Ohio State Football Helmet Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide

We are all conversant with the danger that comes with playing football, as it can be a hazardous sport. With just a significant head crash, a player may be liable to suffer from a concussion or any other head injuries.

It is a significant concern for most players as these scary realities have made football headgear a priority for football players.


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So, if you love Ohio or you would like to have some Ohio State football helmet, then you are in luck because, in this review, we will be checking some of the best Ohio State football helmets.

However, Ohio State hosts one of the most amazing football games, and we all know how amazing it is to wear one of the team’s helmets to cheer your team.

1. Riddell NCAA Speed Mini Helmet

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You have never come across such a durable, state of the art helmet like what Riddell brings.

The NCAA mini helmet is made for your kids, to ensure that they have the best experience while watching the game. This half-scale helmet is the complete replica of one of Riddell’s most popular masks.

The helmet design is with the top line, sturdy material, and extended jaws like the original ones to give your kids the feel of belonging.

The Riddell offers lasting usage with its sturdy build to ensure its features remain intact after a long time. The authenticity of the helmet also features a streamlined shell with extended jaws to just like what you have in the original one.

It is an ideal helmet if you love to design your helmet with autographs or stickers. Coated with Polyvinyl, this steeple face football headgear will give you more class and style as you place it in your room.

It comes with an integrated attachment system and a four-point chins strap. Plus, a soft interior padding to give your kid the total feeling of a real football player.


  • Small-sized- The small build of the helmet makes it perfect for placing or hanging anywhere in your room.
  • Elegant design- The elegance of the helmet will leave your room or office looking like a football lover. The presence of the polyvinyl coating also gives the headgear a glowing sensation.
  • Tough built- The helmet is made like the original helmet to ensure long-lasting usage.


  • Its small size makes it challenging to wear for fun, but you can always tag it along when going to see your favorite sport.

2. Riddell Ohio State Buckeyes Speed Mini Helmet

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Riddell helmet has one of the best collections when it comes to making replica helmets. The artistry and quality they put together in the making of this Ohio State football helmet will wow you.

It comes with well-detailed features from the original football helmet in colors, shells, and logos. With this helmet, your satisfaction is guaranteed as it comes with a chin strap and faceguard, like the authentic one.

One may want to think that Riddell will reduce the quality of the helmet since you can’t wear it to play on the field, but the reverse is the case. The mask is built with sturdy and durable material to ensure a more lasting usage.

It also features a black shell built and a complete interior pad set for more class and satisfaction. It is designed with a red buckeye decal with a stripe at the top, giving it a stylish finish.

You can display the helmet in your room, office, or get it signed by one of your favorite football players.


  • Compact and stylish design: The compact design makes the best use of it as a decor in the house.
  • Suitable for gifting- The helmet is a perfect fit for your kid if you desire to buy something beautiful.


  • It is a mini helmet and is designed only for display purposes. However, you can always get the original football helmet at the store.

3. Schutt NCAA Ohio State Buckeyes Replica XP Helmet

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It is one of the best Ohio State football helmet replicas you can find in the industry if you love to look stylish as you go out to watch football.

The helmet comes with an on-field design with an authentic XP shell style, metal faceguard, original chinstrap, and jaw pad, like the real ones.

Although it doesn’t come with an inner liner, this full-face helmet has what you need to watch and cheer for your football team.

Its top line and design and two side space make it perfect if you desire to get it autographed by your favorite. It also comes with a stylish glossy finish that attracts you while you flaunt this Schutt NCAA.

You can also place the helmet on your counter or tag it along as you head out.


  • It is affordable- buying the replica helmet cost almost nothings as the company offers the mask at a very affordable price.
  • Beautiful compact designs- the helmet will fit into your piles of the lovely collection with its classy and presentable designs.
  • Multichoice- It offers more choice and options as it is available in over 120 teams designs. In other words, you can pick from any team you desire.


  • The helmet cannot be worn to play in on the field as it lacks safety features.

Buying Guide of Ohio State Football Helmet

There are some primary factors to look out for when buying any helmet. So, here are some features to help you in making your Ohio State football helmet selection.

TPU Cushioning

TPU cushioning is one of the features to look out for when buying an Ohio State football helmet as you would want to feel comfortable wearing it. The paddings are usually crucial as you will need something to give you more comfort while playing in the field.

However, most Ohio State football helmet manufacturers like Riddell make helmets with cushioning that is antibacterial and are durable to high impact.


Due to the crashes that happen when playing football, the quality and material build of the helmets’ facemask you are getting is very crucial. Face masks help to protect your head, face, and teeth.

