Schwinn Infant Helmet Review: Top 3 Choices for Your Kids

When you are buying anything for your baby boy or princess girl, it’s expected that you would be choosy. Now, there’s a way of making sure that the product you are choosing is the right one.

You check out the opinions of people who have done some research on the options out there.


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Here we are offering you the reviews of the top 3 helmets produced by a good brand. Among these, you should find the best schwinn infant helmet on the market.

Go through this article to find out what these models have in store for you. We will also mention the drawbacks these come with. So, read on. 

Top Schwinn infant Helmet Review

These helmets will provide good protection for the infants. Also, they look very attractive. Here’s what we’ve learned about them.

1. Schwinn Infant bike helmet, Jungle

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Here, we are talking about a very cool-looking helmet for the little champs. You want to buy this model for the amazing ventilation it offers. Yes, we are dealing with multiple flow vents over here, 6 of them. So, the baby is going to be comfortable when it’s humid out there.

Now, it’s always a matter of concern whether a helmet would fit the little head or not. And this is where this unit will please you, as it comes with the dial fit feature. So, no matter how large or small the baby is, you will find the helmet nicely adjustable.

What’s also awesome is that the helmet has padding throughout its interior. Therefore, if you are worried about comfort, then be so no more. The padding is there to provide considerable protection if there’s any impact. You will also like the lower shell of this product. It’s perfectly molded.

Also, they’ve done a great job by extending the rear of the helmet. Now, few buyers had an issue with the adjustable ring of the helmet. It got detached during the first use for them. They were displeased with the Velcro strips that were supposed to hold the ring firmly.

So, if you are okay with buying additional straps, you should be a happy buyer with this helmet.

What we like

  • Comes with comfortable padding in the interior
  • Ventilation is satisfactory
  • The lower shell is molded for extra comfort and protection
  • Very attractive design

What we don’t like

  • The straps and adjustable ring might be flimsy for some

2. Schwinn Kids bike helmet with 3D Character Features 

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Let’s talk about another model with an interesting design. You will be excused if you think that it’s a doll or something. Yes, the teddy bear design should excite the kid, alright. And like some other units, the brand has introduced padding in the interior. It will cover the whole internal surface.

In terms of comfort, there’s nothing like a padded helmet. What’s more, you will appreciate the dial-adjustable fit technology it comes with. The feature will make sure that the fit is perfect for providing the baby with the utmost comfort. Moreover, the unit comes with a lower shell that is beautifully molded.

With such a design in place, you can expect that the helmet will last long. Also, it should keep the kid protected. Now, what about the breathability? Will it make the little one all sweaty? No, it won’t. For, there are ventilators in place to make sure that the young rider enjoys a fun riding experience.

Now, you might not be too impressed with the fact that the helmet has a gap between its safety part and the decorative part. It looks kind of cheap. But, it won’t affect the efficiency of the helmet.

Also, the shell might feel a bit lose. And they could’ve done a better job with the yellow strip. A tape wasn’t the best option, after all. So, if you can get past these facts, you are looking at a wonderful product.

What we like

  • Awesome breathability with the ventilation ports
  • Looks fascinating with the teddy bear design
  • Padding throughout the interior of the helmet
  • The lower shell is molded for extra protection

What we don’t like

  • Loose shell for some
  • The decorative part is flimsy

3. Schwinn Infant Helmet, Unicorn

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Let’s check out another cool product from the brand. Like some other models, this one comes with an eye-catching design. Yes, cuteness is overloaded in this baby helmet. Now, how comfortable will it be? Well, the little one won’t want to take it off; that’s how much.

Yes, they’ve done a good job with the ventilation of this model. 6 flow vents aren’t there for nothing. The baby won’t stand a chance to be sweaty and tired. Therefore, if you want the kid to be occupied with something, it will be a great toy to serve the purpose.

Another worth mentioning feature is the dial fit adjustability it comes with. Such a feature will keep you assured regarding the fit of the helmet. Also, there’s padding inside the unit to provide the child with extreme comfort and added protection.

Moreover, they’ve made the lower shell of this helmet molded. So, you won’t have to worry much about the safety of the baby. It will keep it away from harm’s way. What’s also incredible is that the rear of this helmet is extended. And you got to be impressed with such coverage.

Now, some customer weren’t happy at all with the choice of Velcro to make the adjustment of the helmet. For, it becomes difficult to adjust the Velcro once it’s unlatched.

And another buyer found the ring to come loose after one year of use. Also, the connection of the ring with the helmet wasn’t satisfactory for one.

