To Measure Your Head Size For a Motorcycle Helmet

A famous saying goes thus; ‘who the crown fit, let him wear it.’ This correctly applies to the helmet for motorcycles too. Lots of bikers often face the dilemma of choosing the best helmet for them. Their predicament is based on different factors such as what color the helmet will be, what kind of headset device they will get for it, and, most importantly, the size of the helmet itself.

As a bike rider, imagine if you had a helmet that could barely size you; it’d be frustrating, right? This is why it is vital to get the correct measurement of your head for the helmet you are going to get.

The Importance of the Right Hat Size

The hat size is crucial in selecting one’s helmet because of one’s safety. I’m sure you’re wondering why right? It is because it could be fatal to be riding with a helmet that does not fit your head and is barring your line of vision. Therefore, it is advised to get the right hat size when choosing the helmet to buy.

How to Measure your head?

It cannot be overemphasized that the purpose of ensuring that the helmet is the right fit for the head is to prevent fatalities in case accidents occur. By this, before one gets a helmet, it is vital to get the correct measurement of one’s head. In measuring one’s head, one has to weigh the head with a tape or a cloth tape. After measuring the head, one should take the measurements down by writing it in a book to aid remembrance. When measuring your head, these are the steps to follow:

  • Begin by measuring the part of your head above your ears.
  • The Fringe of your head should be measured one inch above your eyebrows.

Asides this, it is also instructive to note that you must know the shape of your head. All humans have different head shapes, and they play a crucial role in determining the kind of helmet to buy. Some head shapes could be oval, round, or seem egg-like. For instance, oval heads are lean and long from front to the back; round heads are more extensive in the mid-region, while egg-like heads are comprehensive to the top and thin at the bottom. Well, most of those that sell helmets have graphs that show the type of helmets they have depending on the head shape of the customer.

After measuring your head and knowing the shape of your head, amongst other things, the next thing to do is to try the helmet on. It is recommended that the helmet should be balanced on the head and should not shift when one rolls the head. If your helmet shifts when you wear it, then it is too big for you. In that case, you might need to go for another helmet or ensure that extra padding is added to the one given to you.

Most times, riders do not know the position which the helmet must lay before it can be termed to fit their heads properly. To ascertain that one’s helmet fits well, it must be above one’s eyebrows, and the back of the helmet must not trace the nape of one’s neck. Also, the chin fastening should fit but should not be tight. It is recommended that after fastening the straps, one should roll one’s head in the helmet; if one’s forehead moves a little bit, the helmet is the perfect fit.

Furthermore, one must also check the brim of the helmet. It must be ensured that the brim on the front does not sit two inches above one’s eyebrows. If it does, it could hinder one’s line of vision. In such an instance, it is recommended that one drops it and try another one.

Apart from all mentioned above, you must know the kind of helmet you want to get. This is because all helmets are made in unique manners and for different purposes. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to buy  a helmet meant to be used for a BMX bike for a mountain bike.

How to take exact measurement of your head size

You have to take a small metal tape or cloth tape to be confirmed by the measurement. If you can, take the accurate measurement of someone who helps you.

  • Measure the fullest part of your head above the ears; take the measurement of the forehead.
  • The area of the head must be measured at a point about one inch above the eyebrows or to the largest possible measurement.
  • See the size chart well
  • An example of the motorcycle helmet size chart

Important Tips

Various brands make various types of helmets which have a various sizing chart for two brands have the similar L helmet. Sizing fit can be different for shell size and cheek pad and thickness of interior padding. The superb motorcycle helmet fit is to attempt the real helmet product.

The measurement of helmet size may correspond to a certain size in the model range you have the interest. It is a good point if you like to buy a helmet of best brand and model.

Different Head Shapes

Here you will get the exaggerated shape of human heads that is viewed from different angles of the head.


It is understood as long oval which is the general shape of heads


The round shape is wider in the middle nearly about the temples


Wide to the top and narrow at the bottom.

How to Measure Your Head For The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet

How To Measure Head Size FAQs

Where can I get a helmet from?

You can get a helmet from bicycle shops and toy stores. Some of the toy stores offer discounts on some of the helmets. However, ensure that the helmet you get adheres to the safety guidelines of ANSI.

How can I make bike riding easy for myself?

Using a helmet is one of the veritable ways of ensuring that you are safe on the bike. Also, it cannot be overemphasized that your helmet must follow the safety standards as set by the American National Standards Institute.

Is it safe to use a helmet after a crash?

No. it is not safe to use a helmet after it has been involved in a crash. This is because it is possible that the polystyrene liner therein has been crushed. The best thing is to discard it immediately.

My son rides a bike and does not wear a helmet, how can I make him wear one?

Wow! Ask your son if he knows what could happen to him if he has an accident without using his helmet. Also, you could do well to buy a helmet for him and coax him into wearing it whenever he is going out.

Can a motorcycle helmet protect me from injuries in other sports?

Motorcycle helmets are made specifically for motorcycles. Therefore, it would be unwise to use a motorcycle helmet for another sport.

Final Words and Recommendations

Riding a bike should be a fun and adventurous experience. However, it could be marred if one does not adhere to the safety rules, one of which is to use the helmet that is the best fit for one.

Therefore, it is recommended that one should get a helmet that fits one’s head perfectly to mitigate fatalities that might occur due to accidents. 

Finally, although helmets are meant to protect you from deaths, ensure that you avoid anything that could cause disasters such as over speeding, amongst other things.


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