However, helmet facemasks are either made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or titanium.

You also have to pay attention to the design of your facemask. The available models include wide-open metal bars while others have vertical and crossbar design.

Helmet Stabilization System

The helmet stabilizing system is essential as you should go for helmets that can disperse the head clash’s impact, thus limiting head jarring. Some helmets have chin straps in the form of buckle or velcro.

How to Properly Maintain Football Helmets

Football helmets go through rigorous tests and activities which can take a toll on the protective gear. So, it is paramount that we give to total attention before turning it in again for another hectic marathon of stress.

Maintenance will go a long way to keep your football helmet sound and functioning, so whether you are a coach, parent or a trainer, here are some ways to care for your teams or child’s football helmet to keep it adequately protected for all seasons.

Checking for Proper Fit

Before any game, ensure that the helmet fits properly. A properly fitted helmet will give optimum protection to the child.

Ideally, you should check for a proper fit every week. First, check to ensure the front pad is resting on the appropriate place in the player’s forehead, which is an inch above the brow. Then, check their jaw pads, well-fitted jaw pads should make reasonable and reliable contact in the cheek area. If it fits it off, examine it and add air to areas that need air, using the inflation point. For manufacturers like Riddell, their helmet has an inflection point, for other helmet models, you can check for their guidelines on how to ensure a proper fit.

You should also check the chin cups’ position as it usually weakens and wears out as players do the drills and play. Also, ensure that the chin strap attachment is tight and is working correctly to ensure that the helmet stays fit and in position. But if straps are loose or worn out, you can replace them entirely with a chin guard to avoid subsequent slippage.

Routine Inspection

The damaged parts of a football helmet can be dangerous to players, whether during practice or in the game, and they should be fixed right away to avoid injuries to the player or more damage to the helmet.

The various parts of the helmet have a specific job, and if it’s broken or wrongly placed, it may reduce the headgear’s effectiveness and functionality. However, some of the parts to look out for are:

  • Loose valve caps
  • Face mask clip
  • Lost or broken chin strap
  • Misplaced strap-loc piece
  • Damaged air bladder
  • Misplaced quick-release buttons

How to Clean a Football Helmet

Caring for your football helmet is very important for proper functioning. It is to ensure it is in good condition, thus cleaning the headgear should be carried out periodically.

Before cleaning, ensure to take out the chin straps, and other detachable parts. Then use warm soapy water and sponge to wipe the dirt off the helmet. Ensure to clean the inside of the helmet thoroughly to remove any dirt deposit and debris.

Rinse the helmet with a wet rag and allow it to dry. You can wipe the mask’s surface with a soapy helmet and be careful not to add so much pressure to avoid removing the labels and decals on it.

Ensure not to dip the chin strap and pads into the water, wipe them with soapy water, and dry.

New OSU Football Helmets Arrive

Ohio State Football Helmet(FAQs)

What is a football helmet?

A football helmet is a gear worn when playing a football game. Its construction is with the use of plastic shells and thick inner paddings. The helmet also has a chin strap, face mask, and other protective gear.

What are the stickers on Ohio State football helmets?

The sticker on the Ohio State football helmet is the Buckeye leaf. It is a system that started in 1968, where players are awarded the decal for playing very well.

How do I know that my helmet fits properly?

Your helmet is rightly fit if it snugs comfortably to your face. The chin strap should also appropriately fit so that there will be no space between the liner and your temple, or between the paw pad and your jaw.

Can I wear a replica Ohio State helmet?

Replica helmets are large enough to be worn, especially when cheering for your favorite team. However, you cannot wear the replica helmet to play football as it doesn’t have any safety features to protect you from damage.

How do I clean my football helmet?

The best way to clean your helmet is to clean it with a soft fabric and mild detergent as it will help remove the smell and sweat residue left after a game. However, for a mini helmet, you can just wipe it with a soft cloth from time to time to remove dust and other dirt residues.

Final Words and Recommendation

Having acknowledged the fact that football helmets are safe, we also want to get classy, sleek, and flashy ones. And, nothing brings that more by wearing the proud, looking Ohio State football helmet.

However, having reviewed this product, give diligence and time to get the helmet that soothes you as it is no secret that all the Ohio State football helmets examined in this guide have desirable and admirable features.

With this in mind, if you desire a helmet to enable you to get all the autographs from your favorite player without digging a hole in your pocket, then the Riddel NCAA speed helmet is a perfect choice. If you love to flaunt your style like one of the Ohio State players, you should buy the Schutt helmet as you can wear while watching your favorite team play.