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Why we offer Guest Post

First this first, why we choose to publish helmet related post? Because best helmet can reduce the bike and other industrial casualty. We appreciate different thought from different authors. So, the door of Hqhelmet.com is always open for your, until any next declaration.

Guest Post- What type of topic you can write for us;

We accept articles, infographic, how-to articles, tutorials, and videos related to parenting, etc.:

  • Featured article of new helmet must need to focus on the durability.
  • Any kind of resource article related to helmet, helmet law and safety etc.
  • Featured article on various staff for helmet, custom made helmet and re-use of helmet
  • Safety features of helmet

Please write on a Very SPECIFIC Topic

Please do not pitch us or submit simple topics. It would be great if you write trendy articles like new generation helmet.

Mastery of language and prose

We will be happy if you reveal a knowledge of the English languish and prose. Please try to write a fascinating article that grips the reader instantly. Please keep in mind that we are working for visitor or guest and we like to see them are happy. However, we may request you further, to rewrite the given article to adding more value for visitors.

How to Write for Us



Subject: You must mention the subject of the email as “Guest Post.”Content: Prepare your guest post article or available article, relevant images, videos, anchor text and the targeted page. Please don’t forgot to send your website address. Further, make sure your article has checked spelling, grammar, and attention to detail.Please write a concise explanation of your website and about you also. Because we believe communication and relationship bring success quickly.

What we dislike

  • Spun article and bad quality of content
  • Short article 
  • Duplicate content
  • Casino, gambling, adult, dating, pills, marijuana and drugs related article
  • Grammatical error

Guest Post Requirement

  • We appreciate more than 1000 words content
  • A high-resolution picture for the featured image. (minimum 750 X 400 pixels)
  • Any other images that you want in the article with the respected sources
  • A relevant video
  • Excellent spelling, grammar, and attention to detail.


Please note that by submitting an article for publishing on Hqhelmet.com you agree that copyright to that article passes to Hqhelmet.com

Contact us

Not only for Guest Post, you may also contact us for any kind of enquires. Please cascade this sarahgregory.ev@gmail.com for further communication.