Modular Snowmobile Helmet Reviews & Complete Buying Guide 2020

Snowball helmets are essential, especially if you enjoy sledding in the mountains or riding the snowmobile. It is an excellent source of warmth and protection, especially as you glide across the snowy and icy weather.

Safety is everyone's priority, no matter the riding style you are engaged in. Also, no one wants to be a victim of any casualties; this is why it is good to invest in the best snowmobile helmet possible.

However, there are only a few options in the market that can guarantee you safety, excellent fit, and comfort. And with the variety of helmets available, it's a bit difficult to make a pick, especially when it comes to a modular snowmobile helmet.

It is why we have gone the extra mile to put together this modular snowmobile helmet review—this guide to help you both in your purchase and simplify your search.

1. TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

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Torc is one of the best when it comes to modular snowmobile helmets. The company is well known for both its innovative options and stylish design. However, this T27 has come with a revolutionary design as it appears more compact and portable than other helmets. Although it's small, it's feature surpasses that of the bigger ones of its competitors 20x more.

It is made from advanced EPS multi-density construction, which makes it both lightweight and comfortable. Also, it has a fully padded interior that is removable and washed with a washer. The shell built is with thermoplastic alloy for optimum protection and shield from an external force.

It offers the best snowmobile anti-fog features with its highly ventilated build. The system comes with a significant front air inlet and a fantastic Ventura vent at the back for expelling exhaust air. Plus, a one-button slash system that enables the visor to slide down from just a touch.

Also, the helmet comes with an improved Bluetooth 2.0 technology that is easy to use and setup. The Bluetooth system is also compatible with various phone devices, including Android and iPhone. There's more; the system has two built-in speakers and a long-lasting battery that will allow you to stay up to eight hours on call. Plus 150 hours just on standby. With this helmet, snowmobiling is more fun!

Although the incoming calls can interrupt other communication, this device will enable you to make and receive calls, listen to music, radio, intercoms, and even get GPS direction. In addition to the feature, the helmet will make it easy to enjoy your adventure with friends in his bike to bike conversion of around 100feets apart. It also comes with self-adjusting volumes and water-resistant controls.

To crown it all, the helmet meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as well as the approval and certification of ECE and DOT.

Pros & Cons of TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth


  • Easy to Use- The helmet is simple to use and sync with other devices. It also has one button click to switch visor positions and a secure clip strap.
  • Safety Assurance- The visor has a sun visor and dark visor, which makes it easy to use at any time or weather. The screen is also anti-fog and anti-scratch, meaning you don't have to worry about fogs in the snow.
  • Easy Maintenance System- The inner linings are detachable and washed with the machine. So, it is easy as you don't have to take out any bad odor and sundry.
  • Well-Ventilated- The system has both front and rear vents that supply adequate air to the user. There's also the one press button that opens up to a whole supply of air; it all depends on your choice.


  • It could produce a little noise when one high speed, but its sound is insignificant as it doesn't disrupt any of its functionalities.

2. X4 Motorcycle Helmet Adult DOT Modular Flip up Full Face Sports Bike Snowmobile Helmet with Anti Fog Shield

This is the best snowmobile helmet designed for both males and females to enjoy the fun and adventure in snowmobiling. It has comfortable EPS paddings that act as an impact absorber. Thus, reducing the energy released to your head and enabling you to ride comfortably for an extended period.

Its ABS shell with a plastic aerodynamic mold gives it a lightweight and durable shell for withstanding hard impacts. This full-face snowmobile helmet also provides its user with maximum air circulation with its multiple venting for a comfortable ride.

There's more as its visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch to let you enjoy your journey in any weather condition without compromising your warmth and soundproof. Plus, the inner lining can be removed and washed using a washing machine.

There's also an easy to remove chin strap that makes it stand out with its double D-ring buckle. This snowmobile modular helmet also meets the DOT and FMVSS safety standards.

Pros & Cons of X4 Motorcycle Helmet Adult DOT Modular Flip up Full Face Sports Bike Snowmobile Helmet with Anti Fog Shield


  • It is well Aerated-  It has multiple vents that keep the system fog-free and comfortable while you ride.
  • It is Lightweight- The advanced ABS shell makes it lightweight, which makes it easy for you to ride for long hours without any strain in your neck.
  • Strong and Durable- The helmet is made from a quality ABS shell to protect your head during impact.


