The IV2 Metallic helmet is a good helmet for the people who have an insufficient budget. This helmet has two exchangeable visors. Its design is very simple and makes it very ideal for all riders.


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All are made from ABS plastic composite shell. Like the previous products of the list, the product is affordable. Modular helmet is designed with keeping Bluetooth method keeping in mind.

Bluetooth is a ready device at present.  This option is sold separately. One can install it without facing any problem. This helmet is nice.

If you compare it with other models, you will face difficulties to install the system. iv2 is found with ten different patterns and colors. Finally, it comes with the anti-fog visor that is resistant to scratches.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

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  • This helmet is well matched through a Bluetooth device by the 3rd party Bluetooth units. So make contact with your Bluetooth device provider to know more details.
  • Functionality, easy open air vents design for last. Quick access provides maximum circulation
  • Fulfills and overcomes DOT demands (FMVSS.218)
  • Single push button flips up feature. Flip up modular allows instant conversation from full face to open face within seconds
  • ABS thermal plastic composite shell, Fiber reinforced along with EPS Impact Foam
  • Construction is lightweight
  • Finish is UV protective
  • Washable and removable finish

Pros & Cons of Metallic Wine Motorcycle Helmet


  • Relaxed
  • Ventilation system provide enough flow of air
  • Impact absorption padding inner liner which gives additional protection
  • Simple one press button which comes with a flip-up function
  • Eagle eyes vents are functional and durable
  • Bluetooth ready with simple installation pre-engineered


  • High prices but affordable considering the quality product
  • Chin straps should be lengthened
  • Demands more ventilation ports to make the better flow of air

What’s Consider Before Going to Buy Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

There remain many features with the Shoei Neotech helmets for your benefits. It is made in such a way that it ensures enough safety to save you from a bad fall.

  • Beautiful and functional design –It has a wonderfully sleek design. This design is made for making lightweight and aerodynamic. Therefore you may use it for a long time tour without feeling stressed by the helmet.
  • Easy handling –It is thought that the helmet is most progressive flip-up helmet at present. It has a large lock release button for convenient handling with wearing gloves.
  • Improved design for added safety –In this design, there is a taller field of vision. So one can effortlessly glide through traffic. There is internal sun shield which saves your eyes from the scorch rays of the sun. Moreover, it reduces wind noise. The inner shield protects the user from 99 % of harmful rays. Additionally, the inner shield is 3D injection molded and has a smooth locatable switch.
  • Easy to clean –The lining is made from breathable fabric, and it is soft for a comfortable fit. Moreover, the structure reduces sweating. One can quickly remove the linking for usual cleaning.
  • Comfortable adjustable –The face shield and the lightweight chin bar rotate precisely and smoothly on a single axis point.

Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet User Guide

Helmet is a safety thing for your life. You must use a helmet all times during your tours. Along with this, you need to keep the screen down when you are doing high speed.

It ensures your face and head save in case of a sudden crash. A rider can use the flip of a switch to lower and lift the outer shield of the helmet during slow moving traffic.

Additionally, the inner shield lowers and boosts by the flick of a switch. It saves you from the direct heat from the sun. Many riders keep themselves from the rays of the sun when they are moving at slow speeds.

They need no outer shield. You must wash the helmet regularly to ensure better flow of air inside the helmet. It also saves the helmet from moistening with or clogging up a sweat.

User Review of Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

Great helmet for $50

I have been using the different helmet for more than 15 years. The good thing about this helmet is weight and style. I am using another helmet which cost 350 dollars. This one squeezes my head for having all the padding inside the helmet.

But this one hasn’t enough padding to squeeze anything. I can breathe very well wearing it but I don’t feel well protected. The color of the helmet is splendid. So I have bought it.

It matches well with my 93 Goldwing. I like to give 8.9 and for safety 7.5. I can say this is a pretty good helmet. But it is not clear to me which the cost is only $50.

I have used this helmet for the first time on 1st December 2015. It fits well and is very comfortable. I am very much impressed. Its flip up chin bars work normally. The outer finish of the helmet is perfect.

The performance of the vents is really admiring. A couple of small problem are found is some areas.

The chin strap is bit wider than the D ring opening that makes difficult to thread through. This problem is expanded by a snap of the chin strip. It takes more time and difficult to hook up. I have taken the snap off and make threading the band very easier.

This isn’t very quiet helmet in the sense that it produces fair amount of wind noise. It may be done for buffeting from my windshield. I know enough if I ride on other bikes. Really I am happy with the price point of the helmet. I like to buy another helmet.

HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet

Final Thoughts

IV2 Metallic-Wine Red Helmet features with Bluetooth unit that is sold separately. It fulfills and overcomes DOT requirements. This is Fiber reinforced with ABS Thermal plastic composite shell. There is a single push button flip up features that permits for a full face to open face within seconds.

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