Smith Holt Helmet Review: Google With Removable Earpads

Smith company was founded in 1965, inventing its first snow goggle with a breathable vent foam. Smith is now known widely as one of the best companies that produce helmets with unique technologies and designs.


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Smith performs well in snow and other weather conditions. It gives you a high-performance adventure with modern styles that exudes personality. Helmets are essential when riding or cycling to prevent head injury during a crash.

This review of Smith Holt helmet gives the features and benefits of the helmet for useful information on the product.

Smith Holt Helmet Review

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Smith Holt snow helmet is an all-season helmet that is performance ct for all weather conditions. The construction of the shell is sturdy and makes it reliable and fit in case of a crash. The helmet comes with an AirEvac ventilation system that allows google and helmet to work as one. The ventilation system helps to keep moist air away from the googles and away from the head.

Smith helmet is unique and strong in its construction. The welding process used makes it very strong and serve as your energy absorption properties. The shell allows any impact on it to be minimal and controlled; it also reduces any trauma that might come from a crash.

The helmet comes in an aesthetically consistent body and also satisfies size and thickness specification. The welded parts help it to create a compatible frame. Smith Holt helmet allows air in and ejects hot air from the head. It has an open-cell construction that helps to create Aerocore and provide ventilation to the head.

The helmet comes with removable earpads made with inner layers of technical materials. The pads provide comfort from the wind and weather during stormy days. The earpads are removable and washable. You can as well make do without the ear pads on hot days to allow for air.

Pros & Cons of Smith Holt Helmet


  • The helmet comes with removable earpads that protect your ears. But you do not have to use it at all times if you don’t wish to.
  • Smith helmet is lightweight, which makes it comfortable on the head.
  • The helmet has google that comes with it for shade.
  • You can use the helmet at all seasons.
  • Smith Holt helmet has air VAC ventilation for air during riding.


  • The parts of the helmet are not all strong, but they can be adjusted.

Features of Smith Holt Helmet 

Removable google lock 

The helmet comes with removable google locks. The Google locks serve as shade to the eyes during riding or cycling. You do not have to use any other google with the helmet, but you can also decide not to use it. The AirEvac technology draws heat from the google through the vent. This allows the google to keep you comfortable as you ride.


The smith helmet comes with removable earpads that protect the ears from wind and storm. The helmet not only protects your head but also to the ears with the help of these bombshell earpads.

All-season helmet

The helmet is an all-season one. It is perfect for all weather conditions, snow, and winter alike. The helmet has a fantastic style and comes with a self-adjusting system that makes it suitable at all times. The helmet is ideal for skating, snowboarding, or biking.


Holt helmet comes with airflow climate technology that allows fresh air in and escapes hot air from the head. It helps to maximize the airflow and heat exhaustion. The helmet has 14 carefully placed vents that allow for air throughout the helmet.

Audio drop-ins 

Smith Holt helmet also features an audio drop-in that helps you listen to music while you ride. Your riding time does not have to be dull and silent all through; you can have your music plugged in and enjoy yourself as you ride along.


The construction of the helmet is such that it has an ABS shell with EPS lining for optimum protection. The shell is durable and has strong resistance from heavy impacts.


The helmet has an elasticated section that allows it to adjust to fit any size and shape of the head. The adjusting system is automatic and just fits into any head.

What Makes Smith Holt Helmet Unique?

Smith Holt helmet is one of the many helmets in the market, but it has come to be one of the best and popular helmets. Most helmets provide you with the same features; protection and comfortability, but the smith Holt helmet has some extras that make it unique from others.

Google and helmet

Smith helmet designs its products to work together with google system. You do not have to use another google while riding. The google has a way of not filtering sweat, and this makes it clear throughout the riding.


The innovative technology used for the helmet makes it perfect for all-weather seasons. It comes with a customized pad kit that allows it warm on snowy days and cools on hot days.

Audio system 

Smith helmet comes with an audio system that allows you to cruise with your favorite music as you ride along. Just plug in your song, and you’re good to go.


Smith helmet has MIPS that makes it resistant to impact during a crash. It helps to ensure maximum protection for the head. The MIPS makes an impact on the head minimal in the case of an accident.

Smith Optics Holt Helmet Video Review

Smith Holt Helmet(FAQs)

Can I remove the earpads if I don’t need them? 

Yes, you can. You don’t always have to use the earpads at all times. You can remove them by just pulling it off out of each side of the helmets.

Can I use Smith Holt Helmet for skiing? 

Smith Holt helmet is an all-season and all-purpose helmet. It is used for biking, snowboarding, and of course, skiing. It works perfectly for all purposes.

Can I wear a scarf under my helmet? 

Some helmets require that you wear a scarf under them, so you don’t feel the direct impact on your head. But for the Smith Holt helmet, you do not need to put on a scarf. The helmet had inner padding that is soft and comfortable; adding a headscarf will make it too bulky.

For how long can I use my helmet before replacing it? 

Generally, helmets are to be replaced after five years. But you have to replace immediately after a crash that severely affects the body.

How do I know what helmet size to buy? 

You can try them on your head when you go to purchase to know which one fits perfectly. You can also use a measuring tape around your head to get your head measurement.

Final Thoughts

Smith Holt helmet is an all-season helmet. It is suitable for all weather conditions, it is not only for cycling, but can also be used for biking, skiing, and snowboarding. The helmet features a google that works well with it as you ride.

With the smith helmet, you get to enjoy your music as you cruise along. The audio plugins are one feature that makes it unique from other helmets. The Almighty helmet has an AirEvac ventilation system that allows air into the head and helps to escape hot air from the helmet.