ScorpionExo Half Helmet Review for a Safe Ride in 2020

Have you ever wondered what you might be losing using the conventional full-face helmets? A lot!

But with a revolutionary innovation like the ScorpionExo Covert Helmet, there is additional satisfaction. Amazing features you never considered to be so helpful.

They are scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet recognizes these different desires. And, satisfies them all and even more. Little wonder, many riders desire it.

This helmet works to keep you always calm, give 100% safety through your ride, and give your eyesight complete protection. 

These are a few of the fantastic features this half helmet has. Check out an in-depth review of these features in this Scorpion Covert Helmet Review.

Sometimes, we need more than just riders protection. Comfort is as well essential. And, no one leaves out their looks and eyesight whenever they ride. 

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I have every reason to give this scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet a 5-star rating review. You want to know why? Check out this Scorpion Covert Helmet Review for a detailed analysis.
The company, Scorpion, provides a protective product that sends a signal of more laying potentials to its users.

The company picks it up from their super cool ventilation system. The scorpion covert helmet comes with a ventilation system that is tune-able. This feature gives you a level of control over the level of humidity you will experience while riding.

More so, the scorpion covert helmet comes with an adjustable sun visor. The sun visor system is easy to adjust. When you pull the adjustment tab, the screens drop and get the helmet into a ¾. And, on another pull, these shades retract and get back into the half shape. That is easier than you thought it would be.

The Scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet also parades a shape-transforming rear bottom sleeve. This part of the mask helps in reducing the noise from the exhaust.

Scorpion, as the manufacturers did not stop at having a smooth and efficient visor system. This brand adds on an innovative liner to keep you staying warm. The kwikwick microbial liner is there to keep your head fresh. The liner directs the pressure and heat through the ventilation lines to keep your head focused.

Now that this scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet settles your cruise desires and some extra cushioning effect, what next? They add some additional face protection to shield you from debris and bugs that might waylay you during your ride.

The extra face masks do the magic when you attach it. The Scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet comes with swiftness and ease. The various face protective parts of this helmet make it easy for you to transit from obvious to incognito easily.

This scorpion covert helmet review exposes you to all of these distinctive add-ons in clear terms—Follow-through The following features' in-depth explanation to know more.

Top Quality and Standard Product

The scorpion covert helmet is a product made from the best quality materials. The helmet showcases that zeal to provide for every safety and comfort needs.

Foremost, the helmet comes from an advanced material known as the polycarbonate shell. This material delivers a lighter feel when in use but still with the same 100% protection.
The manufacturers dug deep into their coffers to bring up a revolutionary innovation known as “Kwikwick”. The Scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet contains this innovative microbial fabric liner.

This liner serves as a channel to redirect the humidity and heat you generate while riding to the ventilation outlets. This function keeps you fresh through the entire day ride; no matter the distance.

Scorpion as a manufacturing brand continues by adding another material of topnotch standard. Their dual-density EPS adds to the fantastic comfort and protection the helmet provides to riders whether male or female.

EPS means expanded polystyrene, and it is another way the Scorpion brand show their readiness to give only the best.

All of these standard qualities and materials are enough to make the scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet a DOT approved product. This helmet is indeed a recommended product of topnotch standard.

Equipped For All-Round Protection

If you tried out other helmets before now, you would know what it means to have the protection all round. This feature is a rare possibility amongst contemporary head protective products.

Most helmets, whether full-faced or half-faced, leaves out a portion of the protection it is to offer. This provision is readily available when you use the scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet.

The protection starts with the two different visors added to give security in different situations. When you are under a scorching sun, and you want to shield our eyesight, the SpeedView tinted visor has you covered. The tinted visor also has a coating specially made to protect you against fog as you ride through.

There is also a clear visor in this scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet designed to help at night. Do not bother. Whether during the day or night, the mask keeps you protected.

The helmet has a chin strap that makes it fit perfectly on you. It has a chin strap system designed like a double D-ring. This chinstrap makes the scorpion covert helmet stay firm on you all day.