What we like

  • The rear has extended coverage for added safety
  • Very cute design
  • Breathability is excellent with multiple vents
  • Padding makes it comfy

What we don’t like

  • The ring might not stay tight for too long
  • Velcro might not be the best option for adjustability

Buying Guide of Schwinn Infant Helmet

Here are the factors you need to consider before making a decision;


The look of their helmet matters a lot to the kids. In fact, it might be the most important factor for most of them.

If you buy them something that might not seem cool to them, your kid might even refuse to wear it. So, it’s important that you buy your child a helmet that has an attractive design.

However, most of the products from Schwinn are good-looking and should please your kid.

So, the look won’t be an issue for our recommendations.


It’s highly important that the helmet provides good ventilation. Otherwise, your kid won’t feel much comfortable in it.


It goes without saying that the padding must be really good. It’s important to make your child comfortable while riding. If the padding isn’t good, the helmet isn’t good; it’s as simple as that.


The most important aspect while purchasing a helmet should be safety. Because we have no control over accidents. And if your kid gets into an accident, you’ll want him to wear a helmet that can withstand the impact and protect him from any head injury.So, make sure that the helmet has good protections before investing your money. That being said, all our recommendations provide good protection to the head; otherwise, they wouldn’t be on this list.


Though all the products are reasonably priced, you should keep the price in mind. Weigh the features of the helmet against the price and then make your decision.

Why Schwinn Infant Helmet Is Good

This helmet is good in the sense that it has six vents for allowing more air to put the head comfortable and cool.

The Schwinn helmet comes with a dial fit retention system. It ensures 100% fitting for bigger and smaller heads. It also has 360-degree internal padding method to ensure a comfortable fit.

What Do Others Say About Schwinn Infant Helmet?

I am searching a little helmet for my son. He is only three months old and his weight is only 15 pounds. I have bought a helmet for him. It is very cute and looks more secure. I have the desire to wait for more to get the best fitting.

But he will be grown up gradually and the helmet will be fit for him. So far I know this is the smallest helmet. This helmet is secure and safe in my child’s head. The get up of the helmet is unparallel.

Which of the brands did you think most appealed to you?

There are many reviews of the bike helmet. We hope this review will help you more to choose the best helmet for your child.

Notice the pros and cons very carefully. Think more about the things we have explained earlier in this notebook. Make every moment enjoyable. Be sure; your child feels comfort and safety as well.

Users Opinion About Schwinn Infant Helmet

Use the Schwinn Adjustable Fit Unicorn infant bike helmet to keep your little child secured. The amazing thing is that the chair is covered with a castle, horse, and unicorn.

It has air vent as well as full coverage interior padding to give more comfort and safety for the child.

The most prominent feather of the bike is that it has got CPSC standard. It works from ages to ages facing no difficulties.

How To Clean Your Bike Helmet

Schwinn Infant Helmet (FAQs)

1. Are Schwinn infant helmets good?

Yes, they certainly are of good quality. They are well-equipped to provide your kid with the safety he/she deserves. So, you should remain worry-free regarding the safety of the helmet.

2. Are Schwinn helmets durable?

Yes, they are. However, the durability factor varies from product to product and depends on the build quality and price. But overall, all their helmets are able to last long.

3. Can Schwinn helmets withstand impact well?

Schwinn helmets have been designed in a manner that allows them to absorb impact and protect the head of the rider.

4. How tight should a helmet strap be?

After setting up the helmet, the rim should only be slightly visible. It’s a good indicator that the strap has been set fine.

5. Which Schwinn helmet is the best out there?

Though there’s not a definite answer as it depends on personal preferences and budget, my vote is for our first recommendation.

6. Is the helmet perfect for two or three years old?

Yes, it also depends on the size of the head. My neighbors 6 years baby wears it properly.

7. For which smallest size the helmet is perfect?

I am not sure about the exact size of the helmet. I have purchased this helmet for my ten-month-old son. It sets very well.

8. What kind of buckle do you get from this helmet? Is it comes with a no-pinch magnetic buckle?

No, it has no magnetic buckle.

9. What size head does it fit for?

It is adjustable. I am not sure about it. My boy has 25th percentile head circle at twelve months and 50th at 18 mo.  We are using it for a long time. The helmet is great and vividly smaller than my kid’s helmet.

Wrap Up

I hope that choosing the right Schwinn infant helmet for your baby isn’t looking so difficult anymore. Now, go through the pros and cons of the products once again before making a buying decision.


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