Top 7 Motorcycle Helmet Liner Reviews and Complete Buying Guide in 2020

A helmet liner is heavy clothing made from cotton, which covers your head. The primary purpose of helmet liners is to keep the head warm.

 It gives minimal protection against cutting attacks like one from bullets and bashing attacks. Helmet liners provide no protection against environmental hazards. 

It is made from clothing materials that can be reinforced through amazing tailoring skills, and be repaired if need be.

Best quality motorcycle helmet liners are made to keep sweat out of the eye while riding. It wicks moisture away from your skin, and it is very affordable.

Some helmet liner is suitable for both men and women and would make rider perform at optimal performance.

In addition to other things it does, it makes the inside part of your helmet clean. It is removable and washable.

What is a motorcycle helmet liner?

A helmet liner is heavy clothing made from cotton, which covers your head, worn before you wear a helmet.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmet Liner Review

1. Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Running Beanie

The cap is a one size fit kind of cap. It can be worn by both men and women. Recommended by world-class athletes.

This product has a thermal lining that helps it retain heat. It has been used and seen to produce a result of world-leading runners. Even in extreme heat, this liner will keep you warm and very comfortable. It's made from quality fabrics as it wicks away sweat.

It can be worn by both men and women. The liner is designed to soak up sweat, and this would prevent any itching in your head. It can also be used for the XL cranium and sport helmet.  Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Running Beanie doesn't leave marks on the bald head when worn as others do.

It is made from good quality material and well made to keep both the head and ear warm. 

Pros & Cons of Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Running Beanie


  • Worked excellently in cold weather.
  • Keep your head and ears warm.
  • Its stretchable fabrics help it to wicks away sweat.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Ready for use for both sexes.


  • Doesn’t function if worn in the cold without doing any activity.

2. Boao 6 Pieces Helmet Liner Skull Caps for Men and Women

This product comes in a pack of 6 pieces. It is made with lightweight fabrics, which makes it easy to wear.

The product is being praised by those who have used it because it is light and nice. It’s made of quality materials, breathable and so thin that patients with brain cancer commended it.

Keeps off nasty sweat sensations, either in cold or hot weather. Its moisture fabric gives a soft lightweight feel to make it comfortable, gives ear warmth, and reflective icon.  

The liner comes in classic color suitable for use by children and adults. Aside from riding, it can also be used for running, jogging, cycling, fitting, and training. It is fitted for use by most people because of its elasticity.  

Boao 6 Pieces Helmet Liner Skull Caps can be used by both men and women, made from polyester. This means it has good elasticity, amazing sweat-absorbent features, and breathable.

If you want the product to last long, do not add bleach and no ironing.

Pros & Cons of Boao 6 Pieces Helmet Liner Skull Caps


  • It makes you feel comfortable and cool.
  • Besides riding can be used for running, jogging and mountain climbing.
  • Suitable for both adults and kids.
  • Made from polyester, has good elasticity.
  • Absorb sweat excellently.


  • React to bleach and ironing.

3. Tough Headwear Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie

The product is lightweight and comfortable. It can be worn when you run, go snowboarding, play football, or during laundry.

The product will do excellent for those who have long hair because it has a ponytail holder. It made from soft fabrics, and it is comfortable on hair.

Tough Headwear Helmet Liner wicks off sweat amazingly well. It can be worn to play football, snowboarding, run out, and during laundry.

It’s made from a blend of polyester and spandex in ratio 89 to 11. The liner is a step ahead of others for its lightweight thermal retention.

It is made to be worn in any degree of weather. Before deciding to buy, know that it is a bit large. Ensure that it sizes you before you buy, so there won't be a need for a refund.

Pros & Cons of Tough Headwear Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie 


  • Offers lightweight thermal retention.
  • Protects against numb, frozen ears in the cold.
  • Can be worn during laundry.
  • Comfortable, it can be worn over your ears.
  • It is affordable.
  • Keep your head warn before overheating.
  • Suitable for people with ponytails.


  • It may leave the ear open after some time.

4. Shoei Full Head Liner Off-Road Helmet Accessories - Black One Size

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This product can be used as a ninja mask. It is stylish and comfortable. Unlike other liners of its kind, it allows you to breathe conveniently.

This product doesn’t go below the neck like other liners. It keeps all the hair inside the helmet. It offers a great riding experience and keeps your head warm, no matter the weather.

It protects your chin from windblasts, keeps your earbuds, and reduces the road and wind noise. The liners are easy to wash, soft, and comfortable on you.

A part of it was made to cover your chin to provide extra protection. It wicks off moisture from your head and keeps away facial oil.

Unlike other liners of its kind, it allows you to breathe through y0ur nose and mouth. Also, keeping oil away reduces the number of times you have to wash the liner.

Pros & Cons of Shoei Full Head Liner


  • It doesn’t cover the nose allows you to breathe well.
  • Keeps facial oil and sweat away.
  • The liner is breathable and soft.
  • Offers comfort even in the summer heat.
  • Protect your hair from being pulled out.
  • It keeps the head warm.
  • It is affordable.
  • Protect the earbuds from wind/road noise.


  • Sometimes, it may be too tight on the chin.

5. Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Liner Top Pad Universal Replacement (2-Pack) Compatible

This product is made from high-quality Ultracell foam.  It is best for adding a liner pat to a helmet.

It is made from dual-density Ultracell Foam. It has two-liner pads and a six by six diameter. Universal Replacement Helmet. This liner is the best you can have for fixing, replacing liner pads in a helmet.

