Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

Shoei helmets are designed in Japan but distributed globally. Shoei was one of the first manufacturers to produce helmets that are lightweight. They were also the first to create faceless shield helmets and double liner ventilation. 

The Shoei RF-SR helmet review is carefully compiled to help you choose one of the best helmets in the market. It is no doubt that you can’t but get this as your bicycle helmet.


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There are a lot of helmets today, who all proclaim to serve the purpose of protecting the head. But some helmets have gone beyond just doing that; they include more amazing features in their products that you can’t overlook. 

Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

Last update on 2023-09-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Shoei RF-SR helmet is made from fiber materials and elastic organic fibers. The shell is solid, lightweight, and able to withstand impacts from external forces. It is also wind tunnel optimized and designed to protect the head from the environment force, no matter how small. The helmet shell provides less turbulence, no neck strain, and it is very light on the head. The shell also comes with Aerodynamic properties. 

The helmet comes with EPS inner liner that helps to absorb impact from the environment. All the inner linings can be removed easily and washed. They can also be replaced with thicker liners to make you feel more comfortable. The cheek pads, chin pads, and upper liners make up the inner linings and help to provide comfort to your head and chin. They help to prevent the helmet shell from resting directly on your head. 

The Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S) provides a quick release to The cheek pads in case of an emergency. This helps the helmet to be easily removed from the head when an accident occurs. It is also a way to protect the head, such that the helmet doesn’t get stuck on the head during an accident. 

Shoei RF-SR helmet comes with three adjustable air inflow vents and two exhaust outlets to allow regulated air into the helmet. It also has a wind tunnel that lets air in and prevents noise at the same time. The helmet has three air vents at the top for air intake and two exhaust air vents for negative pressure suction. 

The shield of the helmet comes with 3D injection molding that helps to ensure clear vision all through. The shield is designed to shield the face from UV rays. It has an improved shield locking system with ribs at the top and bottom to keep it from bending and holds it firm. The shield also features an anti-fog system.

The helmet features an additional breath guard and chin curtain. The breath guard helps to keep fog from the visor to make it remain clear while riding. It helps to keep fog from settling on the visor. Chin curtain helps to reduce the amount of air that flows into the helmet through the chin area. The purpose is to reduce noise and provide higher temperatures in the helmet during cool weather.


  • The helmet has EPS foam inner liners that are comfortable, removable, and washable.
  • It comes with a breath guard and chin curtain.
  • The ventilation system is top-notch as it has both vents for air intake and air outflow.
  • Shoei RF-SR features a wind tunnel. 
  • The CWR shield helps to protect the face from dangerous UV rays and exposure to direct sunlight.

Pros & Cons of Shoei RF-SR Helmet


  • Comfortable – the helmet has inner liners that make it comfortable on the head. It is designed to fit any shape of the head with no pain. The inner liners can also be removed and are washable. You can as well add more linings if you’re not comfortable with the ones that came with it.
  • The helmet is well ventilated – it has air vents that allow steady inflow of air into the helmet. The ventilation system also has a switch to operate it efficiently. 
  • Wind tunnel – with the number of vents the helmet has, one would think there will be so much noise. But the helmet has a wind tunnel that helps in noise reduction.
  • It is lightweight – the helmet shell comes in lightweight carbon-fiber material. It sits comfortably on the head without exerting much pressure on the head.
  • Design and beauty – the helmet is lovely to the eyes. The black matte finish makes it more attractive and sporty. 
  • Adjustable chin curtain – the Shoei RF-SR helmet comes with a chin curtain that helps to minimize the amount of air that flows through the chin area into the helmet. The chin curtain can be adjusted to fit your head shape.


  • The helmet is expensive, but it is worth the investment. It also has a five-year warranty. 
  • It doesn’t really suit spherical-head riders, as the helmet is oval-shaped. 

Why Choose Shoei RF-SR helmet?

Shoei helmet started as far back as 1960 in Japan. They started with producing motorcycle helmets. The goal of the Shoei company has always been to produce high ranking helmets, and now they are one of the best helmets in the market. They are known for their innovative designs and a great concept. 

Below are some features that make the Shoei RF-SR helmets different from others and why you should choose them. 


It is not just enough to have great designs. You have to back it up with quality and consistency. Shoei helmets are one of the best because they make sure to test the helmets they design and construct. They are always up to date with the latest technologies, and their helmets are of high standards. 

Inner liner and Padding

 For you to have a comfortable helmet, the inner padding has to be soft. The thick one makes the helmet larger and somewhat heavy. Shoei RF-SR helmet has a thin and soft padding. The paddings both provide comfort and are aerodynamic. 


Shoei helmets put ventilation into consideration during the design and have gone the extra mile to develop the best ventilation system. Most helmets do not combine good airflow with the stability of the helmet, but the Shoei helmet comes with wind tunnel technology. The wind tunnel helps to know the perfect position for the vents so as not to affect the stability of the helmet. 

Precision and Care

Shoei helmets are complete and precise at the end. This is because the helmet passes through at least 50 skilled workers before they are released for sale. The workers know their job well and use the best materials at every phase. 

SHOEI RF-SR Helmet Video Review

Shoei RF-SR Helmet(FAQs)

Is the helmet Snell approved? 

Yes, it is Snell approved. 

Does the helmet have a neck shirt for preventing noise and wind? 

It doesn’t come with a neck shirt, but it comes with a chin curtain that reduces wind noise. It also has a wind tunnel for this function. 

Can I install Bluetooth on the helmet? 

Yes, the helmet is Bluetooth enabled. But it doesn’t work with all kinds of Bluetooth. 

Does the helmet come with a visor? 

Shoei RF-SR helmet does not have an inner visor attached to it. 

Does the helmet fit all head types and shapes? 

The helmet is suitable for all oval-shaped heads, but not the spherical shaped ones. 

Final Thoughts

Shoei RF-SR helmet is one of the best and most popular helmets in the helmet world. As mentioned in the Shoei RF-SR helmet review, one of its amazing features is the ventilation system. It combines both good airflow and stability in one piece. 

Bike riders always love helmets with soft padding that makes them comfortable. This is what the Shoei helmet has incorporated in the product.

If you’re a passionate cyclist that loves long trips and wants to have the best experience while riding, then the Shoei RF-SR helmet is a perfect choice for you