Traverse Dirus Ski Snowboard Helmets Review

In the world of snowboarding, wearing a helmet is the first and most vital thing to do. Imagine yourself skiing at high speed, and then you hit your head on a tree or something. Or you find yourself landing in the bush, without a helmet to protect that head of yours, you are sure going to get a concussion from the hit.

The helmet is a vital gear in snowboarding, and you will be risking your safety without one. Wearing the right helmet like the traverse dirus will make sure your head is protected after bumping into something. With new features, better designs, and materials infused in this helmet, you are sure going to get maximum protection.

Wearing the right helmet will reduce the chances of getting injured. That is why you must choose a helmet with materials that can absorb shock. It's also critical that you have a helmet that won't make you sweat unnecessarily. So if you are in the market for a new helmet with improved features, the traverse helmet is what you need.

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Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that you can trust, you can bet your money on this convertible helmet.

The traverse helmet is the solution to bikers' complaints about a helmet that will offer full protection. Traverse dirus is flexible and lightweight, which means that it's light on your head. It comes with an adjustable strap that enables you to customize the helmet the way you want.

This helmet is sleekly to provide incredible comfort. With an ABS and EPS hard exterior and high-density interior, respectively, you are sure of getting additional head safety.

The interior of this comfortable helmet is a fleece netted cap. When you combine that with plush earmuffs, this helmet can keep you warm all day. It has a mesh interior cap that promotes air circulation, while the plush earmuffs to wick heat and moisture away.

Still talking about air circulation, the helmet has ten rectangular vents - 2 sets are in the front, while six are on top. The helmet is designed this way to regulate temperature and ensure that your performance isn't affected by heat or moisture. It promotes good airflow, which is good.

You can remove the earmuffs if you want because they are removable. You can remove the netted cap and replace it with an extra foam padding for a more comfortable fitting. There is a zipper pocket for headphones and heat protection as well. It features 14 vents, of which six are within the front, six within the sides to the top, and two at the back.

One of the best features of this helmet is that it's convertible - meaning that you can convert this helmet to a bicycle or skate helmet in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is adjust the earmuffs, remove the netted cap, and install a foam padding to fit your sports activity.

Key Features

  • Multiple vents - This awesome snowboard helmet has ten vents positioned strategically on the helmet to regulate temperature.
  • Sturdy materials - The exterior of this helmet is made of hard ABS shell, while the inside is designed with EPS for additional head protection.
  • Convertible - You can change this helmet to a traverse ski helmet or a bike helmet. It’s a multipurpose helmet that you can use for more than one sport.
  • Removable plush earmuffs - You can effortlessly remove the earmuffs for more warmth and safety.
  • Google clip - The helmet provides a space on the front side where you can fix it in your googles. It has a clip to the backside that secures your googles tightly. The goggles protect your eyes, and the fogging air keeps you dry.
  • Adjustable dial - For better fitting, the traverse helmet comes with an adjustable dial. You can measure your head with a tape by keeping some distance above your eyebrows. Tilt your head a little to ensure that the helmet glides smoothly over your head.
  • One year warranty - Not so many helmets come with up to one year warranty, but the traverse does. Your helmet gets replaced should any damages happen to it within that period covered by the warranty.

Pros & Cons of Traverse Dirus Helmet


  • It’s versatile - you can use the helmet for biking and, at the same time, use it for skiing.
  • Lightweight - the sizing of this helmet fits well on your head without being bulky.
  • Flexible - you can adjust this helmet according to the shape of your head. You can bend the dial to the back to either tighten or loosen it for comfort and increased protection.
  • Keeps your head cool - there are over ten vents set up in this helmet to ensure proper airflow. This regulates your temperature and wick away moisture and heat.


  • The vents are not adjustable. Since they are many, you won't feel the need to make adjustments.

Designed with you in Mind

Flexible Fit

You can adjust the Traverse helmet according to your need. Bend the dial to the back to loosen or tighten the fit to get unlimited protection. You can use even allocation of pressure to get more comfortable.

Climate Control

The inside and outsides vents of the helmets are great for the flow of air. Stay dry as well as warm when you require it.


The size of the helmet is very wonderful. It fits well with all sized heads. There are 3 sizes of the helmets. You can choose one from 51 to 55 cm.

A medium head needs 55 to 59 cm whereas a large head requires 59 to 63 cm. You may choose the right size by investigating the cloth tag under the fleece cap.

Why You Choose Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard helmets

Keeping Cool

There are ten vents technically set up approximately the helmet. It ensures more air ventilation to keep body temperature at the endurable level and wicking away wetness.

Eliminate Chin Chaffing

A soft padded cushion is added to the nylon strap. It rests beneath your chin. One can ride on it day or night, summer or winter and can avoid scrapes.

Designed for Adventures

Glide the strap of the goggles with the clip to keep it securely. There will be no risk on the way if you do so.


You will get a limited warranty on the helmet. We are ready to give all faults in workmanship and material. When you get a damaged helmet the manufacturer is ready to replace it without any charge.

Traverse Sports Dirus Helmet Review

Traverse Dirus Helmet (FAQs)

How long can I use the traverse helmet?

If properly handled, you can use the traverse helmet for as long as possible. Make sure you replace it if it’s not fulfilling its purpose.

Is the traverse helmet good?

The traverse helmet is one of the best helmets you can purchase in the market. It’s durable, affordable, and quality.

Can I wear the traverse helmet for long hours?

Yes, you can wear the traverse helmet for a long time without feeling it. It's lightweight and comes with vents that promote ventilation. So you don't feel sweaty at all after wearing it for long hours.

How much does the traverse helmet cost?

The traverse helmet cost between $ and $$, depending on the size.

Is the traverse helmet good for kids?

The traverse helmet is only for adults and not kids.

Final Thoughts

The traverse dirus helmet is one of a kind. With its advanced technological features, you are sure of getting maximum head protection and comfort. Your performance won't be affected as well because of the accessories infused inside the helmet.

You can use the helmet any time of the year - whether it’s winter or summer. The result is the same. The intuitive, compact design makes it possible for this helmet to be light on your head. So technically, it’s as if you are wearing nothing. The traverse helmet is the helmet you can trust.

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