Schwinn Infant Helmet Reviews Children Bike Helmet

Schwinn is the last list of the bike helmet for the infants. The size of the helmet is just 44 centimeters. This is the smallest helmet found in the market.

The youngest babies like Schwinn very much which is permitted for riding on the bike.

This helmet comes with some attractive features. People like to get a durable and sturdy shell. Moreover, they like to get very soft straps which are not very hard for the baby’s head and skin.

Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle

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You want to get something which has safety standard. It must be fit for casual cruising for your bike. Finally, it should match well.

However, there are many parents who are much skeptical about the standard of the bike. It seems to some parents that the design of the helmet doesn’t match with the head of the babies.

So it doesn’t stay in a fixed place on their head. A few pulling by the baby can make it loose on their head. The helmet has a rigid locking system that saves this happening again and again.


  • Six flow vents maintains coldness
  • Lower molded shell to ensure more safety from damage
  • 360-degree interior padding method for relaxed fit
  • Dial fit gives hundred percent adjustability form smaller or larger heads.
  • Expanded rear coverage


  • Extended coverage – For more protection and safety for the lower half of the helmet.
  • Great ventilation – ventilation gives more airflow to preserve the small head comfortable and cool.
  • Dial-fit retention system – It permits an easy and quick custom fit.


  • None

Why Schwinn Infant Helmet Is Good

This helmet is good in the sense that it has six vents for allowing more air to put the head comfortable and cool.

The Schwinn helmet comes with a dial fit retention system. It ensures 100% fitting for bigger and smaller heads. It also has 360-degree internal padding method to ensure a comfortable fit.

What Do Others Say About Schwinn Infant Helmet?

I am searching a little helmet for my son. He is only three months old and his weight is only 15 pounds. I have bought a helmet for him. It is very cute and looks more secure. I have the desire to wait for more to get the best fitting.

But he will be grown up gradually and the helmet will be fit for him. So far I know this is the smallest helmet. This helmet is secure and safe in my child’s head. The get up of the helmet is unparallel.

Schwinn Infant Helmet Reviews Children Bike Helmet

Which of the brands did you think most appealed to you?

There are many reviews of the bike helmet. We hope this review will help you more to choose the best helmet for your child.

Notice the pros and cons very carefully. Think more about the things we have explained earlier in this notebook. Make every moment enjoyable. Be sure; your child feels comfort and safety as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Schwinn Infant Helmet

Question: Is the helmet perfect for two or three years old?

Answer: Yes, it also depends on the size of the head. My neighbors 6 years baby wears it properly.

Question: For which smallest size the helmet is perfect?

Answer: I am not sure about the exact size of the helmet. I have purchased this helmet for my ten-month-old son. It sets very well.

Question: What kind of buckle do you get from this helmet? Is it comes with a no-pinch magnetic buckle?

Answer: No, it has no magnetic buckle.

Question: What size head does it fit for?

Answer: It is adjustable. I am not sure about it. My boy has 25th percentile head circle at twelve months and 50th at 18 mo.  We are using it for a long time. The helmet is great and vividly smaller than my kid’s helmet.

Users Opinion About Schwinn Infant Helmet

Use the Schwinn Adjustable Fit Unicorn infant bike helmet to keep your little child secured. The amazing thing is that the chair is covered with a castle, horse, and unicorn.

It has air vent as well as full coverage interior padding to give more comfort and safety for the child.

The most prominent feather of the bike is that it has got CPSC standard. It works from ages to ages facing no difficulties.


We suggest those parents who have long desired to test the water of the biking with their babies. It is a great choice for those parents who don’t like to spend more money for such product.

The Schwinn Bike helmet costs a lot as the helmet is made with top-grade materials. We have moved further. We have told them that the Velcro needs more reinforcement to help the helmet working well.

The size of the helmet is very small. It leaves some parents keeping no other choices.

The manufacturer needs to upgrade the quality of the product. Therefore we mention quality in the last of the article at the end of the list.

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