Torc Helmet Review: Durable and Robust Option

The beauty and joy that comes when riding a motorcycle are incredible and fun-filled. However, one should not disregard the risk that also accompanies it. Ensuring total safety when on the road is a step towards safeguarding one’s life, especially if you are riding a two-wheel automobile.


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So, it is paramount that one should get a durable and robust helmet which is capable of withstanding and protecting you from head injuries.

However, getting such a helmet in the market is quite challenging, with the increasing rise in helmet production.

We know you desire a quality helmet, which is why we have put together a torc helmet review to assist you in your purchase. In this review, we will be pointing out one of the company’s products, the torc t14 Bluetooth helmet.

Torc Helmet Review

Last update on 2023-09-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

In-depth analysis:

Torc helmet has all the attributes to ensure you have a safe and sound biking experience.

The helmet came with a large extent of structural designs and built that ensures it provides its user with a large extent of stability and support. Its oval shape, stylish design will leave you looking like you just landed from a spaceship.

Just like most other torc brands, the torc t14 Bluetooth helmet is built with an advanced polymer alloy shell to ensure that the user remains safe. The durable and robust builds allow the headgear to withstand severe impacts and stay in one piece.

The helmet comes with a Bluetooth integrated device that will also allow you to listen to music. It also allows you to talk to other riders with its 400-meter intercom to keep you occupied throughout your riding journey. Thus, giving you an appealing and more enjoyable riding experience.

Your comfort is sure as the helmet comes with lightweight material and a fully detachable and machine washable EPS inner paddings for increased comfort and cleaning-ease.

And, there’s no need to get sweaty and hot while riding your motorcycle with this helmet as it offers fully adjustable vents that allow you to adjust it to whatever air amount that suits you.

Also, the torc racing helmet has a drop-down visor to shield you from the wind while riding. However, the visor locks smoothly without any hassle or manipulating. Beyond that, it has a sun visor for blocking out UV rays, thus ensuring you have a proper vision during sunny days. However, the flat panel shields are optically correct, therefore ensuring you have a clear sight of your environment.

Also, the helmet is DOT and ECE approved, so there’s no cause for alarm or uncertainty as the headshield has successfully gone through the hardest of tests to assure your safety.


  • Durable and robust option-The Torc t14 helmet has structural support to ensure you get maximum protection against significant impacts and crashes.
  • It is comfortable-The inner liner of the helmet is well padded with thick EPS material to offer you maximum protection by acting as a shock absorber.
  • Easy to clean and maintain-with the torc Bluetooth helmet, you can say goodbye to a dirty, smelly helmet as the inner paddings are detachable and machine washable.
  • Well ventilated option-The device adjustable vents will save you from getting sweaty during scotch weather, thus supplying you with fresh air as you ride.


  • The helmet produces a little noise when riding at high speed. However, it doesn’t disrupt its effectiveness.

TORC T14B1 BK L T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet (Gloss Black, Large)

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Features of torc helmet

1. Shell

The mako dirt bike helmet outer shell is built with advanced-polymer alloy. Unlike the polycarbonate shell, the polymer alloy offers a more lightweight and durable option, which makes the torc helmet very unique.

2. EPS liner

All Trc helmet EPS liner that helps to protect the user from shock. Models like the torc t14b have dual-density EPS liner for enhanced safety and comfort. The inner padding is also detachable and washed using a washing machine or by hand.

3. Bluetooth Integrated

Most torc helmets come with a Bluetooth 2.0 system. However, Bluetooth is designed in such a way that it can be detached. The Bluetooth allows you to send, receive, and deny calls. The system is also built with an intercom that will enable riders to interact with themselves over a 400 m distance.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation is another outstanding feature that accompanies every torc helmet. They are built with a flow-through ventilation system. Some models also have a front and rear vent for expelling exhaust fumes. Amazingly, the vents are adjustable.

5. Lenses

The torc helmet comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield, which makes it suitable for use in snowy or foggy weather. Also, the visor has a lock drop-down system for a secure fit.

6. Safety Ratings

All torc helmets are certified and approved by both DOT and ECE. The headgear also meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).


How does the Torc Helmet Works?

The helmet works by reducing the risking of head damage by reducing the impact of the material when it collides with your head. It contains a soft pad that reduces the force of impact and the movement of your brain when inside the helmet.

The EPS material in a torc Bluetooth helmet works in such a way that during severe impact, your head doesn’t absorb such impact as it stops slowly and lowers the rate at which the shock affects your brain, thus acting as a shock.

Also, instead of having a substantial impact on one part of the head, the helmet helps to distribute the impact of the crash on every area. In other words, it allows the effect not to be concentrated in only a part of the head.


Torc Helmet (FAQs)

1.Can I replace my torc helmet shields?

If your helmet shield is damaged, there are replacement shields available in the market for models like t1, t14,t15,t128, and t50. The shields are also available in various colors.

2. Are TORC helmets any good?

Torc helmet offers one of the top, quality, and durable helmets when it comes to helmet choices. The company produces safe and comfortable helmets, and one of its best products is Torc T14. The mask comes with an integrated Bluetooth system for listening to music, calls, etc.

3. What are the benefits of a full-face helmet?

Full-face helmets offer a great range of benefits as it protects the user from impact as well as protect the face and the chin against damage. In most full-face helmets, the chin bar extends outwards to offer a clearer vision of your environment.

4. Where are Torc helmets made?

Torc helmets are made in Pasadena, California.

5. How do I know the best helmet size to use?

The best way to know the right size of the helmet for you is to measure the fullest part of your head with a measuring tape. Then, use the measured measurement to pick your helmet.

The sizes of helmets differ with the manufacturers. However, for Torc helmet, the sizes range from extra small (XS) which is about 53 to 54, small (55-56cm), medium (57-58) cm, large (59-60) cm, extra-large (XL) which ranges from 61 to 62 cm and extra, extra-large (XXL) which is size 63.

TORC T14B1 BK L T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet (Gloss Black, Large)

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Final Thoughts

The Torc helmet welcomes its customers to a new world of innovation and experience, and their t14b is not an exception. Thankfully, this torc helmet review has helped us highlight some of its key features.

The Torc helmet is durable and structurally built in a lightweight structure while it provides its user with plenty of support, comfort, and protection. The helmet offers 100 percent protection, whether in cold or dry weather, with its anti-fog and anti-scratch visor.

It’s also well-ventilated with the oval-shaped design that makes it fit properly. It comes in various sizes and designs like a flag, gloss black nuke, flat matte black.

So, if you desire both safety, quality, and comfort, the Torc T14 Bluetooth helmet offers both affordable and stylish options, and it’s worth every purchase.


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