Sena Cavalry Helmet Review: Exceptional Audio Quality

The manufacture of helmets has no doubt improved the head safety of cyclists and bike riders. Riders can now ride with confidence since they are assured of security. This also translates to better riding performance.

These days, riders are looking beyond just wearing a helmet for the sole purpose of protection. Some manufacturers understand this – that’s why they have come up with innovative ideas to improve their products. We are going to discuss one of such helmets in this Sena Cavalry helmet review.


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Thanks to advancements in technology, helmet manufacturers have incorporated innovative features, like Bluetooth connectivity into a helmet. With this Bluetooth connectivity, riders can make hands-free calls and do a couple of other things without taking their helmets off.

Read along while we take you through our comprehensive review of the sena cavalry helmet, and why it’s a great buy.

Sena Cavalry Helmet Review

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If you are a lover of hands-free capabilities, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t like to have the sena cavalry helmet mounted on your head.

Sena is the first helmet company to integrate the Bluetooth function in a helmet. The inclusion of this feature has made the brand grow popular amongst bikers.

Sena Cavalry is a quality half helmet with Bluetooth functionality that can keep you connected at all times. That means you can call when you want to, listen to music when you want to, and chat as well.

The best thing about this half helmet is that you don’t have to halt your bike somewhere to do any of these. It comes integrated with built-in speakers with active noise control and wind reduction to deliver crystal clear sounds and seamless audio. So even at high speeds, your helmet speakers would still be able to deliver clear voice communication without wearing a headset.

Sena’s speakers are constructed in a way that it doesn’t cover the ears directly. The speakers sit above your ears, and the auxiliary pads help to control the amount of noise that goes to it.

Despite having built-in communication capabilities and since it’s still a helmet, it did not deviate from its essential role in protecting your head. It is made with a sturdy fiberglass shell that can offer some advanced head protection.

Still looking for a quality Bluetooth-integrated helmet? There is no doubt that the sena cavalry helmet would make an excellent choice. It’s a fun helmet that will make your ride an eventful and pleasurable.

Pros & Cons of Sena Cavalry Helmet


  • Easy Control Buttons – There are three buttons on the helmet that virtually controls everything that you want to do. The “+” on the button increases the volume. When you hold it for 2 seconds, it will skip a song. The same goes for the “-“. Press it, and it turns down the volume. The buttons are fantastic and feel good on the hand.
  • Right Fit – The sizing guide of the helmet is published on Sena’s website. So finding the right fit isn’t complicated. Once you have got your size, it shouldn’t be difficult fitting on your head. The helmet is somewhat oval than round. So you should be more careful with the sizing.
  • Tough Shell – You don’t have to worry about getting head injuries the first time if you should get yourself involved in a crash. The shell of this helmet is fiberglass and should be able to withstand any significant hit.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality – You can make clear phone calls and listen to music wirelessly without noise interference.
  • Comfortable – Sena can stay on your head for long hours, and you won’t feel any kind of neck strain. The helmet is made of semi-soft materials that are quite comfy.
  • Long-lasting Battery – With Sena, you get 10 hours of standby mode and 3 hours of talk time.


  • No Venting – It’s no surprise that there are no vents on this helmet. It’s a half-face helmet, and like all half-face helmets, venting is not an option. However, you won’t feel all that sweaty since your face is constantly exposed to the wind.

Features of Sena Cavalry Helmet

Quality Half-Face Helmet

The Sena Cavalry Bluetooth half helmet is a quality, low-profile helmet with a 10R function that you can toggle off or on for hands-free usage. Sena did well to integrate the Bluetooth controls and speakers in such a way that it doesn’t affect the real purpose of the helmet – which is to protect your head.


The design of this helmet is incredible. It gives you the protection and comfort that you need due to the fiberglass composite material shell. Fiberglass material is known for its sturdiness, and since the shell of this helmet is fiberglass, safety is maximized.

With the aerodynamic build, you can even ride faster through the wind without any drag. There is no debating about the quality of this helmet.


When we talk about safety, we mean how reliable the helmet can be should it get involved in a crash. Fortunately, the Sena Cavalry helmet exceeds all DOT requirements. So you can ride with the assurance that you are safe, no matter what.