  • It may produce some squeaky noise when at high speed, but the noise is minimal.

3. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full-Face Helmet DOT

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You've likely been fantasizing about a fantastic helmet which knows your fears as a proficient driver. For a lengthy time, you've been browsing for it.
I have to state ILM motorcycle modular helmet founders are reviewing the documents of your dreams so that if you shut your eyes and you have opened them to the fact, it's still here!

If you're seeking high standards of security, then you are going to adore the ILM motorcycle double visor flips a modular home helmet since it harshly Meets and exceeds the FMVSS-218 and DOT safety criteria.

It usually means it has passed all of the necessary evaluations to be road worthy. The outside shell of the beautiful helmet is aerodynamically shaped for simplicity cutting through the atmosphere with less buffeting and wind sound. It complements the sharp angles and predator styling of the modern sports bikes. I enjoy this helmet since it's reduced the strain in my throat muscles.


  • EPS Effect Absorption Inner Liner
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and easily scalable and Washable
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise
  • Modular Flip-Up Function Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and Broad View Clear Visor

Pros & Cons of Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Helmet DOT


  • Comfortable lining
  • Reduced sound
  • Well ventilated


  • Visors do not remain attached when searching behind at high rates
  • Tough to remove the winter lining if desirable

4. HJC Mens CL-Max 2 Helmet

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This helmet matches the purpose, so it functions wonderfully. The discretionary bluetooth chamber works nicely along with the helmet seems terrific. Though, I doubt any helmet will decrease and cancel all of the sounds from the street.

The fit of this helmet is excellent and also the durability is superb. Why spend countless dollars on expensive lines if this one does the trick to get a much higher price. Save the cash and purchase HJC.


  • The modular layout is superb. Having the ability to turn up front in light to have some air or have a drink is excellent, and it allows more atmosphere than merely increasing the visor
  • The cushioning is comfortable, particularly after a brief break-in interval for the cheek pads
  • Works nicely with my straight-arm sunglasses

Pros & Cons of HJC Mens CL-Max 2 Helmet


  • With this helmet, most folks are going to have the ability to acquire all the advantages related to creating hands-free calls.


  • Nothing worries about

5. XFMT DOT Adult Helmet

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Every enthusiastic motorcycle rider appears up to a secure riding experience that's full of adventures. After the helmet you're wearing isn't up to the match, trust me you won't ever be comfortable all the way throughout the trip. So, why don't you spend into a safety-oriented XFMT pink butterfly flip-up motorcycle modular, full face girls motorcycle helmet?

The XFMT Pink butterfly flip-up motorcycle modular, full face girls motorcycle helmet possess the visually innovative shell technologies that only maintained the timeless layout of this feminine helmet but used the modern techniques to make it quite comfortable for you. The interior liner system is removable for easy machine washing, and after it is fresh and dry, you can attach it fast.

Upholding your security, the XFMT Pink butterfly flip-up motorcycle modular, full face girls motorcycle helmet is in the very front line to make sure that. It handed the DOT security tests which left it safe for you. Your body engine deserves to be protected since it is irreplaceable.


  • Lightweight exceptionally durable composite shell
  • Heavily padded and very comfortable interior
  • Removable and washable padding, elastic flow vents using the flip-up visor

Pros & Cons of XFMT DOT Helmet


  • The helmet is a slick modular layout.
  • XFMT includes two quite pretty colors; pink and white with cute cherry blossom


  • Nothing worries about

6. Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle/Snowmobile Helmet

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Like many modular layouts, this helmet comes with a visor that flips up in the push of a button. It includes DOT certification. Additionally, the inner sunshade slides for better protection from sun or flips out of how to clean the opinion for as it gets dark outside.

This dual-visor structure is a superb quality that matches those who want clear or sunglasses lenses at a relatively low-priced modular plug design. On the other hand, the visor doesn't contain dual-pane structure, and riders sledding biting cold will undoubtedly want to replace it with an aftermarket version.

Nonetheless, the whole bundle is priced low enough to make sense for the majority of riders, and its great pair of attributes is worth considering.

