Shark Raw Helmet Review

Shark is a renowned company when it comes to making premium helmets. The company has dared the helmet business with its innovative veteran helmet.

Since a helmet is of utmost importance to any rider, one must pay attention to the type and quality of helmet to purchase. Having said all that, if you are searching for a mask with exceptional protection and quality, consider the Shark Drak Helmet.


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Although it’s not an off-road helmet, the helmet will help manifest your dreams of looking like a real Aviator.

Formerly known as Shark raw helmet, the helmets feature an off-road style goggle, face mask, and some other features which we will be sharing in this Shark raw helmet review.

Shark Raw Helmet Review

Last update on 2023-05-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Shark Drak helmet has come into the helmet world with innovation at a much higher level than they were before. The mask will give you a badass look you have always craved. Let’s discover why this helmet has been so well spoken of by various users.

The Shark Motorcycle helmet comes with a bottom polyurethane mouthguard that is removable to transform this full face mask into a more classy ¾ shell mask most people are fond of.

The helmet is safe and offers everything. Meaning, you can get a full face mask to protect you during the snowy, sunny, rainy, or windy day as well as grant you the freedom to amass as much breeze as you can on a hot day.

Additionally, the helmet features a detachable faceguard. What the faceguard does is that it supplies you with a substantial amount of air with its large vents. It also helps prevent excessive wind during the cold weather. However, the faceguard is made of plastic and prevents insects from entering your mouth.

There is also the presence of an easily detachable and detachable google. All you have to do is to place it on top of the helmet if you don’t need them, or completely take them off. The goggle is also anti-fog, anti-scratch, and has a double lens for a clearer vision. The Shark Drak helmet is also suitable for prescription glass users and line with soft material to provide optimum comfort.

Amazingly, the helmet also comes with a padded chin strap for more safety and fits appropriately with the Double-D ring. It also features a natural bamboo fiber liner that dries fast and channeled to offer sufficient air supply.

The face mask it comes with is there to give sufficient protection against the grits from the road. Impressively, this thermoplastic shell helmet built also meets the DOT of the US and the ECE of Europe for safety assurance.

Pros & Cons of Shark Raw Helmet


  • Excellent Venting System – The helmet provides sufficient air supply through the holes in the face masks and a top vent to supply air to the head. Its open-face option makes it easy to get it off, thus opening you to a massive air supply.
  • Safe option – The goggle will grant you protection from dirt and dust. It is also anti-fog and scratch-resistant for a more unobstructed view of your tracks.
  • Comfortable – The inner liner is detachable and washable to give you less for maintaining.
  • Communicator ready – The helmet comes with a pre-set Bluetooth set-fit with speaker pockets.


  • The helmet produces little noise when running at a very high speed, but the sound is insignificant as it stops at a lower rate and does not reduce the protective nature of it.

Features of Shark Raw Helmet

Shell construction

The shell of the Raw helmet make is of injected thermoplastic material for reliable and robust use. It will help protect you from substantial impacts as its construction is to absorb impact during crashes.

The helmet also comes in two shell sizes to give a slim and compact fit with its matte black flanks and glossy black center strip for a stylish look.


The ventilation system of the Shark Raw helmet comprises large vents on the mask, which is adjustable by sliding forward and backward. It also has vents on the facemask that cannot be closed.

The upper ventilation system channeling is in such a way that it allows optimum distribution of air.

However, the mouth guard design provides the system with sufficient air supply without excessive wind. It does not offer any protective abilities other than to protect your mouth from dust and bugs.


The Shark Raw Motorcycle Helmet comes with a broad view for more details of your surroundings. Its off-road visor protection for providing maximum protection of the eyes from wind and dust.

The goggle is quite different from the regular glass as it comes with clear optics on an excellent vision while protecting your sight from dust.

The helmet’s visor is also anti-scratch and anti-fog and is activated or deactivated with a quick-release system.


The helmet’s inner lining comes with a natural fiber built to give a soft and comfortable feel. It is also fully detachable and washable.


The Drak comes with an adjustable ratchet strap to secure fastening and fit. The ratchet has a quick-release system that is accessible even with gloves.

The chin strap is also padded and fitted with the double -d ring. The goggles also foam lined to prevent eye irritation when riding at high speed.

 The helmet is also DOT, and ECE Approved.

Bell Rogue vs. Shark Raw

There are a lot of differences between the Bell Rogue and Shark Raw helmet.

First, let’s talk about the mouth guard. The Roge by Bell comes with a muzzle that protects the nose, especially during cold weather, and you can easily detach it when the weather is perfect.

On the other hand, Shark Raw has a mouthguard with inbuilt vents to allow you to breathe comfortably in cold and hot weather.

The Shark Raw comes with three different ways to rock it, while Rogue has just two wearing patterns with or without the muzzle.

Finally, the front of the Rogue has no inner padding, just a thin cloth. It also comes in three shell sizes.

Shark Raw Helmet Video Review

Shark Raw Helmet(FAQs)

What do I do if my visor does not close properly?

In a case when your visor doesn’t fit properly, which occurs on a rare occasion with the Shark raw helmet. However, you can always spray a silicone seal on the upper seal. You can also refer to your user manual on how to adjust it.

How do I know the strap fastener that would suit me?

There are two types of fasteners available, the Double D and the micro lock. However, both are secure and safe options, but if you use your helmet for sports, touring, and others, you should choose the Double D lock mask.

Conversely, if you use your helmet for fun, then you should get the micrometric loop.

How many ways can I wear the Shark Helmet?

There are about three ways you can wear your Shark helmet. First, you can wear it in the full face style where you have the mouth guard and the google in place.

Then, you can wear it by removing the mouth guard and leaving the goggles in place.

Finally, you can wear it, so both the mouth guard and the goggle are removable. It is known as the open face configuration as you have your entire face free to receive the cool breeze.

How can I clean the helmet?

When washing the helmet, ensure to use just the ordinary hand and face washing soap and warm water. You can start by detaching the interior, then soak it in soapy water. After washing, rinse, and allow to air dry. You can wipe the surface of the helmet using a soft damp cloth.

What sizes of the helmet are available?

The helmet is available in both medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Final Thoughts

Having gotten to the end of the Shark Raw helmet review, the Shark helmet is nothing short of the best.

Firstly, as an open face helmet, it produces little noise and offers maximum comfort with its interior natural fiber build.

Although it is an open-faced helmet, it comes with a faceguard to offer a substantial amount of safety with its thermoplastic material. The functionality of the mask is also commendable, kudos to Shark.

The design and style of the helmet is the definition of ninja/street fighter, and we just love it spooky. So, if you love the Aviator-look, as we do, then the mask is pretty much what you need.