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Helmets are accessories that protect a rider’s head, brain, and skull from severe injuries. Usually, helmets may not totally eradicate the occurrence of head injuries. But, they serve as a shield to the head and reduce to the barest minimum the impact on the head in the event of an accident.

Asking yourself, “where can I buy motorcycle helmets near me?” is the first step to protecting your head from severe head injuries. However, asking that question alone does not do the job. You will have to go the extra mile by actually acquiring one for yourself as a cyclist.


Before you get on the road with other commuters, it is crucial to be sure you wear a helmet as a biker. Of all body protections to use when riding a motorcycle, none is as essential as a helmet. While you are on a quest to discover places that sell motorcycle helmets near me, you will see that there are a variety of helmets depending on preferences. 

In choosing the best motorcycle helmet, it is necessary to look out for the:


The first thing in choosing a helmet is to know what you need a helmet for. This will help you in deciding what type of headgear you need.

 If you are an everyday commuter, you will need a high-end helmet, popularly called a full-face helmet. This is because they are more comfortable, offer the best dynamics, and reduce noise penetration.

Hiking does not require the use of a full-face helmet. You should go for a helmet with an inbuilt Bluetooth enhancer, or better still go for an open face helmet if you intend hiking.


How Do I know My Motorcycle Helmet Size?

The best way to get the right helmet fit for your head is by finding out your head size. To do that, wrap a measuring tape around your head. Place it about half an inch above your eyebrow, above your ears, and around the back of your head.

Compare the size of your head with the helmet manufacturer’s sizing chart. A perfect helmet size for your head must fit comfortably on your head. More so, if you are between sizes, ensure you go for the smaller size.


Are Amazon Helmets Safe?

Amazon is an American based online marketplace for books, electronics, software, video games, etc. Generally, there are lots of safe products on Amazon, as is in other online stores. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), “helmets that comply with standards show that they can protect the head against skull fracture.”

However, the lack of a certification label on any helmets says that it is unsafe for use.

Since Amazon owes its customers the responsibility of selling authentic products made available by their sellers, the buyer has the responsibility of cross-checking to ensure that purchased products are safe enough. You can do this by checking the back of the helmet for the seal of certification. 


Are Expensive Helmets Worth it?

Safety is a significant prerequisite in riding a motorcycle, and helmets give us that protection. However, it can be overwhelming to know the varying cost of one helmet when we visit a local or online store.

So, asking, “are expensive helmets worth the price they are sold for”? is in order. The answer is a yes, and a no.

Various factors may affect the price of a helmet, and we will be looking into these factors briefly:


It is not surprising to know that inferior products are usually not expensive. So also it is with helmets. Helmets that do not meet required certifications are generally not expensive. However, that a helmet passed a certification test does not always mean it is 100% durable. A helmet that passes the grading benchmark with an extra 1 point will get the same certification as a helmet that passed with an additional 20 points.

Shell size

Usually, helmet brands make helmet in 3 different size ranges. A brand that goes the extra mile to make available all helmet sizes will always be more expensive. If for nothing else, for the time put into productions.

Helmet Brand

Helmets made by well-known manufacturers tend to be more expensive than those produced by brands that have not yet made a name. That makes common sense. Products sell because of the brand name. The expensive helmet may be precisely the same as the inexpensive ones. But that is not the point. The name is what people buy.

Type of Fasteners

Different helmets use different types of fasteners, the most common being the D-ring fasteners. Any helmet that has a different design of buckle will sell higher in the market.

Research and Development

The vents, aerodynamics, and of course, the material used in making the helmet can determine how expensive the helmet will be. For instance, a plastic helmet without a single vent will sell a lot cheaper than one made with carbon fiber and a good ventilation system.


Does Target Sell Motorcycle Helmets?

Nowadays, almost all online stores sell motorcycle helmets, and that includes Target. Target is the 8th largest retailer in the U.S. They deal with groceries and essentials like clothing and electronics at a good discount.

So, Yes! Target sells motorcycle helmets of different brands, including protective gear, for both kids and adults. They also offer free shipping for orders of $35 and above. Target also sells a variety of female helmets for females that love the girly-look.


Where Can I Buy Motorcycle Helmets Near Me?