The challenging fiber-reinforced, ABS thermoplastic shell has numerous vents which may be quickly discharged to refresh the inside. A breath protector is notably absent, however, which will pose difficulties to quite active riders sweating a fog up.

For snowmobile obligation, it works amazingly well for recreational riders who might utilize its conveniences daily. It is an excellent all-around helmet that's great as long as you do not push it in the hardcore land.

Overall, the Viper using its unique design and fantastic attributes is my best pick for the best crossover helmet.


  • Fiber Reinforced, ABS Engineered Plastic Composite Shell, using EPS Effect Foam
  • Single Push Button Flip-up Modular Flip-up Feature permits for Quick Conversion from Total Face to Open Face in moments
  • Quick Supplying Maximum Circulation
  • Simple to Use Retractable Anti-Scratch Double Inner Sun Visor

Pros & Cons of Dual Visor Modular  Motorcycle Helmet


  • Outstanding value for the Purchase Price
  • Fantastic venting
  • Modular parts fit nicely and are secure


  • Not Lots of space for headphones/headset

7. VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle / Snowmobile Helmet DOT Approved

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If you're working to take your riding experience to another level, then I’m glad you've arrived at the most significant turning point. Would you currently feel trendy and classy when riding by merely wearing a stunning helmet?

Viper modular snowmobile helmet would be the most exceptional Motorcycle helmet that's innovative to provide you with two distinct experiences just with a simple push of a switch!

With it, I don't need to think about my throat muscles were rigid and painful since I never feel its weight while wearing it. The helmet is made for durability. Its insides, easy to keep as it's removable and as soon as you eliminate it, it is possible to machine wash it, dry it and attach it back into its location. I love this feature as it helps preserve my helmet freshness all of the time.

Pros & Cons of VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle / Snowmobile Helmet DOT Approved


  • Feels Amazing
  • Sunshade is a vast and operates nicely even with courses on
  • Sounds great
  • Moving mechanics feel strong
  • Vents air well


  • It's a little on the side when moving over 45 miles

8. Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT

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The helmet looks fantastic. Everything appears to work. I was surprised to see it's speaker slots inside. The only reason why I gave it two stars is to create the snaps to the ear pads along with the catches from the helmet do not all lineup.

And following your package is sent Amazon alters the contact vendor choice to leave bundle feedback. It's Bluetooth ready, and I've installed Unclear speakers along with a Bluetooth receiver to the helmet.


  • This Please consult your Bluetooth device supplier for more information
  • Meets And Exceeds DOT Prerequisites
  • Fiber Reinforced, ABS Engineered Plastic Composite Shell, using EPS Effect Foam
  • Single Push Button Flip-up Modular Flip-up Feature permits for Quick Conversion from Total Face to Open Face in moments
  • Quick Supplying Maximum Circulation

Pros & Cons of Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT


  • Constructed visor
  • Maximum effect resistant
  • Has a detachable and washable liner.


  • Sizing could be away
  • Expensive

9. ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

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Very trendy helmet at an inexpensive price. It is light, looks great, and functions the way it is supposed to. The ratcheting buckle chin strap is far simpler to fix off and on instead of some D-ring, along with the modular eyebrow enables me to wear my prescription eyeglasses without difficulty.

Additionally, it has enough vents to keep you fresh, along with the button below the chin that works the inner visor is super easy. It is fantastic, you might find a DOT approved helmet with all these features for such a low cost.


  • Factory Immediate Shipping Worldwide, 7~12 times to the US!!!
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and easily scalable and Washable
  • Modular Flip-Up Function Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and Broad View Clear Visor

Pros & Cons of ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Dual Visor Helmet DOT


  • Comfortable lining
  • Reduced sound
  • Well ventilated


  • Visors do not remain attached when searching behind at high rates
  • Tough to remove the winter lining if desirable

10. Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo

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As a relatively cheap snocross version with certificates from the DOT, also, this is a comprehensive solution which ought to be good for casual riders. It's additionally a wise selection for the budget-minded because they'll save money for purchasing other equipment while still staying safe.

The bundle has all you want to shield your mind as it comes with a goggle. The sturdy polycarbonate casing includes a flexible breath protector that deflects breath away from your lenses.

Also, it can be eliminated for comfortable use in warmer weather states and cleaning. Because of this, the helmet is one of the warmest it is possible to find, along with the lining can also be removable for cleaning.

