Typhoon Helmets Reviews: DOT Certified and Comfortable

Who says that only expensive helmet can guarantee maximum safety? While this is true to an extent, that statement has been somewhat proved wrong by Typhoon helmets company. That’s because their helmets are one of the most affordable helmets around, and maximize safety.

Safety is essential, and that is why wearing the best helmet is non-negotiable. Even when you think you are too careful to be involved in an accident, you may never know what could cause a distraction. Thankfully, this typhoon helmets reviews will expose you to the reasons why you should consider their helmet as your next available option.


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The importance of safeguarding your head cannot be overly emphasized. Daily, helmet companies are always looking for innovative ideas in creating the most comfortable and secured helmet that can guarantee safety.

Typhoon helmets company is known for making different adult motorcycle helmets, kids helmets, snowmobile helmets, and off-road helmets for dual-sport riding, ATV, etc.

Typhoon Helmet Reviews

Typhoon Adult Full Face Motorcycle Helmet w/Drop Down Sun Shield DOT Certified - Same Day Shipping (Matte Orange, Medium)

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Typhoon Adult Full-Face motorcycle helmet

Typhoon helmets aren’t one of those helmets that will disappoint you after purchasing it. The helmets are exceptional and are built with the users in mind. Typhoon motorcycle helmets aren’t designed for athletes alone, but for those who take riding as a hobby and for those who commute themselves every day.

This helmet is full-face, which means that it protects the entire face, including the chins. This provides additional security in case you are involved in an accident.

One thing that would make any buyer fall in love with this helmet is its affordability. It comes with some features of medium to high-end helmets while coming at an affordable price. It’s nothing compared to the high-end models, but you will be satisfied when you remember the price tag slammed on this helmet.

The construction of the helmet is excellent. It comes with the regular polycarbonate shell that is found on modern-day helmets. This enables the helmet to be able to absorb significant impacts so that you don’t get concussions.

The helmet has an anti-scratch face shield that protects your eyes from those windy locations and the sunlight. The face shield also betters your eyesight so that you drive safely. You also have the option of switching the brackets for a tinted option, although you would have to buy this separately. With this, you would not need wearing sunglasses.

Thanks to the quick release strap, this helmet will stay securely on your head. The vent system in the helmet plus the liners will wick away sweat and moisture from your head, keeping your head fresh at all times. Another feature in this helmet is the removable breath deflector, an internal cooling system that reduces the amount of condensation to keep the helmet cool.

Overall, the Typhoon adult full-face helmet is a helmet that can offer you the safety and comfort that you need.

Pros & Cons of Typhoon Helmets


  • It’s lightweight.
  • The helmet is designed with sturdy materials for increased head protection. This makes it suitable for everyday use.
  • Adjustable due to the quick release strap.
  • DOT certified, which makes it safe for use.
  • The liner is removable and washable.
  • Comes in various sizes and colors.
  • Fits well and very comfortable.


  • Sometimes, the size specification of the helmet is confusing.
  • The face shield can be foggy at times.

Why is Typhoon Adult Full-face Helmet the best? 

This typhoon helmets reviews will list the reasons why you should consider before buying a helmet.

 Typhoon Adult Full Face

Comfort and Fitting

You can rightfully say that sizing is one of the biggest challenges when buying a helmet. Typhoon helmets come in various sizes, and this allows you to choose the perfect size for your head. it’s paramount that you choose the helmet that fits the size of your head. It should be as comfortable as possible, but not so tight to avoid pains around the head.

Typhoon helmets, come with the sizing chart, so you need to pay close attention to it. Look up your size in the chart and purchase. If you don’t know the size of your head, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference. Make sure you allow a tiny space in between. Once you have gotten your measurement, recheck the sizing chart.

Soft Paddings & Linings

Paddings offer extra protection to the head, as well as provide more fitting. This ensures that the helmet is snug on your head so that you don’t feel any discomfort after long hours of use.

The linings in this Typhoon helmet are removable and washable so that it stays clean. This is crucial because the linings contribute in wicking away sweat. If it isn’t washed, the odor would be unbearable.

Intriguing Design & Construction

The design of this Typhoon helmet is stylish, with a mirror-like shiny surface, something that would entice the buyer even more. There are several colors of this model, with each color offering a magnificent glow.

The shell of this Typhoon helmet is polycarbonate, while the inner liners are made of durable materials. This will provide you with the safety that you need. These materials makes the helmet durable, which means that you can use it for a long time.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want to buy a helmet that is constructed with inferior materials. Likewise you wouldn’t want a helmet that will wear away after two to three times of usage.

Properly Ventilated 

Vents are used for keeping the head fresh. This is extremely crucial because the vent systems make it possible for the rider’s performance not to be affected. The cooling channeling system enables sweat and moisture not to form on the head. This Typhoon helmet come with a diverse number of vents, so you are sure of having an excellent riding experience.

Comes with a Face Shield/Visor

Face shield protects the rider from weather elements. Once you flip it down, it will cover the eye area, up until the nose region. Besides, this face shield gives you better viewing. The Typhoon adult full-face helmet comes with this, and that makes the helmet one of the best out there based on performance.


The weight of a helmet affects the riding performance. A heavy helmet will not only affect the head but cause the neck some strain. A helmet that is lightweight guarantees the best comfort. This is what we like about this typhoon helmet. It’s lightweight when you wear it, so that you don’t feel you have anything up there. 

It’s Certified 

Typhoon helmets meet DOT standards, which means it’s perfectly safe to use.

Typhoon Adult Full-face Helmet Vs. Bell Qualifier DLX

Both helmets are good quality, low-cost helmets that will safeguard your head from sustaining any serious injury. However, there are slight differences between the two.

Unlike Typhoon adult full-face helmet, the Bell qualifier DLX has room for additions. If you are the type that clamor for hands-free control, this helmet would be ideal. It has additional space for housing Bluetooth enabled devices or connection systems. 

While Bell excels in that aspect, it makes so much noise. Typhoon full-face helmet, on the other hand, is calmer, which is advantageous. 

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Typhoon Helmets(FAQs)

1. Who makes typhoon helmets?

Typhoon Motorsports LLC is the company that manufactures typhoon helmets. Typhoon helmets is a segment of Motorsports LLC and have been in the business of selling and distributing helmets since 2001. The division has its headquarters in Midwest Motorsports LLC, 1634 Marion Avenue, Garden Haven, MI 49417.

2. Is the typhoon helmet good?

Typhoon helmets would make an excellent choice of a helmet. The helmet is packed with features that make the helmet outstanding in performance while coming at an affordable price.

3. Does the helmet come with a bag?

Yes, all Typhoon helmets come with free protective bags for carrying the helmet.

4. Is the Typhoon helmet certified?

​Typhoon helmets meet DOT standards, which makes it perfectly safe for use.

5. Do more expensive bike helmets protect better?

Not actually. However, expensive helmets are lightweight and come with more ventilation. They come with features that will provide you with both comfort and safety. You should purchase a costly helmet that is within your budget, instead of going for a cheap model that doesn’t guarantee the best protection and comfort.

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Final Thoughts

The Typhoon adult full-face helmet is one of a kind helmet. The helmet is affordable and comes with breathtaking features that will leave you in awe. Apart from being one of the most affordable helmets in the market, the helmet offers comfort and guarantees safety.

Settling for an over cheap helmet doesn’t guarantee the best quality. In the long run, you will regret buying it because you have wasted both your money and your effort. This is what we have pointed out in this typhoon helmets reviews. You should always invest in an affordable helmet like typhoon helmets because they guarantee the best safety. If you are budget-conscious, this is the helmet to go for.