How to Strap a Motorcycle Helmet?

motorcycle helmet’s chin strap is a good thing to ensure safety component; it resists the helmet from slipping out of your head at the time of the crash.

Most motorcyclists receive time to strap the helmet to the place; new riders escape the chin strap loose to keep aloof from discomfort.

Driving with a loose chin strap is a bad practice. You may able to strap the helmet to place by feeling alone.


Pull the helmet inside properly

At first, you need to use the helmet on your head. Put down the helmet and the chin part. Be sure the sponge inside is not very tight or very loose. Here, you must place the strap connector to the outside part at the time of pulling down the helmet. Place the both hands grips to the strap rope as you may easily strap on it next time.

Pull the helmet inside properly

Strap on helmet properly

At present, you may strap right chin strap rope beneath the metal ring connectors to the aft part. Draw the strap closely against the foundation of the chin. Then loop it and pull the ring apart, strap it again over the 1st ring. Keep it under the second ring and carry it to the right side.

Fasten and loosen the strap

You have more confidence. The helmet is properly placed on your head, and it is adjusted well. Lose it if you feel comfort. You require finding the best way to feel the helmet comfort for your head. If you fasten it very much, it would be hard for you to take a breath. As the straps are loose enough, it is not a safe one.

Strap on helmets well, and this is not a difficult task. Many people do not think about it and improperly plugin and leave it to lose. People normally forget the strap rope is tight more or not. The step is of course very simple for ensuring safety.

If you have a good scrap rope, use it regularly. Do not keep it unused. If someone sees the tip, she or he is safe to make the tour. The following steps are to be sure of the rings connectors condition.

Additional Tips and Warnings

  • Apply oil once a week to resist the rust damage over the metal ring connectors. After using for few months, rust exists. It makes you feel hard to strap on your helmet and to put if off. The lubricant oil may prevent the rust and can make it smooth enough.
  • For strapping of the helmet, it must not be very loose or very tight. If it is very tight, it may cause discomfort. It may create a problem for you to take a breath. When it very loses it may be dangerous.
  • If you use open face helmet, you must be careful about the tips mentioned above. An open faced helmet may easily slide up or uncover the forehead part for a sudden move at the time of the crash. So be sure, the strap is strong enough.
  • Keep the helmet up and down to see the space inside the helmet. Therefore, you will be able to consider how safe the helmet is for you to use.

How to strap on your motorcycle helmet?


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