It's an added additional transparent lens, which is excellent if you're caught riding into the day and may use a distinct set from the coming dusk (or overcast days with dark heavens).

As the instance can be supplied to safeguard the goggles and spare lenses if not being used. The Typhoon is a fantastic selection for an all-around helmet, using its useful mixture of great features, quality construction, in addition to the packed goggles.


  • Our grownup snocross combo is packed with features!
  • Helmet includes a comfy detachable liner, flexible breath box, lightweight casing and can be certified to Satisfy the DOT standard (FMVSS 218)
  • Goggles feature Exceptional oversized triple layer foam, Two double pane anti-fog coated lenses (rose & clear) along with Also a zippered Tough case for storage
  • This Is the Best choice for those Searching for a high-quality snocross helmet and goggle bundle for a Reasonable Price

Pros & Cons of Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo


  • Airy open-face layout allows more lens and ventilation personalization
  • Goggles with Superior dual-pane, anti-fogging lenses comprised
  • Scorching liner


  • Goggle use Doesn't go well with glasses

Things To Know Before Buying A Snowmobile Helmet

To buy a snowmobile helmet that will grant you total protection and warmth, here are some factors that you must put into consideration.

Breath Guard

The breath guard is an important feature that allows its user to breathe sufficiently. In other words, your hot, moist breath doesn't get to the lens, causing fog as it directs it downwards. The breath guard should fit tightly to your face to direct the warm air down, but not so close to causing discomfort.

They are usually attached either by velcro straps or snaps. For a total no-fogging ride, you can pair a breath guard with a dual-pane lens.


During cold weather, the lenses of the helmet usually fog up, which makes the snowmobile helmet anti-fogfeature very important. Fogs can lead to a blurry vision and result in accidents. So, the visor and the anti-fog system are some features to look out for when buying a snowmobile helmet. However, dual-pane lenses are the best fit for these features as they are usually necessary if you are aiming for the anti-fog lens ability.


Ventilation is essential during winter periods, especially if you are snowmobiling. And it is necessary that moistures that build-up is cleaned out. However, maximum air circulation is critical to stay in control of the moment, and a more optimum choice is the use of adjustable vents.

Safety Rating

The safety of the snowmobile helmet is relevant just as much as any other helmet. However, the safety standards that are used to checkmate the helmets are DOT, SNELL, and ECE. These systems are built to check helmets for their impact intensity, level of penetration, chin strap ability, and level of clear vision.

Heated Electric Shield

This feature is a more suitable choice than the dual-pane shields. So, in times when the dual-pane will not completely clear out fogs, this is when the heated electric comes into play.

Most modular snowmobile helmets have heat shields. The heated shield is an electric system that runs a heating element along with the shield. However, it is a more reliable option to opt for, especially in freezing temperatures.

Single-button operation

Most of the best modular snowmobile helmets have this option. It is a reliable and secure feature that will help you flip up the chin bar or drop down the face shield with just a single push of a button.

Framed/frameless shields

Dual-pane usually has a plastic frame surrounding it before it seals. But now, the sealing technology has raised a notch higher by making a helmet that seals without the frames. There is no much difference between the framed and frameless shields aside that the frameless one has a more artistic touch to it.

How to Size Snowmobile Helmets

Measuring the size of a snowmobile helmet is as easy as trying out a nice hat. However, to achieve this, the right way is to use a measuring tape as it can quickly wrap around your head.


Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your head, usually around your ears and eyebrow. Then use that measurement in determining the right helmet fit for you.

However, some differences may occur with the sizes of the helmet, so it is best to consider only the size chart given by the manufacturer of the product you are interested in.

Face, Modular, or Open Face

Maybe among the most significant concerns and the one which brings the rest of the ones listed above collectively is what sort of helmet do you desire?

The entire face provides the simplicity of only one piece. It offers excellent protection with minimal odds of bits breaking off. All this makes it a much safer, all in 1 bundle.

But it may also be a nuisance to get off and on and is a great deal more

challenging to personalize to your liking. Breathability is a more significant issue, as is accessibility to your face, in the event you want to scrape your nose.