The interior fabric is not that soft but comfortable at least. You will not feel stuffy while riding in hot weather conditions. Since it’s a half helmet, you will get all the air that you need, which is not bad.

Sena CAVALRY helmet

In addition to being comfortable, the helmet comes equipped with a D-ring retention system that gives the helmet a snug fit. This retention system keeps the helmet in its place. A combination of the interior pads and the D-ring system ensures that your head doesn’t feel any pain or pressure during cushioning.

Noise Reduction

Cavalry helmet is engineered to provide users hands-free, noiseless, and hassle-free communication. With the inclusion of the Noise Control System, the system can detect any unwanted sound that may interfere with the audio and cancel it out. This means that you can listen to music, FM radio, chat with your friends without turning up the volume. Speakers could be a little overwhelmed if the speed exceeds 70 mph.


The Sena Cavalry is just like every other half-face helmet when it  comes to being lightweight. Sena weighs approximately 3 pounds, which makes it incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the head.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity is probably the strongest feature of the Sena helmet. The Bluetooth version is 4.1, which is best in terms of power-saving. This latest version allows for uninterrupted connection and seamless sharing of files with other riders.

Sena CAVALRY Bluetooth helmet

Still, on the Bluetooth function, it’s strong enough to support four riders and cover an intercom distance of 900 meters. So you can chat seamlessly with your pals, share a playlist, and listen to GPS directions. Users can enjoy hassle-free communication.


Sena Cavalry helmet is a quality half helmet that delivers excellent and crystal clear sound. Unlike some Bluetooth-enabled helmets, this one is loud, which makes it ideal for use in windy areas.

Besides delivering crystal clear audio, Sena added the Advanced Noise Control and wind noise reduction features to help reduce noise while riding. Wind noise There is also the addition of SBC Codec and volume control, all of which contribute to enhancing the audio quality of the helmet.


How to Pair Your Device with the Sena Cavalry Bluetooth System

  • Linking up your device with the Sena Cavalry Bluetooth system is simple. All you have to do is do the following;
  • Press and hold the Call Button for some seconds until you hear Phone Pairing.
  • Now, make sure your Bluetooth-enabled device’s visibility is on. Search for Bluetooth devices and select Sena 10R when it’s available.
  • Some phones don’t require a PIN to confirm the configuration. However, if asked, enter 0000 as the PIN.
  • Your mobile phone will confirm that pairing has been successful and that the Sena half helmet is ready for use.
  • If pairing is not successfully completed within three minutes, Sena will be on stand-by mode. The problem may lie on your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Toggle it off and on and continue from step 2.

Sena Helmet Instructions

  • Store the helmet in a cool, dry place after usage.
  • Avoid water or other forms of liquid touching the helmet. The helmet has some electrical components that will react badly to water or any other liquid touching it. The water may damage its functions.
  • Make sure you take off the helmet while charging. It could electrocute you.
  • Use a compatible USB AC adapter to charge the helmet when it’s low on power.
  • As regards the charging, you can either plug the helmet into a computer’s USB port or via a wall outlet with an AC adapter.
  • If you are not sure of your helmet’s battery power, press and hold the center button and the “+” button for two to three seconds, the headset will power on with a voice prompt announcing the battery level.
  • Alternatively, you can check if your headset is low by checking it visually. When LEDs move from blue to red, it’s an indication the headset is low, and that’s when you should plug your headset.

Sena Cavalry Helmet(FAQs)

What is the size chart for this helmet?

There is a size chart on their website.

Can you plug in a wired headphone?

This is a Bluetooth-enabled device. There is no need for plugging a wired headphone.

Can you use earbuds with this system?

Yes. The earbuds are useful in controlling wind noise when riding at a speed above 70 mph.

Where can I purchase Sena additional accessories?

You can purchase earbuds and other additional accessories on the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.

How long does the battery life last if you are listening to the radio?

You get 8 hours.

Final Thoughts

If you want a helmet that is beyond providing head safety, there is no arguing that the Sena Cavalry is worth considering. The construction is outstanding, and since it’s lightweight, you are comfortable wearing it. It comes with cutting-edge features that we have already discussed in this Sena Cavalry helmet review.

Riders get immediate satisfaction after purchasing this helmet. It is stylish, comes with an in-built communication system, and is arguably the best Bluetooth-enabled helmet available. The features justify the huge price tag slammed on it

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