Shoei GT-Air Reviews

With the accident recorded form motorcycle riders, it is evident that the quality and durability of a helmet be considered before making a purchase. And as such, most companies have given due diligence and research to ensure that motorcycle riders get maximum protection from their headgear.


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And, amongst these companies determined to effect a change in the helmet industry is Shoei. Shoei has been releasing helmets that do not just offer maximum protection to its user but also provide comfort while adding class and style to their game.

Having these outstanding qualities and more is the reason for this is Shoei GT-Air review. Here, we will be checking some of the company’s unique and attractive inventions, including one of the newest full face helmet inventions, the Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet.

Shoei GT-Air Reviews

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If you need to purchase a quiet and super quality helmet to serve for an all-season ride, then, the Shoei GT-Air helmet is what you need.

The helmet has an optional Sena SRL 2 comm system specially designed for the GT-Air 2. It makes installing the device very easy. All you have to do is insert the battery and controller in their designated area, put the speaker into the precut area, and place the microphone in the chin bar. Viola!

The device comes with a compact, aerodynamic shell made of Multi-ply Matrix AIM material of fiberglass, organic fibers, and polyester resin. These are well interwoven to give a well structured, and durable material for resisting substantial impacts.

It is coupled with an EPS liner of various form densities to give a comfortable, lightweight build that offers total comfort while providing outstanding support and protection.

The interior is detachable, washable, and dries quickly, making it easy to maintain and remove dampness. The helmet also features a micro-ratchet chinstrap with 100 percent steel material to ensure a well fit and fixed helmet positioning.

The chin strap is also adjustable, meaning you can always adjust it to the preset size using the fine-tune ratchet to get your desired fit. Very comfortable and secure.

There’s also the drop-down visor that comes with a sun shield and allows you to get an accurate view of your environment while protecting you from the scorching sun rays.

The helmet also has a fantastic venting system for maximum air supply. It has an adjustable upper vent that can be adjusted easily even with gloves on, with two inlet vents for a seamless amount of fresh air. There are also five exhaust vents that help to expel hot air, making the helmet the definition of both efficiency and productivity.

When riding on the Shoei GT-Air 2 helmets, get ready to be given a maximum noiseless ride. It also features a CNS-1 face shield with Pinlock. And, you can open the screen for more venting and defogging options.

Pros & Cons of Shoei GT-Air


  • Hardshell – The matrix AIM layered built the helmet safe and durable to overcome harsh force.
  • Convenient – The compact, lightweight construction, and soft layered EPS interior paddings make the helmet comfortable. It also makes it easy to ride for extended distances without neck cramps.
  • Maintenance – The helmet’s removable and washable interior makes maintaining the mask easy. It also dries fast, so it’s goodbye to sweaty, smelly helmets.
  • Safe – The helmet’s adjustable chinstrap gives an even and well-fitted to the head, therefore enhancing safety.
  • Noiseless – The helmet offers a quiet option, so it is goodbye to the noise of wind or when at high speed.


  • The helmet is tight around the edge which makes removing and wearing it challenging, but with a little bit of pressure, it becomes easy.

What to consider before buying a Shoei GT-Air helmet?


The weight of a helmet is of utmost importance as a substantial and bulkier helmet can result in neck cramps.

Shoei gt air helmet, unlike other masks, with a lightweight, sleek design and colorful interface to give you a sporty and classy look.

Shell Material

Before buying the Shoei gt air helmet, the shell built will intrigue you. Its construction entails the combination of fiberglass, organic fibers, and polyester material to give a robust and lightweight finish. Therefore, ensuring both comfort and optimum safety.


The helmet comes with high vent options of the top, chin, and exhaust vents for maximum air supply.

The vents of the GT are also adjustable and easy to operate, even with gloves. So, during warm climates, you can decide to open it a little for some inlets of fresh air.


Unlike other helmets, the GT-Air helmet is as noiseless that you don’t have to wear an earplug while driving on speed on the highway

Comfortable Fit

The Shoei is known for producing excellent fitted helmets, and the Shoei air is no exception.

The helmet has a snug fit that grips you comfortable with zero pressure point or gap. It also has a D-ring strap that is easy to use and gives you total confidence that it won’t lose.

Why You Should Choose Shoei Helmet

From the onset, Shoei has been making outstanding and revolutionary helmets for decades. They are known for their innovative designs as they were the first to create the world’s first vented helmet, even now, the company has not given up in the business of inventions. Here are some of their outstanding features.

Durable Material

Shoei always takes time to diligently give every detail of their helmet production from the designs to construction and even the testing of their helmet to ensure it meets up to standard. It is not surprising that they have one of the latest helmet technology.

High testing technology

Shoei uses the wind testing program, which is one of the best programs for helmet optimization. They undergo this testing to ensure more improved helmet production in ventilation, less noise, and an aerodynamically stable helmet.

Experienced workers

The company has over 50 professional workers who are keen on their job. And, before each product gets to the market, diligent scrutiny is carried out on it.


It is one of Shoei’s most amazing stand-out qualities. Unlike most companies that offer two years or one year warranty for their product, Shoei provides a five-year warranty on products from the date of purchase or a seven-year warranty from the manufacturer’s date. And you have to choose the one that best suits you.

Customer Support

The company has one of the best customer support centers, no wonder they are among the best helmet producing companies. They also ensure their customers get due guidance by providing detailed helmet manuals and other options to add the efficient usage of their product.

Is Shoei GT Air Helmet Worth the Money?

Yes. The helmet comes in strong and durable materials. It also offers maximum comfort and safety as it snugs in such a way that it provides total fit in all areas of your head.

It is also easy to switch the shields to allow it defog as it is possible to even with gloves on. It’s lightweight and low wind buffering function is also an added advantage.

Shoei GT-Air Motorcycle Helmet Video Review

Shoei GT-Air(FAQs)

Where can I buy the Shoei Helmet?

Shoei does not retail their helmet from the company; however, you can buy it online from reliable sites like Amazon.

Where is Shoei made?

Shoei helmet design and manufacture take place in Japan. However, it is sold and distributed around the globe.

Does the Shoei helmet come with a warranty?

Yes. When you buy a Shoei helmet, you get a five-year warranty from the date of purchase or seven years from the manufacturing date.

How long can I use my Shoei helmet?

We are aware that with time, the material built of our helmets weakens, and this happens regardless of how much we use it or not. However, you can use your headgear for a maximum of five years after the purchase date and or seven years from the date of production.

Where can I find the production date of my helmet?

You can find the production date of your helmet on the sticker below the center pad. It’s either imprinted in month/day/year or 150919, which means September 19th, 2015.

Final Thoughts

It is unarguable that Shoei is a company known for great inventions, even as revealed in this Shoei GT-Air review. There is no doubt that the Shoei gt air helmet offers more than every user’s expectation.

The helmet construction is precision with durable shell and paddings to the end that every user is impressed with the usage. Its low noise and excellent venting system is an added advantage.

Although it’s expensive, the Shoei GT-Air helmet is worth every penny with its detailed and structured built and designs that differentiated it to perfection. On this premise, we gladly recommend it.