Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet Review

Shoei is a well-known helmet brand across the globe. They have mastery in the production of helmets, especially when it comes to producing durable and long-lasting modular helmets.

The company brings more light into the helmet industry as they make helmet designs for all-purpose ridings, such as motorcycle riding, ADV touring, and other purposes.


Ever since the emergence of the company to the market, users have been so impressed with the build. It's outstanding built and function has made it a notch higher than other modular helmets. This and more is what we will be sharing in the Shoei Neotec helmet review.

So, without wasting more time, let's consider one delve into the features of one of the company's products.

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet Review

Shoei Neotec Gloss Black Modular Helmet - Large
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design
  • Flip-Up Chin Bar and Face Shield
  • 3D Interior Liner System
  • Standards: DOT 218
  • Construction: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) materials

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Shoei Neotec 2 Adult Street motorcycle helmet

If you are a motorcycle rider that engages in a lot of on and off-track movement, then a Shoei Neotec modular helmet is right for you.

The helmet has an aerodynamic design that makes it reliable for cutting through the extensive wind while reducing drag and speed. Thus, reducing neck pressure as you drive down the road, giving you incredible and seamless riding experience.

It comes in three shell sizes, which makes it compatible to fit different types of head comfortably. There is also the presence of a multi-piece EPS liner that protects the head from substantial impacts while providing you with a soft and fantastic feel. Furthermore, the liner is channeled to give maximum all-round ventilation.

Also, the helmet has a sun visor to protect its rider from the direct impact of the sun while giving you a clear vision of the road. The sun visor can activate with a single button push and is also compatible to wear with non-prescription glasses.

Nonetheless, you don't have to worry about safety as the Shoei Neotec is DOT approved. Meaning, it has gone through the toughest of tests to prove its lightweight, durability, and function.

Pros & Cons of Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet


  • Increased Comfort - The helmet's inner liner is built with soft EPS materials which protect the head from a strong impact. The EPS liner is also channeled to provide maximum air circulation.
  • Multiple Functions - It has a dual visor system that is suitable for use in any weather condition.
  • Easy to use - The sun visor activates with just the push of a button.
  • Compatible with Glasses - The Shoei flip-up helmet is significant enough to accommodate non-prescription glasses.


  • It produces a little rattling noise when used at high speed. However, this is not a problem as it does not reduce the effectiveness of the helmet.

The Basics of Shoei Modular Helmet

People who like the versatility of modular helmet 1 model is fit for them. It is nothing but the Shoei Multitec. At present Shoei is adamant which the Neotec isn’t an outright replacement for the Multitec. The Neotec seems very familiar after reviewing of five minutes. This is same as the Multitec but every feature and detail is improved enough.

Mutitec is very favorite to the riders. Most improvement has done to the integrated sun visor and to the strengthened locking mechanism that I have got later on.

The Shoei Neotec feels and looks same as the high-quality helmet. The finish and materials are top-notch. We also get better service from the Shoei. Some users don’t like modular helmets as these aren’t structurally strong like full faced helmets. They require more reinforcements to improve the quality of the modular helmet.

Moreover, there is the flip-up mechanism. It implies that modular helmets may wind up being very heavy. The Neotec helmet is heavy if you compare it with a full face helmet, but luckily. I feel no problem though I use it for a long time.

Shell and Materials

In Neotec helmet there is the combination of fiberglass with organic fibers. So the shell of the helmet is long durable and endures high levels of impacts. Shoei is always making helmet by considering the safety features of riders. Manufacturers are always ready to provide good materials with the helmet.

Shell and Materials

The shell of the Neotech is made in such a way that makes it extra aerodynamic. So you notice the indentation and upgraded areas of the shell. Aerodynamics make the flow of helmet smoothly through the air instead of catching it same as the sail on a sailboat.

The main goal of a modular helmet is to reduce the resistance of the air. If you open up close the helmet, you get little air resistance. Therefore the shell is made in such a way which allows the flow of air over and around it rather than catching it. So it reduces the noise made by air.

Modular Design

The most important feature of this helmet is that you will see the Neotec is a modular design. So far this is the most appealing feature of this helmet. It may transform a full faced helmet into an open-faced helmet by pressing the button on it.

You may think that there is the compromise of the design with the helmet. But the reality is that there is no compromise. It has a locking system with the Shoei which locks the chin bar into a place. You will get this benefit when it is in full-faced position. The locking system is tested on and off the road. It has been proven to withstand great impact collisions just like the benefit of a full face helmet.

The main benefit of the modular design is that you may open it fully for good ventilation. It keeps your face and heads cool though the day is sweltering. During winter, you may close the front chin bar and can use it as a full face helmet. The whole thing seems that you are using two helmets in one and getting the benefit of both styles.

There is no need to be worried about the safety features of the helmet. It fulfills the safety rating of the DOT standard. This means that the helmet has been tested well from every protective angle during impact collisions.

The Interior

The interior of the Shoei is exceptionally well padded and plusher. All lining is removable as well as washable. You may open as a section of the pad which will be perfect fitting. We are still using Shoei which is uncomfortable. The Neotec may be more comfortable. I can surely say that if it doesn’t fit well.There is something wrong with your head.

The Interior

Neotec gives more comfort and ensures security. Lastly, it is well protected. There is enough space in the ear pocket to keep speakers so that you may install a communication system.

