Traverse Dirus Ski Snowboard Helmets Review in 2022

The Traverse Dipus helmet is flexible. The helmet is lightweight. It has ABS exterior and EPS interior to protect you more. The interior part of the helmet is a fleece netted cap.

It has ten rectangular vents, 2 are set in front and back and 6 on the top. This helmet is made in such a form that it can regulate temperature by producing more airflow.

The goggle fogging air keeps you dry, comfortable and cool. The front side of the helmet is made to keep ski goggles. Moreover, it has a clip to the back side for securing the goggles.

The earmuffs are removable, heat protection and a pocket for headphones. It comes with 14 vents: 6 within the front, 6 at best and 2 within the back. The vents of the helmet are made in such a way that it can keep your dry.

Moreover, your body’s temperature remains in a good condition. There are more layers within this helmet. The material mesh of the helmet helps to evaporate and transfer sweat. A cord mesh supplies additional structure of the helmet. It is surely customizable for nice compatibility.

Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard / Bike & Skate Helmet with 10 vents

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Flip the red indicated dial clockwise to rigid it. Then switch it counterclockwise to make it lose. The chinstrap has a cushy cushion. So there is no possibility of getting chafed. Be relaxed, be sensitive and be protected. Wait.

There is something more. You may convert this helmet to a bicycle or skate helmet within a second. How can we say one earmuff is removable? American cast off the fleece netted cap and set up the forth padding. Two in one.


  • It has ten vents to regulate temperature. The exterior is made of ABS shell and the interior shell is from EPS.
  • Adjustable dial to fit well. Measure your head first with the measuring tape by keeping it 1 cm above your eyebrows. Move all the way around your head in a smooth loop.
  • Detachable plush earmuffs for protection and warmth.
  • To fix eyewear attach it has Google clip
  • Changeable foam pieces to change into a bike helmet.


  • luxurious fleece netted cap as well as earmuffs
  • Unlimited change from the ski to bike
  • Compatible shock-absorbing foam puts in
  • To secure goggles, it has a rear clip.
  • Fitting is more secure and long-term comfort
  • Ten vents for more air circulation
  • Damp and temperature regulation
  • Customizable fit for having a chin strap and adjustable dial.


  • Though the helmet is very bulky, it is astonishingly lightweight and relaxed for skiing.


Design Analysis:

Flexible Fit

You can adjust the Traverse helmet according to your need. Bend the dial to the back to loosen or tighten the fit to get unlimited protection. You can use even allocation of pressure to get more comfortable.

Climate Control

The inside and outsides vents of the helmets are great for the flow of air. Stay dry as well as warm when you require it.


The size of the helmet is very wonderful. It fits well with all sized heads. There are 3 sizes of the helmets. You can choose one from 51 to 55 cm.

A medium head needs 55 to 59 cm whereas a large head requires 59 to 63 cm. You may choose the right size by investigating the cloth tag under the fleece cap.


Why You Choose Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard helmets?

Keeping Cool

There are ten vents technically set up approximately the helmet. It ensures more air ventilation to keep body temperature at the endurable level and wicking away wetness.

Eliminate Chin Chaffing

A soft padded cushion is added to the nylon strap. It rests beneath your chin. One can ride on it day or night, summer or winter and can avoid scrapes.

Designed for Adventures

Glide the strap of the goggles with the clip to keep it securely. There will be no risk on the way if you do so.

One Year Warranty

You will get a one-year limited warranty on the helmet. We are ready to give all faults in workmanship and material. When you get a damaged helmet the manufacturer is ready to replace it without any charge.


What Others Say About Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard helmets

I have purchased one for my daughter for ice skating training. At first, I was much amazed by the utilitarian looks. Then I have decided to buy a Giro Launch that looks fancier. By close inspection, I have decided to fasten with Traverse.

What Others Say About Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski

The cause is different levels of protection. Giro helmet is beautiful partially for having thin foam whereas Traverse helmet comes with two cm thick layer all around. This makes it bulky on small kid’s head. It seems indestructible unlike Giro Launch makes it a wonderful choice. After a while, I was much pleased to see the appearance of the helmet.

I am not sure of the color of the helmet. But the matte white is a true scratch magnet. Don’t remember rink or ice board.

Put it carefully on a hard surface or carpet. If you do it wrong, the helmet may get scratch. A sponge with some dish soap solves this problem. This process is annoying and it lessens 1 star.


The Dirus Helmet is the latest off for giving more protection for your head. The size of the helmet further indicates that no helmet may seasonally restrain. You can use the helmet any time of the year. What season it is, not a matter at all.

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