Smith Overtake Helmet Reviews – Get the Best Quality at Affordable prices

Helmets are very essential in biking. They help to protect the head in case of accidents. Helmets do not prevent accidents, but they minimize the extent of the damage done to the head and brain. 

Smith company is widely known as an industry that specializes in producing eyewear and helmets. Their products feature various amazing technologies and optimized performance. They provide the best experience in surfing, biking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.


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It is not quite easy to choose the best and the right helmet for your adventure. The Smith Overtake helmet review will guide your decisions in choosing the right one for you.

Smith Overtake Helmet Reviews

Last update on 2021-06-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Smith Overtake helmet does not follow the normal trend of helmets that have a polystyrene body. Instead, the helmet has a koroyd layer in the outer shell. This is believed to provide more protection than polystyrene. Smith combines the layer of Koroyd material with EPS to produce Aerocore. 

The Aerocore is by far better at speeds than only EPS material. The outer shell does not wear over time as other helmets do. The Koroyd material is durable. The koroyd structure helps in air dilation to the head. It makes the helmet to function well at high speed. The koroyd also function as a bug net. It prevents bugs from entering the helmet. 

The helmet has 21 vents that allow for air to flow into the forehead and helmet well. The vents are designed to work with the sunglasses that came with the helmet. But they also function well with other sunglasses if you want to take off the Smith's own. You have to be careful in fitting the sunglasses well though. 

Smith helmet comes in various colors and gloss finish. You get to choose from a variety of colors. The helmet also comes in three sizes; large, medium, and small sizes. You do not have to worry about getting the right size of the helmet for your head, Smith has one that will definitely fit you well. 

The Smith Overtake helmet has a MIPS liner. This helps to reduce the impact that comes to the head during a crash. The MIPs slips against the outer helmet during a crash. The liner has spaces in it that do not tamper with the circulation of air in the helmet. 

The helmet has inner padding that makes it comfortable on the head. The padding helps to eliminate the pressure of the helmet on the head. The padding is soft and well-positioned.

Overtake helmet is lightweight and comfortable on the head. The koroyd material makes it weigh a little more but doesn't make it too heavy either. It comes with a retention system, Vaporfit. The Vaporfit helps to keep the air that flows into the helmet high enough for comfort. 

Pros & Cons of Smith Overtake Helmet


  • MIPS technology - Smith helmet comes with MIPS liner that reduces the impact of a crash on the head. It also has a lot of spaces to still allow airflow in, without tampering with air circulation.
  • Sturdy shell - The helmet consists of Koroyd material coupled with EPS foam. The presence of the Koroyd material makes the outer shell stronger than most other helmets. 
  • It is comfortable - Smith's helmet is comfortable both in and out. It has inner padding that makes the helmet comfortable and still allows air in.
  • The helmet comes in different sizes - Overtake helmet has three different sizes that allow it more suitable for more people. The sizes help you to choose the right one for your head.
  • Acts as a bug net - The koroyd material in the helmet makes it serve as a bug net. It prevents bugs from coming into the helmet.


  • It is not as cool as its counterpart helmets when riding on a high hill.
  • The helmet is expensive but it is worth the price.

Features of Smith Overtake helmet 

The Overtake helmet is not your regular kind of helmet. It is one of a kind with its amazing features, which include:

  • It features Aerocore construction that is second to none
  • The MIPS technology helps to provide more safety to the head during an accident
  • The helmet comes with a Ventilation system and has 21 vents to allow for cool air to flow into the head while riding.
  • The contours of the helmet are designed in a way that doesn't block your vision when you're riding.
  • The inner padding of the helmet is soft and makes the helmet more comfortable.
  • The helmet is lightweight, though it comes with a combination of koroyd and EPS foam.
  • It comes in an aesthetically nice design.

Why Should You Choose Smith Overtake Helmet?

For those who love to ride bikes, it is necessary for them to get a helmet for safety. Of course, you can ride without a helmet, but it isn't safe and advisable. Choosing the right helmet will help you and provide the safety and comfortability you need. 

You do not want to get a helmet that will make you miserable and uncomfortable all the way. Buying a helmet should take as much care as when buying a bicycle. The Smith Overtake helmet is known to be one of the quality helmets you can buy. The following are some reasons you should choose this helmet. 

Head size and shape

People do not have the same head size and shape, and helmet companies have put that into place. Most helmet models have three types, round oval, intermediate and long oval. You should observe your head structure to know which one you have. 

Overtake helmet comes in different sizes and shapes to fit different head types. The helmet you buy should not put pressure on your head, if this is the case, then you've got the wrong helmet. The Smith Overtake helmet fits your head and doesn't hurt you while wearing or pulling it off. It is always best to go buy your helmet yourself, so you can wear it on your head to know if it fits or not. 


The inner cushioning or padding plays a very important role in protecting your head from damage in case of an accident. The Smith helmet comes with an inner liner that is soft and still allows air in. You must go for helmets that the padding can absorb the force of any impact, and this helmet provides that. The cushioning should not be flat such that you feel the impact of the helmet directly on your head. 


Helmets shouldn't just be weights on your head, they should be able to stay on your head, no matter the condition. Go helmets fit perfectly on your head and do not fall off or shift while riding. The helmet doesn't easily shift even when there's an external force to it.

DOT certified

It is not all helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation. You should go for the ones that are certified, so you can be sure you're getting the best. Smith Overtake helmet is certified in all countries.  The helmets are costlier than ordinary ones, but they are way better. 

2 Minute Review - Smith Overtake Helmet

Smith Overtake Helmet (FAQs)

Can I use any other sunglasses with the Overtake helmet? 

Yes, you can decide not to use the sunglasses that come with the helmet. But you have to carefully choose the sunglasses, as it doesn't function with all kinds of sunglasses. 

Does the helmet come with a bag? 

Yes, you have a helmet bag with it at the point of purchase. 

Is a visor attached to the helmet? 

The Overtake helmet does not have a visor arched to it. 

Is the helmet suitable for long rides?

The helmet is designed to go on long rides, except something is fault in it. 

Does the helmet have MIPS installed?

Not all colors come with MIPS. 

Final Thoughts

The Smith Overtake helmet is a good helmet with a lot of amazing features. If you desire a helmet that provides lots of adjustabilities, then the Overtake helmet is for you. 

The aerocore construction makes the helmet stronger, while the EPS foam helps with the comfortability. The helmet is of reasonable weight and has a number of ventilation ports for cool air to flow into it.

This Smith Overtake helmet review is carefully arranged to help in your choice of choosing the right helmet for you. The amazing features cannot be overlooked and you won't regret getting one of them.