TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet Reviews

The TR industrial forestry helmet gives professional safety for the users both at home or at work. There are lots of safety features with this helmet.

You must save above your shoulders by wearing a helmet. The price of this helmet is very reasonable.

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So, average homeowners can buy this helmet. This helmet is completely adjustable. It gives complete protection.

When you like to buy the sturdy and reliable helmet, the TR safety helmet is the right one for your life.

Features of TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

  • There are lots of features with this helmet. It has mesh visor, removable/ adjustable earmuffs, and plastic visor. At the same time, it gives dynamic protection for any job. 5 in 1 helmet.
  • Ensures safety at the time of chainsaws, trimmers and brush cutters. This helmet is great for forestry type of work.
  • This is very lightweight. Plastic visor and interchangeable mesh give shielding from debris.
  • Sets well on the head. Its convenient dial knob helps to adjust the circumstance 20-24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters).


  • requires no tool to assemble
  • Inclusive and inexpensive safety thing for face shield options.
  • Added head strap
  • Relaxed head brand along with sweatband and padding


  • There is no assembly instruction it the helmet.
  • Hear muffs are bit tight, but by careful bending of the metal wires. It could feel more comfortable.

What is the best part of the helmets?

Both Mesh and Plastic Visors

There are two different types of visors with the helmet. One is a mesh and other is plastic. Which one you like most completely depends on you.

Both come with lots of features. The mesh one may not fog up on the cold rainy day. But it keeps the small possibility of a splinter finding on the way through.

The plastic visor of the helmet ensures completely face protection. But you don’t adjust the probable for fogging up sometimes.

Adjustable and Removable Earmuffs

If you have the experience to use a chainsaw, you know it well that they may create an unbelievable amount of sound.

Hearing protection is very important to facial and head protection while working with a chainsaw. There is a deposit of earmuffs with the helmet to give you hear protection.

Adjustable and Removable Earmuffs

These helmets have all safety standards. All are made in such a way that you can remove it when you like to do so.

What Others Say About TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

This helmet saves my head and face with lots of flying objects. It is very comfortable to wear in all respects. I am able to fit earbuds inside the ear protection.

Don’t use the clear face shield as the mesh unit doesn’t fog same as face shields sometimes do. The building procedure is good for me.

But I am a lumberjack/weekend/ handyman/ gardener. I can say well that it is very good for me.

Why We Choose TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

You may get 5 in 1 protection system. The helmet has removable earmuffs, adjustment, a plastic visor and a mesh visor.

You will be secured enough when you use this helmet for any kind of chainsawing purpose.

You like to use the chainsaw which demands protection. You may use this helmet with trimmers and brush cutters or any type of works. all require forestry tools when you are such type of multi-tasker.

Why We Choose TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

If you like to adjust a helmet, you need to measure the size of the head of the wearer. This is a very important option.

You will able to adjust the helmet circumstance from 20 inches to 24.5 inches. Probably this helmet would fit well with all the crew members if need to share it.

You may get interchangeability of the mesh and plastic visor. It seems to be very handy when you wear it.

You will get no replacement. The product is very lightweight if you need a lot of ton of helmet weight you down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

Question: How much noise can the earmuff reduce?

Answer: Sorry to answer this question. The reason is that boyfriend hasn’t yet got this chance to use it.

Question: What kind of sweatband it carries? Is it replaceable?

Answer: It doesn’t happen at this moment. Don’t take it in mind that it has a real sweatband but a plastic adaptable headband. Every day I use an MSA hard hat. This hat is made comfortably and secured. But I am sure if you adjust it for the first time, it is the bit tricky to redo. Use it carefully so that it doesn’t break down. I had a desired to buy it a few years ago. You can use the hat for weed-eating and sawing.

Question: Picture shows the color is orange and black whereas specs say it is black and yellow. What is its real color?

Answer: black and orange.

Question: Which color can I prefer- orange or yellow?

Which color would fit for me, yellow or orange?

Answer: The latest color of our helmet is orange.

Question: When does the helmet cross the limit of time?

Answer: it has no expiration date.


This is a super quality helmet with having great value. I have used other forestry types of helmets before and got mixed results. The snug fit of the helmet is the most attractive feature for me.

Though the Stihl helmet is made with supermaterials, the hearing protection loosens up somewhat. Impracticable making of the helmet is harmful.

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