Tips on Choosing Kids Bike Helmets! Make Sure Your Kids are Enjoying

Normally young children are prone to the bicycle injuries. Children aged from five or older and the adults have the top rates of bicycle related injuries is the view of Centers for Disease Control.

They account mostly 60% of bicycle related injuries which end up in United States emergency department.

Wearing a helmet may lessen the risk of head injury of the child as much as 85%. Note most of the injuries added with bicycle accidents involve the face and head of the riders that make the helmet a great safety thing.

Why kids really need to wear helmets

Young men and women seem particularly vulnerable to bicycle accidents. They account for nearly 60 percent of bicycle-related accidents that wind up in U.S. emergency sections.

Wearing a helmet can decrease your child’s risk of head injury by up to 85 percent. Be aware that many accidents associated with bicycle accidents require a driver’s face and head, which creates a helmet crucial for security.

Make Sure That Your Children Will Wear Helmets Early

It is true that you child would not like to use the helmet on his or her head. The reason is that they would not feel comfortable while they use it. Moreover, the helmet is not as good as they think on their heads. Under you will get some best ways to inspire your child to wear a helmet.

You have to buy the right helmet for your child

Give a chance your child to wear helmet early. You have to make it clear to your child that they would not be allowed to ride the bike without wearing helmets. You have to use all the necessary things at the time of riding the bike.

When you use your bike, show you, kid, you are using the helmet. As you are a good example for your child, he will follow you constantly.

Choosing the Right Helmet for Your Children

It is natural that you have to consider the price of the helmet that you the like to select for your use. You are persuaded to choose the least expensive helmet which you get.

Choosing the Right Helmet for Your Children

But keep in mind that the helmet which your child uses may be worn for a long time. You child may grow with the passage of time may last for a long time.

Here are some things you must consider if you like to buy the best helmet for your use:

  • See the security sticker on the helmet –You need to keep in mind that there are some helmets which have a safety sticker. It indicates that the helmet is very safe to use particularly when it requires being brought out.
  • You must not buy the least expensive helmet which you get. Keep in mind that it may not mean just as you have to buy something very expensive. This would be the best helmet for your child. You should not give attention only for the brands; you have to give importance to the quality of the helmet that you are going to buy.
  • Give more attention to the setting of the helmet on your child’s head. You can think the helmet will go over the head of your child only. It fits well but the case is not the matter at all. Be sure the helmet is comfortable and snug. Keep in mind; if the helmet is not fit well, there is more chance that it may be harder for your child to use the helmet for more period of time.
  • It is important to buy the adjustable helmet as there are some helmets which need to adjust as the fit may be effective for the children. If you get one fits well, it may be worn by the child with the passage of time he or she needs to apply the bike.

Do you think riding bicycle is just a sport which needs your children to wear a helmet? You have to have in mind that there are lots of things you have to consider that are found easily. For example, children should use a helmet if they are skateboarding. Teenagers must use a helmet if they are long boarding or while riding a motorcycle.

You are facing some problem to choose the best helmet for your child. In such situation, you can take help from the assistant who will aid you to choose the best or right helmet you are trying to get. Keep in mind they will give you good advice to take the right decision to have a good helmet.

How to tell if my child’s bicycle helmet fits 

Check for these items as Soon as Your child puts on the bike helmet:

  • If you attempt to move the helmet out of side-to-side up or down and down, then it ought to remain cozy.
  • As soon as your child opens her mouth, then she must feel that the helmet tug back on her mind.
  • Verify the bottom edge of the helmet will be one or two finger-widths over the eyebrow.
  • Together with the helmet firmly fastened, examine your child and ask whether she can see and hear clearly.
  • Another method to assess appropriate positioning is that: Your child needs to observe the edge of the helmet if she looks upward. 

What to do if you have trouble fitting the bicycle helmet 

A different way to customize the way the bike helmet matches is to think about the inner padding. Bicycle helmets can be found in lots of distinct sizes and with various thicknesses of internal padding for a customized fit.

To receive a snug fit, put the inner pads in locations where there is the distance between your kid’s head and the helmet across the front, back, or faces of the helmet. You need to place the pads evenly around the interior of the helmet.

If the helmet doesn’t feel comfortable after correcting the pads and if the straps are correctly buckled, consider adjusting the pads or try another helmet.

If you’re still having difficulty, ask a salesperson to assist you. Remember that a correctly fitted strapped from the helmet will remain on your youngster’s mind despite any level of pulling or twisting.

Bike Safety: How to Fit Kids for Bike Helmets

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