Sena Momentum Helmet Review: INC Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Sena is one of the best in manufacturing bike communicators, as they have pretty outstanding designs and performance. However, nothing is as striking as the company delved into the world of helmets with its momentum line of helmets.

We know how much you love to enjoy your motorcycle ride underneath the blue skies and warmth. Nothing brings such joy than listening to whatever tune you choose, with a bright, sound speaker and Bluetooth system.


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You wouldn’t want to start fiddling with wires or attaching a Bluetooth device to the side of your helmet. Imagine all that discomfort, which is why we want to introduce this Sena momentum helmet with a well-integrated Bluetooth communication system and other efficient helmet functions.

In the Sena momentum helmet review, you will get first-hand information on the helmet’s fantastic performance and how you can get the best from it.

Sena Momentum Helmet Review

Last update on 2023-05-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Sena Momentum INC Full Face Street Motorcycle Helmets

A Sena momentum helmet is everything you need to keep your motorcycle riding stressless while enjoying the long, leisurely ride.

For the most part, the Sena helmet has somewhat changed the overall riding experience with its composite fiberglass shell.

If you are someone driven with the passion of music and the tangles of wire just drive you crazy, get thankful, as Sena is back in the game with their momentum helmet.

The Momentum is so outstanding in terms of tech with its Sena 20s communication system. It means that you can communicate with eight of your friends through the wireless intercom at a distance of 1.2 miles.

The Sena Inc helmet also uses a universal intercom protocol to pair with both Sena and non-Sena users.

What’s more intriguing about the helmet is the intelligent noise control (INC), that helps to curb the noise’s sound so you can say goodbye to earplugs. So, you can turn it on while on the highway to enjoy a noiseless ride.

Another fact of the INC is its ability to enhance the sound of the outside world. As you ride, you don’t have to remove your helmets to carry on with a conversation.

The momentum vent option is incredible with both crown and chin inlet vents and a rear exhaust vents for expelling hot air. More so, it has a multi-density EPS liner.

The comfort interior liner is removable and washable. You will also love the breath guard and chin curtain that Sena has integrated into this helmet.

Also, pairing your device to the Momentum is easy and straightforward, with excellent audio quality when listening to music or making calls.

Pros & Cons of Sena Momentum Helmet


  • It is voice-activated – While you are playing songs, calling or answering calls, you don’t have to switch buttons. All you have to do is to tell the system what to do.
  • Noiseless – The Momentum is so silent that no one will tell if you are on a motorcycle and even on speed when you are on a call.
  • Long battery life – The Momentum battery life is excellent as you can use it for a couple of weeks and even make long phone calls.
  • Well-ventilated – The helmet has excellent ventilation to keep you well supplied with fresh air as you ride.
  • EPS Liner – the EPS interior liner allows for more comfort as you ride. It also acts as a shock absorber in times of impacts.
  • Full face lid – The full helmets face helps to protect the rider from the impact of wind and other road hazards.


  • Sun visor – The absence of a sun visor makes it a bit difficult to wear during sunny days, but you can always get a face shield.

Features of Sena momentum helmet


Everything Sena offers seems pretty standard. Their shell is durable and robust with composite fiberglass and helmet consisting of anti-scratch and Uv resistant built. The Inc momentum helmet comes in glossy or matte designs.


All Sena helmets have proper venting systems. The Momentum has both a top and chin vent system to ensure their customers get the best supply of fresh air. Also, there is the presence of back vents used for expelling hot exhaust air.


The Sena motorcycle helmet has soft paddings made of EPS liner. The momentum liner is detachable, washable, and dries on time.


Like most high tech helmets, the Momentum has a Bluetooth system. However, it comes with a top Bluetooth system of 4.1 with up to twenty hours of talk time.

The momentum Bluetooth system will allow you to pair up to 8 pals in its intercom and enable you to speak with them in a 2.4 mile. The Bluetooth is also so easy to use and pair with your devices.


In case you are wondering what the INC in the Momentum stands for, it means Intelligent noise control. It means the moment can keep the noise of the breeze as you speed across the highway.

And, unlike other helmets that require you to remove your headgear before you can make a call. The Momentum doesn’t as it allows you to enhance the sound of the outside world.

Why Should you Buy a Sena Momentum Helmet?

Although the Sema helmet is pricey, the mask, to a large extent, offers a lot of comfort and functions. Below are other reasons why you need to buy the helmet.

Durable Material

Sena is a company with mastery in the act of integrated technology, and the durability of their helmet is commendable. It has a shell surface made of fiberglass and a multi-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) interior.

