How To Fit A Helmet Properly! Tips for fitting a bike helmet

An undesired fall off a bike may happen anytime, and there is much possibility of serious brain injury. Here is good news that the well fitting of the helmet reduces the risk of injury.

This is the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that more children aged five to fourteen entered into the hospital associated with bicycles instead of sports injury.

child helmet has to be fit right at present. And for this, buy a helmet for them to grow into. Everyone should use the helmet if he or she likes to ride on the bike.

Wearing helmet is not all things. Helmet must be fit well to ensure the highest level of safety or protection for the head and may be worn along with chin strap fastened.

How to fit a helmet

Step 1: Size

Measure the size of your head perfectly. Be sure; the helmet fits snuggly. It rests on the head flap; the helmet does not rock from one side to another.

Sizing pads face with new helmets, use the pads to fit over your head. Match or mix sizing pads for the superb comfort.

For the child’s helmet, eliminate the pad as the child’s head grows. As the helmet has universal fit ring rather than sizing pads, add the ring size to adjust with the head.

Step 2: Position

The helmet must sit on the head and low over your forehead- 1 or 2 finger widths over the eyebrow.

Step 3: Buckles

Beneath the chin, put the left buckle to the center. For most helmets, straps need to be pulled from the back of the helmet to shorten or lengthen chin straps. This procedure is very simple if you take off the helmet and make the right adjustment.

Step 4: Side Straps

Add the sliders to the both straps to create V shape beneath, before the ear. See the slides if you can. Step five Chin.

Step 5: Chin Strap

Buckle the chin straps. Tighten strap as long as it is snug in such a way that 1 or 2 fingers fit under the straps.

Step 6: Final Fitting

  1. Are your helmets well fitting? Open the mouth wide big yawn? It must pull down over the head. If it does not, indicate back to the step five and do tighten chin strap.

Why helmet fit matters

It is very important to consider why correct fitment is essential. The foremost reason is that helmet is the safety device. Really this is the most tightly regulated safety device related to motorcycle driving.

DOT FMVSS 218 has given some standard to measure helmet penetration and impact protection. All are very much helpful, right?

Now here’s the kicker: The DOT has regulated the size of the helmet. It ensures that FMVSS 218 is the only proper sized helmet. You need to measure all things accurately.

Why helmet fit matters

If you get your helmet is not in a proper shape, you will be disappointed. For example, an airbag is a lifesaver of an adult passenger of a car.

This becomes the cause of death for a child. Same as a helmet is safety feature when this works properly.

There are many other features with a helmet along with the safety feature. It is up to the size of the helmet.

Sound insulation, venting, and viewport design are made in such a way that your face and head will remain in a certain place. If the fit is not well, you will be hopeless with your helmet.

Common mistakes when applying a helmet

I require a bigger helmet to fit my glasses. No, you need glasses that fit your helmet. The deed of a helmet is to save the part of the body above the neck where glass needs to dangle lenses before the eyes.

Common mistakes when applying a helmet

The fitting helmet is not a difficult task but fitting a pair of glasses is harder. It is wise to buy cheaper frames having straight arms, particularly for motorcycling. As you have a connection, think to wear them instead.

It requires a bigger helmet to fit my ponytail. Put your hair down. Engineers are not interested in making size impact layers into a fist sized ball of hair, therefore do not try to get it.

I demand more cheek room so I can smoke/eat/drink with the helmet on. It is popular to the users of modular helmets; there are some ridiculous requirements. Sacrificing on-road comfort or safety to keep a few second to a rest halt is like wearing scuba flippers for the whole vacation. There is no need to change the shoes.

This helmet doesn’t fit cause it pulls down my ears. See a little kid, attempt to put on an outfit. Normally he does not like to wear it.

helmet filt

The fitting of a helmet is just like this. Modern helmet taper to the bottom aid to make a better seal round your head.

The result is more secure and quieter fit. As your head is somewhat bigger than your neck, you need to flex to slide around the melon.

Hold the helmet’s straps and pull out them as you slide on the helmet. If the fit is very tight, it is good. The harder the fitting, the less is the possibility to shift at the time of the crash.

If you have big ears, you need the practice to get it on except folding them. You need to reach in or smooth outfit for each side.

You need little effort to put the helmet bluntly. May tell why you do not like to put the helmet easier.

Most people save from the crash if he or she wears a helmet. So it is wise to know the size of the helmet at the time of riding a bike.

I really love the graphic/color/price of this helmet, so I will size up/down and change out comfort liners.

When a helmet is in fault shell size, EPZ shape or size for the head, then swapping out reliable or comfort liners is not the solution at all.

The purpose of comfort liners is to ensure comfort not protection; they can save your brain from injuries. You need to consider the fitting first instead of thinking other benefits of using helmets.

The helmet is very tight and for this my head sweat more. The motorcycle needs physical exertion and exposes you to the elements.

This may lead you to perspiration. If you wear a large lid, it will not make less sweat on your head.

A well fit helmet will add more air circulation and have exhaust vents to give more airflow. A small helmet reduces air flow and disrupts the ventilation pattern.

I always wear a Large helmet, so I can’t be a Medium. It is a nice idea to use very good size helmets.

Your past helmet may be wrong in size; the two helmets will be different in size. Accurate size helmet is the best helmet for using.

I need a bigger helmet because my chin touches the chin bar. It makes sense that the chin bar may not mean you that you should use the bigger lid.

need a bigger helmet causes the chin

And the purpose of chin bar is to stand against serious impact force without transferring that force to your face.

Though it is perfect safety and fit, some riders put off making contact with the chin bar. If you believe about it, it is better to buy a helmet having more space up front.

I have got information from the salespersons that the helmet is great. The person who is wearing a helmet must be perfect trained or should have more interest in it.

Unfortunately, it is not true for all the cases. Many shops start with least experienced people that gradually they become experienced.

Training varies widely. For commission or salesman, time is the money. They sell oversized helmet and take time for developing the skill of the customers. It does not matter to wonder that many stocks sold only medium size helmets.

I can’t be a size (Small, Medium, Large) because I’m (gives height and weight). Your helmet has no way to act with torso measurement.

Your size is six feet, and five inches and weight is 240 pound, you need to wear a small helmet. For 4.9 inch height and weight are 96 pounds, an XL size is great for you.

Children have bigger heads than the parents or wife has bigger heads that the husbands. The measurement is to know the circumstance of the head.

Safety Tips

Educate your child to take off their helmet before playing in the park or climbing on trees or equipment. The straps may get caught on branches or sticks and stop your kid from breathing.

Leave hair tie it back in the bottom of their neck.

For ski or snowboarding, you’ll require another kind of helmet.

Motorcycle helmets are great for just 1 crash. Replace the helmet after an accident and once the manufacturer proposes.

How to fit a helmet properly

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