Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews- A Complete Buying Guide 2022!

A motorcycle helmet is just as important as the other parts of the motorcycle because of the benefit it affords the cyclist. Cyclists should not go on a ride of any kind without this safety medal.


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One concern every cyclist has is what to do with the helmet or a safe place to keep it when they get to where they are going. Of a fact, it is inappropriate to go about carrying it.

However, there’s no need to get bothered by this. The best motorcycle helmet lock will keep your helmet in place and safe, awaiting your return.

Top Picks Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews

Using a helmet lock of inferior-quality can be disappointing. To get the best of helmet locks, here are top qualities to use:

1. HelmetlokCarabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension

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This helmet lock’s design looks like a carabiner. It offers a four-digit lock method that is configured to fit the rider’s preference- the rider can program a suitable code in it.

Since this HelmetlokCarabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extensionlock is not permanently affixed or attached to the bike, a rider has the option of connecting it anywhere suitable on the bike.

The method of using this lock is quite simple: open the lock and slip the carabiner through the helmet’s shackle, attach it to the bike, and lock it.

But before doing this, ensure that you have programmed a 4-digit code that you won’t forget easily to the lock. It is crucial to write the code down and keep it somewhere safe, possibly your wallet, since it goes everywhere.

The locking arm of the lock opens outward, allowing space to attach large areas of the bike like the handlebars, gear racks, bike frames, and even grab rails, or around anything with 1.5” diameter.

The four-digit part of the lock is weather-resistant, thereby giving it more life span, and is made from zinc alloy and sealed with a plastic coating to protect the bike.

The lock is portable and can fit easily anywhere.


  • Four-digit programmable lock – The helmet lock has a four-digit lock system that can is programmable to a suitable choice code. This part of the lock’s design is weather resistant. So, it is anti-rust. It is also protected with a plastic coating to prevent scratches on your bike.
  • Opens outward – The lock arm opens outward, unlike other carabiner locks that open inversely. It allows the lock to freely penetrate large areas of the bike like the grab rails, or any area of the motorcycle that is 1.5֕
  • T bar extension – The lock has the Helmetlok T Bar Extension that enables a quick release style buckle, and offers an extension, thereby giving more security and freedom


  • Locking may take a little time. But, the idea is to give you enough time to make sure the helmet is secured.

2. FSDC-CL 1020RKD 15” Firearm Cable Gun Lock

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The Cable Gun Lock features a key system. The lock’s cable has a braided protective coating that also helps prevent scratches on your motorcycle frame. It has a diameter of .210” and so can easily fit in through small spaces on the bike frame and the helmet. The body of this Cable Gun Lock is made of steel and zinc to ensure maximum durability and strength.

The Cable Gun Lock is trusted and approved not just for securing handguns, and other gun types. They can also be trusted for securing a motorcycle helmet against theft. That is because the body of this lock is made of steel and zinc to ensure durability and strength.

The lock mechanism of this lock makes it impossible to be picked by thieves. It comes with two keys to ensure that you always have access to the lock and your helmet if secured with this lock.

Not only is it a top-quality lock, but it is also inexpensive. In addition, the locks cable is in a way that makes cuts impossible.


  • Steel body – The Cable Gun Lock has a body of steel. The steel has a coating that prevents rusts on the bike frame. It also makes the lock more reliable and recyclable.
  • Cut-resistant – Using a low-quality lock to secure your helmet will make stealing your helmet easier and faster. The Gun lock’s cable of 14in (36cm) steel is resistant to cuts.
  • Dead-lock – This Cable Gun Lock’s design makes the lock more resistant to opening. So, your helmet can not be stolen if the thief does not have the correct key to the helmet lock.
  • Vinyl coat – A vinyl coating gives the gun lock more protection and flexibility. The vinyl coating on the lock also helps prevent scratches on your motorcycle frame.


  • The Cable Gun Lock comes with keys. So, you will need to put them in a safe place, so you don’t lose them.

3. Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Master Lock#99

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In the list, you will get two keys and the lock. Also get keyed alike – try to get #00 – 2 keyed alike. Parking a motorcycle and secure it may be a great dilemma for some people.

The 14-inch cable is the great solution for deterring the prankster or thief. You can buy a gun lock to secure your bike.

They are found in multiples keyed alike. One can buy the locks by visiting the Amazon Storefront.