From the Inside Out

The Neotec helmet has undergone a series of tests inside the wind tunnel to make it more aerodynamic. This is a very important feature. The modular helmet generates more noise which it’s full face counterparts. This helmet features with three ports. Two are located on the front and one is to the back. The air intake close to the chin gives you enough breezes. It sends air right up that makes a tad more noise. But I can surely say that during summer you have no objection.

The vent has three different setting to the forehead area. One of them removes hot air very effectively. This problem isn’t their efficiency. The only problem is that it is complicated to operate while using a glove. I would like to say that I have never faced such problem with the Neotec.


The flow of air is very excellent of this helmet. When you open the vent, you can get a nice flow of water. I got up to speed and found the air flow is 275% more than in the Multitec. After examining the specs of the helmet, it turns out really number is 276%.

The Face Shield

A pin-lock anti-fog visor comes with the face shield. It’s very amazing particularly for commuting or touring as you ride through less than ideal weather. I am still failed to fog the face shield.

The detents are accurately done. Therefore you can put the visor cracked open for the flow of air. I have tested Shoei. I got the face shield removal. It is not very simple to detect but quick and easy to operate all time.

Sun Visor

The inside drops down sun visor give more visibility and more coverage. The buttons are a bit difficult to activate by feel. It may be the mistake of the users. It will be second nature if one uses it more times.

Chin Bar

Release system of the chin bar is unproblematic. It comes with incredible and firm detents to put it in place of its raised position. When I close it, I feel a problem. This is the only complaint around the chin bar. There are some times when I am not sure it latches. I get myself pulling up to the examination and am sure it is fastened.


Shoei is ready to offer security for the riders. The Neoteck is not exceptional in this sense. It secures 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP crash helmet safety examination. This is outstanding advancement but there are slight side impact tests. The most probable weaknesses of the helmet are when the chin guard exposes under impact. SHARP statistics that the chin guard remains closed in 93% of impacts. This is very good for a flip–up. You must decide yourself which one is good for your use.

safety and security

Shoei expresses that the helmet comes with AIM or Advanced Integrated Matrix. This is a composite of various layers of fiberglass. But it is doing its job very well. You get three shell sizes of this hat. The most significant size is XL –XXL, the medium one is L and the smallest covering sizes XS-M. It is terrific to ensure safety. Check here to know more.

The Shoei Neotech is made from stainless steel to ensure extra security. It resists the helmet from breaking down under huge pressure. Moreover, it comes with a micrometric chin fastener that is very easy to use.

User Review of Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet

This helmet saved my life!

I have bought a helmet. I used it for a month. After that period I faced a terrible motorcycle crash on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The good news is that the helmet does its job. The front side of the helmet is scarred up so severely I fail to see out of it. The jawline is also scarred up. I may have faced broken jaw, head injury and extensive facial damage.

Surely I suggest this helmet for others. If you still don’t use a full face helmet, I would recommend you to do it instantly. You must practice it for a while to be habituated. This helmet is better to use for a short time. The price of the helmet is a bit more. But it has an excellent value for your head.

Great Helmet

I prefer this helmet most. For the last couple of months, I have bought three helmets. But unluckily all were unfit for me. This one is the best fitting one so far. I have an intermediate oval-shaped head. For the first time, I have bought L size instead of XL as it is confirming internal shape. It has no large pressure point and keeps a mark after riding for an hour. I have been using the helmet for 3 hours at a stretch, feeling minimal discomfort. The negative side is that there is the source of some neck fatigue.

Shoei is a great helmet

This is not very quiet like the Schuberth C3, but it seems to me something different. The detents for the face shield hold position more solidly, in comparison with the Schuberth. The force of wind fails to close it through the speed is more.

The reason is that the tab on the visor is about three-inch off-center to the left. It fails to supply force to the left and right ratcheting systems. It is tough to operate it if you don’t use a little lubricant on these systems. The right side is lagging behind, and the left side goes up quickly. This is very easy to operate now.

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Video Review

Shoei Neotec Black Modular Helmet FAQs

Where can I buy Shoei helmets?

There are a lot of adulterated sellers out there, and you wouldn't want to fall victim to them. However, one of the reliable online sellers of the helmet is on Amazon.

Who makes Shoei helmets?

Shoei is a Japanese brand made by Eitaro Kamata. The company started producing motorcycle helmets in 1954.

When must a visor be replaced?

Visors are a very vital component of the helmet as they help to shield the eyes from sun rays, wind, and dust. However, they can expire as they have a softener, which evaporates with time, making it brittle and hard. So, it is advisable to change them.

According to the manufacturer, the visor of the Shoei helmet should be changed within the space of years. However, you need to know the production date of the visor. For the Neotic helmetthe production date is on the left side of it. It's a four-digit number with month and year of production.

Where can I find the production date of the Shoei modular helmet?

The manufacturer's date of the helmet is on the side of the helmet just under the center pad where it reads, Year XX - month XX - day XX.

When do you have to replace a helmet with a new one?

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you replace your helmet after about seven years.

Final Thoughts

The Shoei Neotec is an icon when it comes to classifying helmets. Its design did not put a twist to the entire flip-up design but instead redefined and perfected it.

The product is a combination of style and class as it comes with outstanding design, look, and highly ventilated. It also features a sun visor as well as a noiseless.

The company must have had the best interest of its customer while producing a Shoei Neotec modular helmetas the price is affordably breathtaking. And, after reading the Shoei Neotec helmet review, you will agree to the quality and functionality of this helmet.

I recommend it if you are a chaser of quality with a blend of long-lasting ability and class. The choice is yours!

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