Modular solves each the issues presented by the full-face helmet. It quickly

warms up or comes away, providing you quick and effortless access to your face for any reason you will need it. Additionally, it vents considerably simpler, helping reduce fogging up issues. All this comes at a cost, however, and you do lose a few of the ensured security you receive when you have just 1 bit as in the complete face version.

Modular does triumph in the comfortable contest. However, no questions asked.

The open face has got its problems and benefits too. It's a whole lot more comfortable for those who have some feeling of claustrophobia. You can feel the wind in your face, for better or for worse, but also listen to the sound of the end at a significantly more significant degree.

You can pick your collector and possess the visibility that's unmatched in both two different kinds of helmets. Safety wise, this one is bottom of this pack as it ensures less of your mind. It will get the job done and fulfills all necessary safety criteria. It is going to typically be the least expensive alternative, which could also be attractive.

Response: You require a helmet that fits comfortably but not too snug. This varies significantly between producers, so ensure you follow the sizing chart for a business which produces the helmet you're interested in.

Quantify your mind circumference around the most significant section (usually just over the eyebrow bone and round through the stage in the rear) and when in between sizes, broadly, select the bigger one.

What Are Snowmobile Helmets?

Snowmobile helmets are protective gear worn to keep your head safe from impact and provide you with the right amount of warmth. They are worn over the snowy environment, especially when sledding or engaging in any other recreational snowy activities.

Types of snowmobile helmets

There are various types of snowmobile helmet which have resulted from multiple riding styles. However, to know the kind of mask to go for, you have to decide the riding pattern that is best for you.

Full face helmet

This type of helmet covers the entire head and has little wind noise and buffeting. On most occasions, amateur riders use it. The full face snowmobile helmet is one of the safest choices of protection against crash and cold weather, snow, and wind.

Snocross helmet

The snocross helmet is most suitable for snocross and mountain riders. The headgear has an open face design, which is similar to that of the motocross with its open-face design. It allows its snowmobile riders to use separate goggles, and the glasses usually fit close to the face of the user. The open-face design gives it more wind buffeting when riding at high speed.

Modular helmet

The modular snowmobile helmet is one of the best headgear to get a hold on. It is like a full-face helmet but has jaws that can be raised to an open face or dropped down to become a full-face helmet.

Dual sports helmet

The dual-sport helmet is something between the motocross and the full-face mask. Most dual sports can be used with face shields or goggles and still get a clear vision and air supply. However, using the shields seems to be more comfortable than using google, and even its maintenance.

Snowmobile Helmets Guide - Full Face, Modular, and Snowcross

Modular Snowmobile Helmet (FAQs)

Can I wear a warmer underneath my snowmobile helmet?

Yes. Besides, wearing a warmer will give you more warmth in the cold weather. Although the helmet is already warm inside, you can wear a neck warmer or buff as they are more appropriate with a modular snowmobile helmet.

What is the difference between a snowmobile helmet and a motorcycle helmet?

A snowmobile helmet is used mainly for winter periods because of its features that encourage warmth like breath deflectors, double pane shields, and more. In contrast, motorcycle helmets are built in such a way that the user gets sufficient fresh air saturation.

How long do snowmobile helmets last?

The lifespan of a snowmobile helmet is dependent on the level of usage and material. Some best modular snowmobile helmets may last up to three years, while others can barely stay up to one year.

However, most manufacturers have advised that you change helmets after 2-5 years of use.

How do I clean my modular snowmobile helmet?

For an enjoyable and lasting usage, it is best to do a routine cleaning of the helmet.

For the outer shell, you can clean it using a soft wet cloth to wipe the surface and remove any soil or specs of dirt. Then, wipe with a soft cloth.

While cleaning the shields, use a mild soap or any prescribed helmet soap. Do not clean the shield in a circular motion as it can result in marks that will alter your visibility.

How should my snowmobile helmet fit?

It should snug to your face but not too tight. You want to have excellent sledding, not a headache.

Final Words and Recommendation

The protection of a helmet cannot be overstated, and the decision can be a bit difficult to make. Now the ball is in your court as you have access to getting the best modular snowmobile helmet.

However, most people usually consider the price, but the price shouldn't be a factor when your safety comes into play.

If you are a sportsman that often rides or sleds in the mountains, then you should pick something as daring as the TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet. But if you seldom toll around the snow, then you should go for the X4 snowmobile.

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