Because of how important helmets have become to bikers in this age, there are lots of online stores that have brand new helmets in different brands and styles in sale. Also, there are local stores in your neighborhood that could have new helmets in store so that you can check them out. However, here is some online marketplace to purchase new quality, and durable helmet:

Aliexpress – This online shop is based in China and offer products to international buyers. It remains one of the most visited e-commerce sites in Russia, and independent sellers use the platform to offer products to their buyers.

Bike Bandit – Bike Bandit is a motorcycle retail store that deals specially with motorcycle parts and accessories. They also sell motorcycle tires, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft, so you have lots of options to choose from. 

Cycle Gear – Just like Bike Bandit, Cycle Gear is another online retail store that deals on different motorcycle brands, and accessories, with over 145 stores in the U.S. 

Jumia – This online marketplace in Nigeria, Africa, provides customers with different goods and services, helmets included.

Other online stores you can trust to offer durable helmets and other motorcycle accessories are Chapmoto, Amazon, Helmetshop, Revzilla. Also, you can check Into Gear LTD, Helmet City, OMG- Online Motorcycle Gear, and so on. 


Where Can I Buy a Used Motorcycle Helmet?

Although used motorcycle helmets are not safe purchases to make, most stores still sell them, probably because they are very cheap to acquire. Here is a list of some stores online where you can buy a second-hand helmet:

Offer-up – This is an online customer-to-customer (C2C) store that connects users to local buyers and sellers. You can buy anything, from new to used products like cars, trucks, electronics, furniture, and lots more, for a small price. Here, products are featured according to the location closest to the buyer. On the other hand, a seller’s product is listed by the user uploading a photo. The products are sold to the highest bidder.

Alibaba – Alibaba is a Chinese multinational company that specializes in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. The company also offers customer-to-customer (C2C), business-to-business (B2B), and Business-to-customer (B2C) services. Business-to-business refers to a transaction that occurs between two businesses. But, the business-to-customer is all about connecting a company and its products to an end-user customer.

Jiji -This is a Nigerian-owned online store that provides and connects buyers and sellers for the exchange of goods and services. The company offers a platform for buying and selling new and used products like cars, furniture, electronics, and so on.

LetGo – Letgo is a company that offers an app that allows users to buy, sell, and chat with other users locally.

Other platforms that can offer you used products, including motorcycle helmets, are Poshmark, RealReal, Mercari, Decluttr, and 5miles. If you are not a fan of online shops, try looking around for local stores within your vicinity.


Helmets With the Best Features to Buy Near Me

All helmet features are not the same. Some helmets’ materials are inferior, which can be risky. The material used in constructing the helmet will determine factors like the helmet weight, comfort, and safety rating.

  • When choosing a helmet, go for helmets that are made of carbon fiber. They are usually more durable than other helmet materials and are scratch and crack- resistant. They are also lighter in weight and more durable than other helmet materials.
  • Another essential feature for all helmets is the weight since they usually range from 1400 to 1800 grams. The key thing to note is the fitting of the helmet on your head.
  • An ill-fitted helmet will make the helmet weight unevenly distributed around the head and the shoulders. Do not go for helmets that are too light because they are generally unsafe. Safer helmets are not too heavy to cause strain on your neck
  • Also, look out for a helmet with sunshade visors to help reduce wind and noise penetration and a comfortable strap. Helmets with a good cheek pad system are an excellent choice too. They make helmet removal safer and more accessible for medical personnel in an accident.
  • The best helmets have thick inner liners. This thick inner liner is usually made of polystyrene foam that is about one inch thick. The polystyrene foam is a light-weighted plastic used in making the internal padding of a helmet. It also gives a comfortable feel to the head despite the temperature of the environment.
  • Also, choose a helmet with chin straps. A preferable chin strap is sturdy and soothing to the skin, to avoid irritations. The best quality helmet chin straps are made of nylon material as they are more comfortable and durable.


Helmets are essential protective wears for riders in the event of an accident. Also, they help to ward off rain, sunrays, and noisy wind from disturbing a rider. 

An important question you must ask as a cyclist is, “where do they sell motorcycle helmets near me.” Discovering these places will offer you the opportunity of buying a helmet that is your size, hopefully, at a lower price. This is because you get to test the helmet fitting on the spot and make a different choice without incurring more cost.

Buying used helmets is always not the best option. Consider this saying: “pay for your helmet what your head is worth to you.”

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