Voss Dual Sport Helmet Review

When you hunt for great open face motorcycle helmets testimonials, this Voss 601 D2 Gloss Black Double Sports Helmet using Integrated Sun Lens - XS - Gloss Black is your best cheapest price online we've hunted.
Many excellent reviews were currently demonstrating the quality of the item. The Voss 601 D2 Gloss Black Double Sports Helmet using Integrated Sun Lens - XS - Gloss Black comes with a high number of conditions which makes it excellent item.
The most sold merchandise isn't expensive, and it's highly desired, and should you would like to purchase it today, you shouldn't miss this chance because this item is the cost duration software.

Voss 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens and Ratchet Quick Release System


  • Matte Black with fresh, competitive shell design.
  • Lightweight casing: 1600 g. matches a round/ oval face shape.
  • Manual Double Intake Vents, in Addition to the large exit exhaust port; Voss Drytech Liners with moisture wicking antifungal properties


  • Easily available and lightweight. Safe and durable due to the outer shell technologies incorporated into the helmets.
  • Two-tone images which add to the luxuriousness of this rushing equipment and sets the rider aside from the standard racing audience. New aggressive shell layout is appealing.
  • DOT accredited, which provides credibility to this item.
  • Comes with DryTech liners technology which helps in eliminating moisture and simple drying of the inner comfort liners and cushioning of this helmet. The wicking includes added antimicrobial properties to keep the rider safe in the skin ailments.


  • There aren't any cutouts from the cheek pads to your Bluetooth communication, and that means you've got to fix it since the helmet does not supply a particular place for this.
  • The venting system isn't quite as high as the item specifies, as clients complain about the higher sound levels than they'd expected.

Why You Like Voss Dual Sport Helmet

Matte Black Shop our recently layout 601 D2 Double Sports helmet with integrated sunlight lens. This helmet features a competitive new shell design that's taken a particular focus on shape and fit.
Our lightweight casing weighs in at approximately 1600 g and is paired with our relaxation game padding. The summit has extra-large airway openings for decreased wind resistance on the freeway or eliminates the mountain to get a complete face street helmet! Shop the D2 from Matte Black for a clean and neat appearance on the Street.

What User Says About Voss Dual Sport Helmet?

What user says about the helmets

A superb helmet and that I like the purchase price. Hardly any lift while in high rate, to my amazement. I have experienced no fogging problems whatsoever, and the area of vision is quite high. I, sadly, found an erroneous sizing graph but Voss made great on it had a brand-new helmet delivered within two days.

Is This Voss 601 D2 Dual Sports Helmet for You

The helmets are an excellent selection of security products from VOSS, and the simple fact that they have just added more features makes it a plausible product that you may buy.
The helmet comes in various sizes and colors for client satisfaction as well as also the newest exterior core-shell design enhances the overall look and the classiness of the goods.
The prior clients vow to this product with favorable feedback and testimonials that come in handy when making your mind up for your buy.
The number of experts easily surpass the number of disadvantages associated with the solution and the assortment of merchandise which VOSS provides its clients urge their client support dedication. It'll be a fantastic addition to your racing equipment collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Voss 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet

Question: can you eliminate the sun lens
Answer: The interior sunlight lens is retractable if you don't need to utilize it. There's a change on the side which toggles down or up to retract the lens!
Question: What are the dimensions of the dimensions?
Answer: The sizing chart is at the description below.
Question: where you could get fresh visors
Answer: They may be bought in the Voss site.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for motorcyclists to wear. You always need to pick the very best motorcycle helmet based on safety evaluations, which means you're able to travel in the knowledge you will prevent any harms were an injury to take place.
There are many types, brands, and layouts to choose when purchasing a helmet, however, select the ideal motorcycle helmet that's ideal for you. Buying a Voss 601 D2 Double Sports Helmet isn't is a waste of time, money, and budget - that the very significant here is to help keep you safe as you ride your bike and have fun with it.
This website's information will thoroughly direct you to select precisely what the best is for you in line with the style you prefer and just what you want.

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