  • Four point tumbler security
  • Found in keyed alike –search #99 – two keyed alike
  • Great looking plastic lock saves scratching the helmet
  • Deadlocking mechanism to save wrapping the lock opens
  • 14-inch long vinyl covered with a five mm cable diameter


  • Possible to store in a jacket pocket
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple to lock the helmet with my handlebars


  • I like to have few inches longer to lock two helmets at the same time

4. Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

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The jockstrap is a good built universal combination carabiner lock. It is added to 2 feet of heavy duty straps sewn with a 3-millimeter cable at the center of the strap.

It is great for bikes, quads, motorcycles and many other applications. The locks strap is very surprising.

From the photo, I hope a cheaper material, but I am not happy with the standard. Changing the addition is easy and simple.

You should not change it if you are on the road in some cases. I am sure that it will keep my head secure. The strap should be little longer, but it attaches to my sissy bar or handlebar.


  • Useful for various applications
  • Made of strong heat treated steel
  • Treated galvanized rivets
  • Stainless steel 3-millimeter cable set between 2 nylon heavy duty straps


  • The mixture lock is easy to operate
  • The price is much higher and feels very sturdy
  • This appears quite durable and heavy
  • Pictures do not adjust the size of carbineer justice


  • The hook of the helmet is very poorly manufactured
  • If unlock, arms can be only able to open as the hook piece is very long

5. Bigpantha Helmet lock

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The helmet is secure and tough. It has high-quality metallic carabiner combination, so there is no way to be stolen from it. Light and small to tuck into the pocket.

The cable is 1.82 m long. You can lock jacket and helmet to the bike. It is great for scooters, motorcycles or bicycles.

It has a protective coating to save from damage. Multi purposes locks are great for saving your bags, ladder, suitcases, baby stroller, and garden furniture, etc.


  • Cables are made of flexible braided or strong steel fiber
  • Attractive and sleek all Black Helmet Lock
  • Cable is 1.8 meter for which it can add more helmets together
  • Self-coiling cables are simple to store
  • Measure is 5 cm x 8 cm
  • Simple to lock and unlock
  • It has pin code to set secret
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • D-Lock is Rubberized to prevent scratching


  • Hundred percent waterproof as well as may not rust
  • Cable is wrapped with long lasting PVC plastic for preventing scratching.
  • Made with top graded protective
  • Adjust with your secret PIN code of 999 combination


  • Numbers cannot be seen normally

6. Helmetlok HelmetLok II Lock

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Helmetlok II Lock Don’t save you from carrying down the helmet anymore just simple to operate; you may save your helmet by using the outward opening lock system that easily fits any models bike.

Combination lock carabiner style outward exposing mechanism zinc alloy finish design to secure your helmet any bike by utilizing the handlebar or the frame as an anchor point Note HelmetLok II the more features are a clip and big diameter lock.


  • Product Type: Locks & Cables
  • Product Group: Automotive
  • Black Rubberized
  • Brand Name: Helmetlok


  • Hassle free to use
  • Secures the helmets
  • Very suitable to keep on the bike.


  •  It is sturdy and robust enough, therefore, you have to bring tools to pop it

7. Bikers Choice Helmet Lock 74937S2

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Installing of the helmet is very simple for me. Not only that I can easily lock and unlock it while seated on my bike.

Some of my friends think that I set my helmet on the top of handlebars unsecured. It is very beautiful to look at sitting up on the handlebars same as if it rains.


  • Adjusts 7/8 to 1/-1/4 tubing
  • Universal mount lock, Chrome Plated
  • Tamper proof one-way screws added


  • Comes with handlebar so that it takes rest on the gas tank
  • If the helmet is not attached to it, it is not visible


  • Not possible to take out as I like to set the position of the lock

8. Kuryakyn 4248 License Plate Helmet Lock

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The materials of the helmet are very good and simple to install. With the hex screws, there is a pin, so someone needs to use Allen wrench with a hone in it. This is additional security beyond the lock itself.

The added instructions advice to position the lock to the same side as the kickstand, but for me the helmet stays a little low. Sometimes it may touch the ground when securely locked. This may be remedied by switching sides.



