VCAN V531 Half Helmet Review! A Perfect Full-Face Helmet in 2022

VCAN Solid Flat Black Large Cruiser Half Helmet features with safety, style and contented off-road knowledge. The skid lid is made from a top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell which fulfills and exceeds the standard of DOT.

Its double D-ring secured added nylon chin strap gives most wonderful fitness. The lush interior padding ensures more comfort.


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The helmet has a removable visor that is screwed for washable cheek pads and greater durability. There are 15 different intends and five different sizes. You can pick any one of them according to your need.

VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet Review

VCAN Cruiser Gloss White Motorcycle Half Helmet (X-Small)
  • Top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets DOT standards
  • Over 30 Years of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturing
  • lush interior padding for comfortable fit
  • Adjustable double D ring secured nylon chin strap, Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218

Last update on 2023-05-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Completely smooth black design
  • Made from top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell. It meets the standard of DOT. When you get your measurement between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one. You may prefer larger size for your round face,
  • Washable and removable check pad along with abundant interior padding for contented fit
  • Adaptable double D-ring secured nylon chin strap

Pros & Cons of VCAN Half Helmet


  • The helmet is black. It has got DOT certificate.
  • Super gloss black painting and very simple to buckle


  • Nothing worry about

Why You Choose VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

VCAN Cruiser cruiser Solid Flat Black X-Large Half Helmet is made from Flat Tyres. It is a great or negative alternative. Some companies are trying to use flat tire in the lineup of their cars. It gives the operator some positive aspects of the operation.

Though there are some cons of the helmet. Chemical Guys Pete’s fifty-three Black Pearl Signature Paste wax is made for all types of paints like clear coated, one phase and metallic. This is particularly used for darker hues.

What You Need To Know More On VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

  • The compact half-shell design of the speaker is little compared with a compact open faced helmet.
  • It has advanced and strong thermoplastic shell that gives more protection against during the occasion of a collision.
  • The weight of the helmet is only 3 pounds. So the helmet is the lightest safety for high-speed riders.
  • Normally found in flat black for glossy finish and graphics matter the black design.

User Review on VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

This is a gorgeous helmet in each respect. It looks tremendously cool. This helmet is very popular for the Highway Patrol officers. It is very bulky. This helmet has got the approval of DOT. You need this helmet to defend your head.

Additionally, you shouldn’t use a helmet which is very stylish but doesn’t save your head at all. A seasoned motorcycle rider may realize it well. Would you like to get a helmet that is very thinking? It doesn’t have much padding to ensure safety.

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Final Thoughts

The most impressive factor of the helmet is the additional chin strap of the helmet. The visor added with the screws of the helmet indicates that it is made with great care. The helmet stays on your head securely with no wobbling or loosening at the time of riding.

The price of the helmet is pretty reasonable. I like the enhanced coverage of a shell rated full face helmet. It seems to me that the helmet is very comfortable for a warm day. I have taken the measurement of my head and ordered a big one. You need to consider the fitting as you can choose the right one for your need.

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