Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet Review

Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girl’s Helmet is great. The manufacturers tried them most to upgrade the helmet for the children. When they found a bleeding disorder case of a user, they have upgraded it.

We desire to get a helmet that will secure the head. Moreover, we hope that it would not slide backward keeping an exposed area.

Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet review

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This helmet covers the necks and protects the face of the users when they fall face-first. Our girls don’t fall the helmet on the heads to test the durability of the helmet.

We like the helmet very much as it fits well on the head. One can use the helmet on his scooter, bike, and rollerblades etc.



  • Complete adjustability for smaller and bigger heads
  • Take out visor gives security from the elements
  • Heat sealed pads ensure durability and comfort
  • 20 flow vents preserve you cool
  • Side strap adjusters help more to adjust well


  • Well, fit and totally adjustable for many years for a growing child.
  • Well constructed and long lasting
  • Sleek look as well as a nice bike helmet.


  • Price is bit higher

Which Kids Bike Helmet Should You Buy?

The bike is an important accessory at the time of riding or skating. You have to choose the best bike that your child likes to wear very eagerly. He or she would wear it to save his or her head.

The purpose of making these helmets is to protect your child from any severe injury. Sometimes this becomes the cause of someone’s death.

You have to choose a right bike helmet for your child. Moreover, you have to consider the safety of your child also.

All these bike helmets on the list are super alternative for your child. You can choose anyone from the list. Before buying any of the helmets, move and check them well.

What Others Say About Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet Review

It is a great helmet. I have bought a helmet for my eight-year-old child who has a small head. There is a knob with the helmet on the back side. It adjusts well with the little head.

The smallest setting of the helmet is very nice. She would use it for a long time. The helmet is very cool and lightweight.

Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet review

The most important feature of the helmet is that there is no objection at the time of wearing it. We have no issue getting her to use it that we faced with other helmets.

Media Review on Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet Review

Really this is a very nice helmet for the kids. I have bought a helmet for my six years old kid. Helmet used for 5 to 8 years is not constructed with great attention. But this one is gorgeous. It has lots of padding. It has nice quality straps.

By the turn of the dial located to the back, I can adjust it well same as the professional helmets. She now rides a bike and this helmet saves her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Schwinn Thrasher Youth Girls Helmet Review

Question: Is the helmet fit for my big-headed kid?

Answer: You will get adjustable headband in this helmet. So it accommodates various sized heads.

Question: What head size is accurate to fit it well? Circumstance?

Answer: The size of my head is 23 inch around. My hair is very thick. But it fits well.

Question: What should be the head circumstance to fit the helmet well?

Answer: The helmet is very big for my four years old. We have returned it.


This is a very nice product. My daughter is very happy to get such type of helmet. However, it has a crack in the back for movement from shipping since this is not included in the pack.

I have decided to return it. But my daughter likes to use it through the crack is not very big. It fits well.

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