  • Hassle free installation
  • The little mountain plate normally bolts for the back of any motorcycle allows the simplest access to lock the helmet.
  • The bolt holes of the metal bracket are not indistinguishable to the license plate


  • To some extent, it is difficult to use

Types of Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Despite the protection, a motorcycle helmet gives, it may be a bit of a burden to carry it along everywhere. Helmet locks completely eradicate this burden. Here are some types:



Cords go in through the helmet and secures it, while the other end of the cable goes in through the part of your bike that looks like a loop. This motorcycle helmet lock is used with a key or a lock combination and should be put away securely when not in use.


This kind of lock is usually fixed on the bike permanently. It has a shape like that of a cylinder and is accessible with a key. It is flexible enough and of adequate size to fit into several bike parts like the engine protector and the frame tube.

License plate

This bike helmet lock is affixed just behind the license plate holder of the bike, which makes them almost invisible to the eyes. It is also effortless to install. They are usually tough to be accessed by thieves because they are made of durable metal.


Handlebar motorcycle helmet lock is usually very conspicuous, making them easily noticeable.

It is designed to look fanciful because they are always positioned on the bike. The metal used in making this lock is polished and fit.

U-Shackle Locks

A U-shackle is a strong metal ring that looks like the letter “U.” It is fastened to the bike and then to a fixed object firmly stationed on the ground like a bike rack, parking meter, or poles since merely locking the bike frame to its wheel will not prevent it from being lifted and carried away.

Benefits of Motorcycle Helmet Locks


A helmet can be a burden to carry around. A helmet lock makes leaving the helmet with the motorcycle convenient.


The protection a helmet lock offers weighs more than the price. They are cost-effective and can available at almost all stores.


Expensive helmets may lure thieves, but a quality helmet lock will disappoint an invader.

Secure other items

Apart from securing helmet, locks secure motorcycle jackets and other items you want to see safe when you return.

Rest of mind

Using a helmet lock to secure your helmet will give ease your heart from worrying over the safety of your helmet.

Things to consider when selecting the best helmet locks


Always look out for helmet locks made from strong metal, and heat-tested steel for protection.


Choose helmets coated with materials that prevent scratch, damage, pressure, and wear.

Easy to use

Most helmet locks can be complicated. Always use locks that are easy to use.


Cost is not synonymous with quality. Lots of quality low-cost helmet locks available makes it easier to look out for quality rather than price.

Cable Length

Small locks will hardly fit and can cause scratches on the motorcycle frame. So get locks that have long cables.


Always buy helmet locks that are weather resistant to prevent rusts on your motorcycle frame.

Locking Mechanism

Use dead-lock system locks. They are more reliable to use. Also, locks with digit lock programming save the stress of carrying keys everywhere.


Choose helmet locks that are portable as motorcycles do not have storage spaces to keep large locking devices.

Stolen Helmet? Big Pantha Motorcycle Helmet Locks!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks(FAQs)

How Do You Install a Helmet Lock?

Each type of lock has its method of use. Some come with an instruction manual on how to use it. However, you can secure your helmet to your bike bypassing the plastic coated steel through the D-shaped opening of your helmet and out through the visor area and firmly attaching it to the part of the bike that has a loop as the frame.

What Happens if You Forget a Combination Pin Code or Lose a Key?

Mistakes like this happen often. Most key locks come with an extra key attached. So, you can carry one with you and tuck the other somewhere hidden and safe in the bike, like under your bike seat.

If you use a combination lock, consider saving the code on your smartphone or writing it down and tucking it somewhere inside your wallet.

Do the Locks Require Any Maintenance?

Locks are pieces of equipment, and it is best to inspect them regularly. Check for rusts and damages of any kind and get them fixed or better still, replaced entirely.

What is a helmet lock?

A helmet lock is a lock designed to safely fasten your helmet to your bike to avoid or prevent it from getting lost.

What are the best helmet locks to use?

The best helmet locks to use are ones made of heat-treated steel, weather-resistant, durable, and possibly have a dead-lock mechanism.

Final Words and Recommendation

Helmets can be expensive to replace. Locking your helmet up is a convenient idea, and most of the best motorcycle helmet lock will save you time, money, and heartbreak.

A quality helmet like Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension has a weather-resistant programmable lock system. It gives the rider the option of stationing the lock anywhere on the bike, and are usually on-demand, though they are pricey.

However, if low- cost plus quality is your aim, FSDC-CL 1020RKD 15” Firearm Cable gun lock, is a go-go.

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