Star Wars Bike Helmets Review

The relevance of helmets in the majority of the present-day sport cannot be overemphasized. And, this is no exemption when we are dealing with our kids whether they are engaging in a short or long-distance ride or other sports.

The necessity and rule of wearing a helmet are mandatory and should be taken very seriously. However, it is challenging to find a helmet that offers both protection, comfort, and style like the Bell Star War Helmet.


The company has had a history of making helmets that are both protective and appealing to your child.

Having this demand is why we have brought you the Star Wars bike helmet reviews. This guide will give you both satisfaction and assurance in your helmet purchase, whether you intend to buy for yourself, kid, or a relative.

We will also be sharing some vital information about the quality and credibility of the company.

Star Wars Bike Helmets Review

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Bell Star Wars adult, Child & Toddler Bike Helmets

Are you in need of an assorted multi-purpose helmet that can serve both for biking and skating? Then the Bell Star War bike helmet welcomes you to a platform of possibilities.

The helmet is suitable for both adult, child, and toddler with its uniquely designed and lightweight features. This cool looking helmet will give your child the look of a soldier of the galaxy with its strong and durable hardshell construction. It also has an extended rear build for further protection from impact and crash.

Additionally, the helmet comes with a well-padded interior, which helps protect the head from impact by acting as a shock absorber. Thus, increasing the rate of comfort.

Also, this adult multi-sport helmet will offer both you and your kids adequate air supply with a total number of twelve top and rear vents. However, for easy access and removal, the helmet also comes with a nylon strap with easily adjustable functions to give you more comfort and maximum headgear fit.

Thankfully, the helmet is available in various sizes from 48 to 52 cm, which makes it a perfect option for gifting out.

The Star Wars helmet for kids and adults also comes with certification from CPSC bike and ASTM skateboard standards. So, you don't have to worry about durability as all bell products have gone through an internal test to ensure their products do not pull off while you use it.


  • Classy Design- The product will give you and your kids the star war galactic soldier look they've always loved.
  • It is durable- The helmet hardshell makes it healthy to withstand high levels of impact as you ride or skate, thus keeping you safe.
  • Very comfortable option- Its multiple fronts and the rare vent will keep your head fresh as you engage in your sport. Also, the soft inner liner will keep you safe and sound.
  • Multiple Usage- The helmet is suitable for both adults and children. It is also suitable for biking and skating.


  • The helmet has all it requires for a perfect riding or skating exercise. However, it has no cons.
Bell Star Wars Adult helmet

What to consider when buying the bell helmet?

There are some basic options that the bell multi-sport helmet offers and are vital factors that one should consider when getting a headgear.


Before getting a helmet, you have to consider the durability to ensure it is built in the safest possible way. Sustainability also entails helmet stability. The headgear must also be well-fitted in the head of the user.

However, most bell star war toddler bike helmets are built with Schwinn classic micro shell to enhance its protection and safety. They are also made in an attractive 3D pattern.


Ventilation is another important factor as they help the user maintain airflow. The bell helmet contains vents on the top and rare of the helmet that helps to keep the head of the rider cool during a warm day.


Children care a lot about the style of their helmet, which is why Bell makes helmets that appeal to kids in both style and design. The color is also a plus, as they have 3D models.

How to Use Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

You have to consider the comfort of the helmet most. Before buying, be sure the helmet is very comfortable for your head. Then buy Schwinn Thrasher Helmet.

There are no more instructions that you can follow strictly. Using helmet isn’t a matter at all. There are some important elements you must consider at the time of using a helmet.

take a head measurement

While using the helmet, you should keep tight the strap and clasps of the helmet. You need to choose a helmet that is a bit free upon your head.

If it secures tightly to your head, it can damage your head. Choose a Modular Helmet that is well fit on your head.

The main task of the helmet is to ensure safety for the head. The Bell Chile Star war helmet is a nice helmet. You can buy it for the protection and safety of your children.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi Sport Helmet

Star Wars Bike Helmets FAQs

Is the Bell helmet worth it?

The company offers one of the top-quality bicycle helmets in the United States. And have been producing reliable, durable, and quality helmets since 1975 with satisfactory reviews from customers.

How do I take care of my Bell helmet?

There are various ways of caring for one's helmet to ensure it is clean and sundry after use.

However, one has to be careful of the kind of substance you clean the helmet with by avoiding petroleum-based cleaners. The best way to clean your helmet is with mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

How do I remove lice from my Bell helmet?

Having lice in the helmet is a bit rear. However, if you have lice in your bell helmet, place your helmet in an airtight plastic bag and keep it for 48 hours.

After that, take out the inner liners and wipe the surface using a soft cloth or sponge and warm water.

Discard the pads alongside the plastic bag, and get a new bell replacement pads.

What do I do if my helmet becomes damaged?

If your helmet is damaged or shows any physical crack or crushed form, it means other protective parts of the mask are also worn out due to impacts, and it should be changed.

However, most damaged helmets do not always have visible signs.

What is the right way of storing my helmet?

The best way of keeping your helmet after each use is to air dry it and keep it in a cool and dry place.

For safe use, do not place your helmet under direct sunlight, on your car trunk, or any place where it gets heat damage as it will cause the helmet's appearance to become uneven or bubbly after a long period.

Wrap Up

After reading the Star Wars bike helmet review, it is evident that Bell offers one of the best helmets with maximum protection.

The company has the interest of children and adults as their helmet is made with durable and long-lasting materials. They also have beautifu3D designs.

So, if you love to have both comfort protection and stability while engaging in your favorite sport, then this helmet is worth the chase as it also offers a lightweight and comfortable option.

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