It is comfortable to wear, swift, and easy to install. It is made in a way to give an additional layer to pads.

Pros & Cons of Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Liner Top Pad


  • Makes helmet comfortable to wear.
  • Compactible with Shoei, Bell, Buco, All helmets.
  • It has sticky Self Adhesive Hook Fastener Tabs.
  • Its snugger fits your head perfectly.
  • It gives an additional layer to pads.
  • Very fast and easy to install.


  • Not easily available.

6. The Friendly Swede Balaclava Face Mask Motorcycle Helmet Liner for Men and Women

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The product is 100% polyester. It can be worn closed and open. It is not suitable for children but can be worn by adults.

The product is made to give you the best of comfort, even in extremely harsh weather. It has extra windproof.

It is made from lightweight fabrics. It can be washed with a machine, and it dries very fast. It has layers of windproof features that allow your face to be warmer.

The product has a lifetime warranty.  Another advantage of using this liner is that it is long enough to cover your neck. It gives protection a wind and rough weather noise when riding.

They offer extra insulation under helmets. The Friendly Swede Balaclava Face Mask is wrinkle-free. To prevent color bleeding, wash part of Balaclava separately.

Pros & Cons of Swede Balaclava Face Mask Helmet Liner


  • It adequately protects the head and face.
  • Prevent all severe frostbites.
  • Offers a state of heart comfort.
  • Excellent craftsmanship and stitching.
  • Keep your face warm even in frigid weather.
  • Longer than it looked in the picture.
  • It is easy to wash.


  • it gives excessive pressure over the nose.
  • It is very tight.
  • Moisture buildup around the nose.

7. Cooling Motorcycle Helmet Liner Beanie/SkullCap (L)

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The product has anti-microbial features, wick moisture, and dries quickly. It keeps sweat away while driving. Like other liners, it is made from polyester.

The skull cap is made in a way to regulate body temperature and direct sweat away from the face. It can also be worn for outdoor activities and sport.

It was made to match different colors of cloth.  The fabric is a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is built with excellent thermal retention.

Use cold water to wash either by hand or machine. Liner best used in any situation that you need to protect your head against sunburn: skiing, hiking, training, running, climbing, and other water sports.  

The liner can be used by both sexes. It is elastic and has a head circumference that ranges between 55-63 C M.

The cap is breathable, soft, keeps you dry and comfortable, and doesn’t cause skin irritation.  It is an all-season accessory.

Pros & Cons of Motorcycle Helmet Liner Beanie/SkullCap (L)


  • Has anti-microbial properties.
  • Two sizes are available.
  • Wicks and dry quickly.
  • Works well even in low humidity.
  • Reduces sweat drastically.
  • It is affordable.


  • When newly bought, wash before use, the dye may irritate your skin.

How to choose a motorcycle helmet liner

Before you choose any helmet liner, you have to settle the kind you want to buy.

And the type has you would choose will be dependent on what you want to achieve with the liner.

When you have settled the question of the type you want to buy, take your head measurement with a measuring tape. Measuring your head allows you to determine the shape and size of your head.

Visit the store to choose a suitable liner, check and choose one that fits you properly. Wear the liner for some between 30 minutes to an hour to see if it properly suits you.

Enjoy your liner. 

Motorcycle Helmet Liner

Cleaning of the motorcycle helmet liner

Before you wash your liner, check for washing instruction. The most liner can be cleaned with a washing machine. But, washing with your hands will make the liner last longer.

Washing with a machine may stretch or even tear your liner when it is spinning if you would use a machine make sure you do not spin and dry with the machine.

When you washed with your hands, rinse thoroughly and squeeze the water out. While you wash the liner, spray the helmet with a deodorizer.

When to replace a motorcycle helmet liner

Replacing your liner is not dependent on the number of years as it were. Many other factors are involved in the process.  

When the foam padding or fabric lining has worn out, you need another liner.

When your helmet starts feeling loose when you put it on, get another liner.

Money Saving Motorcycle Helmet Liner Tips

Motorcycle Helmet Liner Review (FAQs)

How do I clean my helmet Liner?

You can either clean by hand washing or by using a washing machine. However, using a washing machine can damage your liner. If you have to don't n0t spin and dry with the machine.

How often should I change my liner? 

Changing your liner depends on many things. How often do you use a liner? Has the foam padding or fabric lining worn out? If any of these questions has a 'yes,' change the liner.

Can I still wear my helmet without a liner?

Of course, you can. But it is not advisable. A liner keeps your head warm and keeps perspirations when you are riding. You would love your riding to be hitch-ride, won't you?

Can helmet liners prevent bullet wounds?

No, they cannot. The primary purpose of liners is to keep your head warm during rides. They are n0t strong enough to prevent injuries from a bullet.

Are liners only worn during motorcycle ride?

Aside from riding, liners also are worn during snowboarding, skiing, football match, and laundry.

Final Words and Recommendation

It should be made clear that the primary purpose of motorcycle liners is to keep the head warm during the ride. Especially in cold weather, and also to perspiration away. After these two other things can now come in.

Looking at the above-reviewed products, Boao 6 Pieces Helmet Liner Skull Caps Sweat Wicking Cap Running Hats Cycling Skull Caps for Men and Women, and Cooling Motorcycle Helmet Liner Beanie/SkullCap (L) are different.

The latter anti-microbial abilities which the others do have. While the former comes in 6 pieces in a pack. Something that makes it stand out from others.