Amazingly, with the tech-qualities of Sena helmet, it offers much quality, which makes it different from other masks in the market.

Strong Battery

If one of the features you love to get from a helmet is a healthy battery life, then the Momentum will not disappoint.

The battery charges in about 2.5 hours, and you can use it consistently for 6 to 8 hours for listening to songs, calls, and more.

Ensures Safety

Frankly, this is where Sena duffs the hat over other helmets. It has a Pinlock visor mechanism, which is pretty decent to use. The double D-ring strap is also of a high standard.

DOT Approved

The Momentum meets the safety standard certification test set out by the United States DOT (Department of Transport) and ECE of Europe. The helmet is thereby proven to stand the severe force test to confirm that it is resilient and robust enough.

How to Pair Sena momentum Helmet with Your Mobile Phone Device

To pair your Sena Momentum Bluetooth-integrated helmet with your phone or any other Bluetooth device, you have to pair the devices together first. This enables them to recognize and communicate with one another when they are within range.

Press and hold the phone button for 5 seconds after turning on your SMH10 until the LED on the system displays the red and blue light at intervals. Then, the system will beep multiple times.

When this happens, wait until you hear the voice prompt, saying, “Phone Pairing.”

After activating the phone pairing in the configuration menu, go to the Bluetooth device on your phone and select Sena Momentum (Sena SMH10) in the list of devices.

If your phone requests for a PIN, enter 0000, however, some mobile devices do not request for the PIN.

If your mobile device shows that the pairing is successful and the SMH10 is ready to use, you will hear a voice confirmation from the Sena Bluetooth system indicating that your headset is paired.

However, if the pairing process is not successful, the SMH10 will get back to its stand-by-mode. But, If you follow these instructions correctly, your Sena helmet Bluetooth will successfully pair with your device, and you can start using it.

How to Use Sena Bluetooth Intercom

Connecting your helmet intercom with your friends can be quite challenging, especially when connecting with numerous friends. However, here is how to connect and enjoy a seamless intercom conversation with your friends.

Two-way Intercom

To connect your intercom with one of your friends, tap the Jog Dial once to join the first friend, double-tap to connect the second friend.

However, terminating the intercom connection requires just a single tap of the Jog Dial as double-tapping or triple tapping is irrelevant.

Three-way Intercom

If you want to connect two of your friends (B & C) with SMH10 to your intercom, start an intercom group call with B or let B begin the conversation with you. Then, the third party, C, can get into the conversation by connecting with you, A. This way, you and your friends will be successfully having a three-way conversation.

However, in a three-way conversation, mobile phone connections will be terminated, but when one party disconnects, the mobile phone connection will reconnect automatically. In case of an incoming call, you can end the conference call to reconnect the mobile phone to receive a call.

To disconnect the three-way intercom with both A and B, press Jog Dial for one second. But if you want to disconnect it from A or B, tap the Jog Dial either once or twice, respectively. 

Sena Momentum Bluetooth-Integrated Helmets Video Review

Sena Momentum Helmet(FAQs)

How do I turn on the Sena momentum helmet?

Turn it on by pressing and holding both the power and center button for one second. You can also use the same method to turn off the device.

Does the helmet have a voice note?

Of course, yes! It is one of the distinct qualities we spoke about earlier in the Sema momentum helmet review section. The voice command system will enable you to ask the helmet to play songs, take calls, and do other tasks without taking your hands from the motorcycle.

Can I charge the Bluetooth system with my computer?

Yes. The Bluetooth system of the helmet is chargeable using the supplied USB power cable plugged to your computer. Besides that, you can also charge it through a good outlet using the data cable attached to a USB equipped AC adapter.

Can I factory reset my helmet Bluetooth system?

Yes. You can erase all your settings and begin again using factory reset features in the system.

Can Sena pair with other brands?

Sena has a universal pairing system that pairs with a non-Sena Bluetooth headset, although you can match the headset with only one non-Sema Bluetooth headset.

Final Thoughts

We know the pain and disappointment you face when buying a product that doesn’t meet your expectation, which is why we have brought you the Sena momentum helmet review.

The Momentum is a sleek and efficient product that makes it all easy to have a safe. With the Momentum, riding with a full-face helmet is pretty enjoyable as the inner lining is soft and well-aerated, so you will not be sweating.

Although its price is quite high, the build of the Sena motorcycle is worth more than its price. It is a healthy choice if you love to have fun when heading for a long motorcycle journey.