This product keeps you protected all round as long as you have it on.

Design of ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Helmet

Besides wonderful looking, the helmet sets versatility to go with a half size helmet. This is a three quarter open helmet, what appears to be a full-sized helmet.

The magic is done by the use of 2 different components- the rear comfort sleeves and the face musk. The first one turns the covert helmet to a ¾ open face helmet.

The following one uses 2 industrial strength Neodymium magnets to adjust well with the front of the helmet in merely seconds.

One can add the comfort sleeve within few seconds as there are no magnets with it.

Removing the components requires more time then adding them. But we are talking about a minute total.

The design deals with lots of issues requiring many helmets for various environments. This small piece fits very well on in a saddle bag or the corner of a pannier. You should better not to carry the extra helmet.

Unluckily the modular size of the helmet has prevented it from acquiring a SNELL safety rate.

But the positive side is that it covers all the safety rates of DOT. So the helmet is wholly DOT approved. 

Made For Riding Ease

The helmet comes with a removable and washable front mask equipped with neodymium magnets for added ease.

The helmet also has a ventilation system. This ventilation system is aero tuned and works efficiently with the Kwikwick liner to help you remain relaxed.

The product comes with removable ear flaps also. This ear flaps add to your riding ease. You are now free from the air and sound disturbances you get while riding.

It is time for you to start enjoying pure riding ease with this scorpion Exo motorcycle helmet.

Pros & Cons of ScorpionExo Covert Helmet


  • Made From Top Quality. The helmet is a product of well-thought-out materials of top quality. From advanced polycarbonate shell to the kwikwick microbial liner, the materials used are of high quality.
  • An offer of a 3-year warranty covers the product. The helmet is returnable under these three years if found faulty. 
  • Certified and standard product. The helmet is a product of the best materials. Hence, its DOT approval.
  • The helmet comes with a bag as cover to make it easy to move. This bag improves its usage ease.
  • They work well in different situations. Whether you ride during the day or at night, this helmet covers your view needs.


  • The helmet gets loud most times. It is, however, still possible to get to work efficiently, regardless.
  • The heat still can be disturbing. But, the helmet is suitable to cool you off with the cooling vents.

Why You Choose ScorpionExo Covert Helmet

Scorpion Covert Helmet is a half lid helmet. This is undoubtedly unique and wonderfully designed.

It comes with a removable sleeve which permits the helmet to change a standard lid into a three fourth open face cycle helmet. The face mask attaches with neodymium magnet. Moreover, it is detachable.

The style and the function of this helmet are very wonderful. The shell of the helmet is smaller. So it is a negative factor.

The matte finish along with ‘S’ logo is very attractive. The building procedure is excellent. There is no sharp gap or edges like other helmets. The swap out is instant with 1 sharp tug.

The visor is in dark tinted style. The impressive matter is that it sits in a groove for a neat fit.

Watch Scorpion Covert Helmet Review 

Scorpion Covert Helmet (FAQs)

Does This Helmet Maintain The Heat Level Enough?

It works well with the heat level. There will still be heat. But, the cooling vents add to the heat maintenance also.

Can I Adjust The Visor?

The visor adjusts easily with just a single pull of the modify tab. So, whether it wants it down or up, the screen is all you need.

Can I Install A Bluetooth Or Headset?

I installed a Bluetooth myself, and it had no issues at all. The helmet works well with a Bluetooth or headset.

Is The Loudness Disturbing?

It got loud once. I was still able to use the helmet throughout that day. 

Are The Ear Flaps Removable?

You can easily remove them and wash them also.

Final Thoughts

Going plain is not always necessary. You need to enjoy more from that protective device. 

All of the features I discovered using this scorpion covert helmet are in this Scorpion Covert Helmet Review.

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy when using this helmet from the usage ease to the protection assurance.

At an affordable price, this scorpion covert helmet can be yours.

Follow the above product link to get yours today!

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